“And so it is, that both the devil and the angelic spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choise.”


The word desire comes from the latin word desiderare which means to long for, feel the want of, to miss or regret.

Desire is a strong emotion, several changes take place in your body when you are in a desiring state. You can see it in a person’s attitude and behaviour, in their facial expressions, the way they look at a particular object or person and you can also hear it in the way they talk !

There are desires of the flesh and desires of the heart. There are desires able to close the gap, others just destroy and tear apart.

Desire can be associated with feelings of unease aswell as ease and pleasantness ! It all depends on how you (re)act to it : how does the desire make you feel and where exactly do you put your focus on ?

Imagine you are in love with a girl, but you are too shy to make a move… as you are walking the street today, you see her hand in hand with another boy…

What kind of feelings would rise up within ? How would you react ? What would you think ? Would there be resentment, hate, despice towards the boy or towards both ? Would you curse him ? Would you think bad thoughts about him even though you have never met ?

Would you be filled with sadness ? Why not me ? It should have been me ! What am I doing wrong ? I am such a failure in love, I am such a loser in life…

Or would you become obsessed by evil thoughts and turn into a predator ? You anxiously want to be in control, you wanna take what you want no matter what. You prey upon the girl and see her as something to conquer and to possess !

What do you perceive ? What do you believe ? Does it attract the things you desire or does it repell all these things from you ?

Desire can be the catalyst for growth, it can provide you the necessary fuel for change but a burning desire can consume you if you don’t fuel that fire with the right intentions !

So tell me, what is it that you truly desire ?


Phuro! Be inspired!









Be your naked self…

“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes.”

Marc Nepo



Are you contemplating your life right now ? Asking yourself several questions, wondering what course you have to take, overthinking a certain issue in your life…?

Have you been looking everywhere but still haven’t found the answer… ? You feel you are trapped in a vicious cycle…with no control over it whatsoever…

Do you feel lost ? You try to cope with life but you got completely stuck. You tried  different directions, all to no avail…

Do you ask yourself : “Will I ever get out of this ? Will I ever experience happiness ?”

Let us find out who you really are and strip off :

All the so called good advice that leaves you insecure and even more indecisive about what to do or what you really want. “Shall I listen to what they say or shall I have it my way ?”

That uncomfortable feeling the critics give you when they try to break you down, when they say it can’t be done.

The doom scenarios that are popping up in your head. “Maybe I should forget about all this”. “What if it’s too good to be true ?” “What if I really don’t amount that much….?” All these doubts and worries are bringing your moral probably back to ground zero.

The belittling you experienced as a child and the ugly comments you had to listen to when you told people your childhood dreams…

The feeling of being all alone…No one believes in you…even your family and your friends aren’t supportive. You feel you are the black sheep of the family…

You became a champion in giving into your fears, your sadness, your bad luck…!


Know that what others think of you doesn’t matter, only how you react to it matters !

Reacting to all these opinions with a negative emotion is accepting them for real, is agreeing with their opinion and that’s how you keep pushing away or resisting your own happiness !

What you feel to be real will eventually materialize in your world. Not the opinion of others….your opinion matters, your feelings matter, where you focus on matters !

Who are you to tell me something isn’t possible for me ? Only I can do that ! Only I can claim what I will become, only I have that power !

Your imaginary force is yours and yours only. The feelings of your heart are yours and yours only. Don’t give your power away to all this negativity ! Don’t give others the key to your happiness, success, or even your health !  Making you worry, doubt, fear while you yourself are master of your destiny !

Let all these heavy feelings such as resentment, guilt, hate, shame, jealousy,….go ! These feelings are just too heavy for your heart. These are the ones killing your passion !

These feelings are all reactions to an illusion, none of this is real !

When you lift up the burden from your heart, your soul will start speaking to you !

Rejoicing ! Finally you go back to source !

And then passion will pop up again ! Joy will pop up again !

Love will pop out of your heart again !


Phuro! Be inspired!





Groove is in the heart

In 1978 I got my first record player, I was 6 years old ! A cousin gave me a couple of albums he didn’t use anymore, my first collection was born ! A whole new world opened to me and I felt excited !

I loved putting my ears next to the speakers and feel the beat of the records vibrating through my whole body, bass to the max of course !

Yes kids, back then we could literally destroy an album and play it crazy, some to the extend that there were deep grooves in them and the needle could barely get over these ditches !


Can you barely get over an obstacle, are you unable to move forward in life, unable to solve your problems ? Do you have the feeling that nothing really ever works out for you ?

