Focus on what matters

Do not focus on illnesses, worries or problems. Say to yourself : “I distance myself from this negativity and am not focussing on it anymore.” Bruno Gröning

Don’t identify with your problems, illnesses, or worries.

Forget about identifying with limiting conditions and stop putting disgraceful names after “I AM”. I am depressed, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am unlucky,…

Your thoughts and words do have the power to contract or expand your body cells. Speak some phrases out loud to yourself and feel what is happening to your body when you state them ! Don’t you feel a lot better when you use uplifting and truthful words ?

Do not talk about your problems all the time !

You keep telling yourself the same story all over again and then you ask other people to validate your story, to tell you that you are right ! How many times do you tell your friends you are lonely or feeling frustrated ? Stop talking negatively about yourself and others ! You are moving from drama into drama. You are keeping your limitations alive ! If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all ! A good friend of mine once said : “Only tell your problems to two persons : your therapist or God !”

Stop projecting fearful images on your mind !

When you keep focussing on your worries, when you keep fearful images in your mind you are literally screaming “give me more of that” to the universe ! The things you want to get rid off so badly will keep on following you. Stop investing your time in them before you are attracting them in your reality !

Focus on things that matter (things that feel good) so they can materialize for you ! Start visualizing and imagining the result YOU want. If you want more love,  imagine yourself having a candlelight dinner for two, see yourself happy & loving and start spreading the love yourself !

Detach emotionally from the situation !

The universe only picks up your vibration and gives you back the equivalent of what you have been sending out. Only the desires that are in tune with your feelings about them will be reflected in your reality. This means that you do not always get what you want, but you always get what you have been asking for !

God always answers your question. The question is : what exactly were you asking ? When you send out a boomerang into the universe your state of being has to match your demand ! Feelings of fear, lack, misery will create more of it. If you are stressing more importance on the feelings of lack, on the fact that you don’t have what you want, that is what you will get !

Don’t envy others who have what you desire !

Again you are stressing more importance on the fact that you lack or don’t have what you want or need. There is more than enough here for everyone. Feelings of jealousy or resentment towards others are only unproductive in manifesting your own desires. Skip all judgement (You can’t imagine how liberating this is, really 🙂 )

A lot of disempowering and limiting beliefs have been heritated by our parents and society. (“It’s an unsafe, cruel world” “why don’t you get a decent job like John”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”,…) Try to find out what remains of the (old) conditionning that is still active within you. Discard these thoughts, put them in the junk so they can’t block or trigger you any further.

Don’t urge – have patience !

Whatever you do : relax. Don’t feel needy. Don’t panic : trust and believe ! Have faith that you have already what you want. Persist in this. Patience is active faith !

Feel good here now !

Feeling good is not the result of getting what you want, it is the prerequisite ! It’s about  getting the “atonement”, staying truthful to your ideal. The moment you have spoken your desire and have formed your idea or “ideal you” in mind, never deviate and feel it as already accomplished.

Be grateful & send out blessings

Forget about how to make things happen. We just have to be an open receiver for the universe and accept that everything is already given, it is finished, it is done ! Be thankful for the lovely things already present in your life and those on the way. In a state of grace you allow things to flow naturally to you !

You are creating everything in your life by the laws of this universe. Realise that whatever you continiously focus on materializes in your world.

Focus on what matters and make your life matter !!!


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Auteur: Wiena

Be inspired ! Wiena Robert, mental coach & life coach, Belgium. Topics : Mental strength, emotional detachment, personal growth & transformation, spiritual development & awakening. Website EN : Op de site BALANS IN SPORT EN LEVEN sta ik jullie als mental coach & life coach met raad en daad bij en werken we aan jullie mentale kracht, emotionele weerbaarheid en persoonlijke groei ! Jullie vinden er heel wat interessante artikels, tips en weetjes, checklisten en dossiers terug. Website NL :

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