You have caused a nasty groove in your record ! Yes, you !

Are you stuck in sentences as : I can’t do it…It is useless…I am a failure… Are these the thoughts that you are repeating all over again to yourself ?

These are not exactly creating the kind of melody you were longing for isn’t ? Your habitual negative thoughts and beliefs can destroy the song you want to sing and make you lose the joy of dancing to life. You will just sink further into the hole that you have been creating for yourself.

Your subconsious mind is very powerful, but it is a powerstation without direction. It needs the right commands from your conscious mind to be able to create what you want in life !

You really have to impress it with the right mental images, you have to impregnate it with good feelings so it can give you the offspring you truly desire !

Let the desires that are in harmony with your heart cause a melodious groove in your life’s album. Let them overtake the negativity present in your life.

Each time you tend to your negative patterns, stop yourself in the process. Overrule them by stating : I am working with divine mind, I choose love, I choose happiness, I choose joy !

Let the groove come out of your heart and claim back your happiness right now !

Put the needle on the record and nail it !

Phuro! Be inspired!



The power of true prayer

“Try me,” Said The Lord of hosts, “and see if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessings there will not be room to receive it.”

Malachi 3: 10

When we pray, we usually ask God for help. We rely on prayer too often when we are in distress, when we are in trouble. Sometimes it’s our last resort and it becomes a plea : “Please God, why must I go through this ? Please make everything better ! I cannot take it anymore, I need your help !”

Afterwards we are disappointed in God or perhaps even angry when the damage is done or when our wishes didn’t come true! We turn away from God, from prayer, from our faith in God’s power !

God isn’t laughing in his fist high in the sky at your misfortune, trauma, poverty or disease. God is in you and in all things created. “He is waiting for your return”, means he is waiting for you to make another choice. From the “dark side”, your negative thoughts and “demons” to the “light”, your positive thoughts and feelings !

Do you want to know the power of true prayer, the prayer that is always heard and answered ? For this kind of prayer you do not need words, the true power of prayer comes from your heart. It requires your feelings of gratitude, appreciation and love to feel as if the prayer has already been answered.

One of my favorite authors, Gregg Braden wrote in his book “The Lost Prayer”: “The elders know the power of true prayer, if they need rain, they pray rain, they do not pray for rain ! They focus on the feeling that rain gives them ! How does the rain feel on their bodies ? How does it feel to walk in wet grass with bare feet ? What do they smell ? How brilliant to see all the flowers and plants florishing again when rain has fallen ! ”

Ditto for the Buddhist monks who spend their days chanting prayers and singing, reciting mantras, under the sound of bells, gongs and singing bowls. The abbot of the monastery told Braden that prayer is invisible, “What you see is what they do to generate the feeling in their body. Feeling is prayer !”

That’s what all the ancient writings, all the sages and prophets are trying to tell us. Prayer is our communication with the universe and follows the laws of the universe. If your desire or wish is produced in true form it will be fulfilled.

“Ultimately, there are no dialogues in the world; it is a divine monologue, for in reality there are not two, but only the single reality in its appearance as many. The true prayer has the power to wake you up from the phenomenal waking state into timeless Awareness, a space where seeing, being and the ultimate are one.”


“Whatever you desire, when you pray, know that you will receive”. If we fully trust that what we have asked for is already ours, then we know that we are working in accordance with the universal law. When the desire is fulfilled then, we know that the law is fulfilled. When we see that the desire is not fulfilled, we must realize that the fault lies with us and not with God !

To get in alignement with what you desire, you have to drop your fears and leave all prejudices behind, have faith and don’t doubt your statements. Become one with the seed that you have planted in your mind, feel it is yours, feel that you already have what you desire and hold on to your ideal, even though the whole world seems against you !

There is no limit to God’s power, anything is possible ! I AM, your awareness, is master. You are master of all that you ever will be aware of BEing, you are responsable for all that you ever will vibrate into being.

We say, “I am” hundreds of times a day and we don’t know we are using the name of God. We pay no attention to what we say following “I AM.” Whenever I say “I AM”, I AM is creating something.  When I say, “I am,” I am attaching my awareness of being to something. We must watch every thought that contains I Am. If you are observant, you will see that you have created every circumstance and experience of your life. Begin to monitor every word I AM that you say. Do you see a pattern? Have you been misusing the creative power that is God (I AM) ? Neville

Praying is believing that we have already received that which we ask. Let the how, when and where to the universe, your job is to get into atonement with your heart’s true desire and to not let adverse thoughts and feelings sneak into your prayers. Let the good seeds grow ! And if you still want to use words in your prayer, make them positive !

That is the true meaning of the words : “If you believe you will see God’s glory !”

Phuro! Be inspired!

Inspiring authors : Neville Goddard, Charles Fillmore, Baird T Spalding, Gregg Braden


Cosmic ordering

“Every transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed”


Sometimes you feel stuck in your job, or you feel you have outgrown a relationship. Sometimes you ponder : “There must be more in life than this !” Other times you could scream out loud : “Life is not fair !”

Without challenges there wouldn’t be impulses for change. Without suffering, you wouldn’t start your journey to find out how you could achieve what you want. Desire is the catalyst for growth. Desire is your motivation to change your current reality !

What you desire already exists, it is already created, your job is to draw it to you, to prepare for it and to adjust yourself to it. As the universal law states : ‘Like attracts like. What you send out, you get back.’ This is how it works.

First of all root all opposite ideas out of your consciousness and water the seedlings YOU have chosen to grow, give these ones your undivided attention, all your love and care !

Don’t limit yourself. Nothing stands between your ideal self or your dream than your own fears and doubts. You already have everything to be successful, happy and healthy. We all have our natural inner resources available, we have just forgotten how to access them.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

Buckminster Fuller

Little cute girl

Your imagination is one of your most important tools in creating your desired reality. See it as an endless field of possibilities. Learn how to use this field !

Whatever you focus on…grows ! You connect energetically with the thing you put your attention on. Daydreaming alone won’t do the thing and won’t manifest your desires ! You are still missing some very important activating factors. You need enough energy to reach your goal. You need the right fuel !

Another reason why not everything you imagine becomes real, is because your desires  are not “in tune” or in sync with what you believe about them. The desire can open the door towards your dream, your negative opinion or what you believe is true, can close the door back again.

You as the architect of your own life, you can experience whatever you desire, the same as the architect can see the house he has modeled in his vision or in his imagination.

Don’t choose the hard way and immediately jump into action, don’t start “building” without a plan, it usually requires a lot of discipline, practise and willpower. A small problem could make your structure collapse and get you easily discouraged. If you have a plan (vision), you always have the possibility to adjust. If you would adopt your self-concept and belief systems first you would have a solid foundation to build upon.

Once the architect (you) has put his plan (vision) on paper, the house can be build. You will have to find the most skilled craftsmen to perform the job. The builders of your reality are your feelings ! Be aware that every time the builders deviate from the plan, the structure will be brought to falter, making it a dangerous and unsafe construction ! Emotions can eighter help or hinder you in building your structure.

They seem to happen to you or they seem to be the result of a particular situation, but they are completely controllable and under your command ! So don’t say too quickly : “That’s just the way I am, I can not help it, I can not change that.”

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for my health”



You switch or shift one thousand times from one thought and emotion to another on a daily basis without even being aware of it. Your state of being constantly changes. You feel good or bad, happy or sad, full of energy or completely apathic. What we don’t realize is that negative thoughts and emotions rip us off our strength !

Unexpressed, undesirable or painful emotions are burried in our subconsciousness. This is how we deal with them : in order to forget them we suppress them or pretend they do not exist.
What we do is similar to a pressure cooker. We put ourselves “under pressure”, we waste our energy and are anxiously trying to keep the lid closed ! But as long as we do not let go of these particular feelings they are stored in our subconscious.

Sometimes the pressure gets so huge that we are about to “explode” or we literally make ourselves sick. We have to release these emotions, before they pile up in our minds and bodies, hiding who we really are underneath all that junk.

Learn to use your feelings as a GPS. Are there negative feelings bubbling up ? You have deviated from the original route (you focus on what you do not want with negative emotions as a result) or there is a blockage on the road to your goal (you focus on what you want but there are thoughts and belief systems in the way, again with negative emotions as a result).

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you”



Every situation is neutral until you give meaning to it, be it positive or negative, according to your state of being, the vibration of your being. Only when you bring your frequency in line (in atonement) with what you really want, you will see it manifested in your world.

The universe only gives us back what we allow for ourselves. Don’t blame it for messing up your order. Why didn’t you manifest the thing you’ve been asking for ? Was it a plea from your side or a prayer for pity ? Was jealousy the driving force or was it hatred, doubt or fear ?

Before you throw your boomerang, quiet your mind and relax. What is it that you want ? Try to get a detailed image in mind. Once you have a clear vision or have written down your order, you have selected the desired reality.

Don’t throw your boomerang without being aware of the state of being (vibration of your thoughts and feelings) you’re in. Remind yourself to get in alignement first. Remember to tune in to the right frequency, the one that matches the desire of your heart. Throw your boomerang out confidently. Allow and accept it to come back to you with the material equivalent.

When you keep a positive focus you will be more attentive to all the possibilities life has to offer, more synchronous events will happen and you will be drawn to people and objects that bring you closer to your goal.

Surround yourself with people and objects that constantly remind you of your new reality. If you are single, and you would like to attract a loving partner, cover the table for two instead of one. This is how you give a strong signal to the universe that you are ready to receive your blessings. Small actions with the right intention give amazing results !

If no changes occur, do not become discouraged. It is important that you stay true to your vision, even if it is not visible yet in your world.

If you have just received a divine order, let us say a delicious cake with a sweet chocolate topping but the creamy filling turned out to be soar, know you have the power to choose again and to have a satisfactory taste in your mouth this time.

Choose wisely.

Phuro! Be inspired!

Focus on what matters

Do not focus on illnesses, worries or problems. Say to yourself : “I distance myself from this negativity and am not focussing on it anymore.” Bruno Gröning

Don’t identify with your problems, illnesses, or worries.

Forget about identifying with limiting conditions and stop putting disgraceful names after “I AM”. I am depressed, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am unlucky,…

Your thoughts and words do have the power to contract or expand your body cells. Speak some phrases out loud to yourself and feel what is happening to your body when you state them ! Don’t you feel a lot better when you use uplifting and truthful words ?

Do not talk about your problems all the time !

You keep telling yourself the same story all over again and then you ask other people to validate your story, to tell you that you are right ! How many times do you tell your friends you are lonely or feeling frustrated ? Stop talking negatively about yourself and others ! You are moving from drama into drama. You are keeping your limitations alive ! If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all ! A good friend of mine once said : “Only tell your problems to two persons : your therapist or God !”

Stop projecting fearful images on your mind !

When you keep focussing on your worries, when you keep fearful images in your mind you are literally screaming “give me more of that” to the universe ! The things you want to get rid off so badly will keep on following you. Stop investing your time in them before you are attracting them in your reality !

Focus on things that matter (things that feel good) so they can materialize for you ! Start visualizing and imagining the result YOU want. If you want more love,  imagine yourself having a candlelight dinner for two, see yourself happy & loving and start spreading the love yourself !

Detach emotionally from the situation !

The universe only picks up your vibration and gives you back the equivalent of what you have been sending out. Only the desires that are in tune with your feelings about them will be reflected in your reality. This means that you do not always get what you want, but you always get what you have been asking for !

God always answers your question. The question is : what exactly were you asking ? When you send out a boomerang into the universe your state of being has to match your demand ! Feelings of fear, lack, misery will create more of it. If you are stressing more importance on the feelings of lack, on the fact that you don’t have what you want, that is what you will get !

Don’t envy others who have what you desire !

Again you are stressing more importance on the fact that you lack or don’t have what you want or need. There is more than enough here for everyone. Feelings of jealousy or resentment towards others are only unproductive in manifesting your own desires. Skip all judgement (You can’t imagine how liberating this is, really 🙂 )

A lot of disempowering and limiting beliefs have been heritated by our parents and society. (“It’s an unsafe, cruel world” “why don’t you get a decent job like John”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”,…) Try to find out what remains of the (old) conditionning that is still active within you. Discard these thoughts, put them in the junk so they can’t block or trigger you any further.

Don’t urge – have patience !

Whatever you do : relax. Don’t feel needy. Don’t panic : trust and believe ! Have faith that you have already what you want. Persist in this. Patience is active faith !

Feel good here now !

Feeling good is not the result of getting what you want, it is the prerequisite ! It’s about  getting the “atonement”, staying truthful to your ideal. The moment you have spoken your desire and have formed your idea or “ideal you” in mind, never deviate and feel it as already accomplished.

Be grateful & send out blessings

Forget about how to make things happen. We just have to be an open receiver for the universe and accept that everything is already given, it is finished, it is done ! Be thankful for the lovely things already present in your life and those on the way. In a state of grace you allow things to flow naturally to you !

You are creating everything in your life by the laws of this universe. Realise that whatever you continiously focus on materializes in your world.

Focus on what matters and make your life matter !!!


Phuro! Be inspired!