Seriously ?

One of the challenges of being highly sensitive is how to respond to injustice. Highly sensitive persons or empaths are extremely sensitive to negativity and they spot discrepancies and imbalances in people, groups and organisations like no other !

They are often surprised about the way things are going and they can’t really hide how they are feeling about it.

They wanna shout BULLSHIT whenever they hear or see it, take appropiate action or just leave the fucking place !


When an empath processes “data” and digests it through his or her sensitive organ of intuition, it is often translated into vivid facial expressions.

It’s their instinctual reaction when they spot lies, immorality and inhumanity. They easily see who’s genuine or fake. They sense people’s real intentions, that’s a great asset !

There’s just one pitfall : they can easily get blown away by people’s energy, knocked out of their center, knocked out of balance !

Once sucked in negative mode they are quickly crowned king or queen of sarcasm, constantly growling, eating their own hearts out…


If this sounds familiar to you : Don’t let it happen ! That’s not the real you ! You are just mirroring back these people’s feelings. You can consciously choose and transcend this level and regain confidence in yourself !

You can refuse to be pulled in drama, you can decide not to respond negatively. You can be conscious of what you let in or out !

Nothing can shake you if you return to your foundation for support and guidance, if you return to who you are and take care of your own energy !

Focus on your state of BEING, you are in complete control, you are the only one able to turn things around for your own well-being !


   Phuro! Be inspired!


Unleash the beast !

Imagine we all had a fabulous Nascar race car in our garage ! Can you imagine yourself driving that car, at full speed ? I bet you do ! How many of us would be tempted to unleash the beast immediately and drive as fast as we can ?

But it wouldn’t take long to realize that we were lacking some essential skills in order to control that much horsepower ! Without the proper training, we would possibly make one mistake after the other or even end off track !


Some give up after their first attempt. Too scared to try again they quit their practise and go back to driving their tiny vehicle, just as most of us do. They lack courage and think it is impossible to “own” the super car so they return to mediocracy !

Others try several times but aren’t patient enough to continue till the end, they are distracted by opposition or tired of putting in the hard work !

Then there are people driven by passion, pushed forward by faith, people who never give up ! They turn to skilled drivers for advice, pilots who know every detail of their car.

They manage to be bold enough to hold on to their vision and diligently practise, destined to succeed and then one day, just like that, they feel a change within, some kind of shift and they are finally able to be “one” with the car !


So it is with our intuition. We are all born with a complete guiding system that helps us navigate through life ! But it is a super sensitive organ, sometimes it is not fully adjusted, not completely fine-tuned yet !

Even if you aren’t a highly sensitive person, everyone has these same capacities and can develop his or her intuition !

In order to get the most out of this operating system, in order to make it work to its full capacity so that it can serve, guide and protect us, we need to practise. Practise makes perfect ! Just as you exercise to develop and strengthen your muscles !

Our intuition or sixth sense is a combination of spiritual gifts and can work in different ways. This includes clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudiance and claircognizance. We usually have a preference for one of these gifts or a sense that is more developed.


Here are some tips for training your intuition !

Clear your mind ! You won’t be able to listen to this little voice within when your mind is already preoccupied with several expectations or when you are constantly dwelling on what bothers you. Go for a walk in nature, meditate to find the quitness in yourself.

Address your higher self and ask a question, but instead of waiting for the answer or again thinking about the problem, get lost in another activity. There’s a big chance that your answer will pop up later or that you will see signs in your surroundings leading you to the solution of your problem.

Does the course that you are taking feel good ? Or are there signs of aversion, uncomfortable feelings ? Listen to your body ! It knows what is good for us !

Trust your gut feeling !

Phuro! Be inspired!






We often seek validation in others ! We want people to give us a little bit of their time and their attention. We want the “thumbs up” and the “likes”. We are flattered by words of appreciation.

I was always concerned about how my posts would appear to people, and honestly whether I was enough, authentic enough. That all changed when I started to be me, a genuine and truthful expression of myself ! Then I looked around and saw validation all around me !


Whenever doubts creep in but intuition says : “Do it anyway !”, you usually get an affirmation afterwards ! I frequently receive signs through television and music or moments of dèjà-vu…

Through random events the universe can send you a “big yes” or an expression of its love ! The universe responds to our genuine intention ! Synchronicity is the result of using your energy righteously and expansively.

I like ending my blog post with a music video, a song that stirs up an emotion within me, a song that can be suiting or uplifting ! Recently I came across a song that I believed I had never heard before allthough I know the artist very well, it was a perfect fit to my writings and the song itself hit me to the core of my being !

I clicked the publish button and it went into the ether ! I was still wearing my headphones as the song started again. Maybe I pushed the repeat button…To my surprise I didn’t hear the sound coming through my headphones, they were playing the song on television !

A while ago I saw a quiz on television, I had just finished a blog about death and I was doubting whether this would be a good read for people, the subject might not be easy digestable…

But all of a sudden the quizmaster of the show asked the following question : “What are people’s biggest remorses when they’re on the verge of death ? I started giving the answers immediately as they were still fresh in my mind after my blogpost…

The particpants on television were guessing but none of them had all the right answers ! I excitedly shouted : “See, you should have read my blog folks !” 🙂 The universe can sweep away your doubts rapidly.


When I go through my emails in the morning and I read a disturbing message or a cry for help from someone, it can leave me perplex or speechless for a few moments ! The first thoughts come in and I wonder “What do I need to say ? What do I need to do ?

We often have a panic reaction ourselves or we already have different doom scenarios in our head, that isn’t helpful for anyone at all !

But if you silence your mind and tune into your heart and you truly ask yourself : “What do I wish for this person right now ? What can I do right now to bring comfort, instantly ?”, you just might feel the “right” answer popping up in seconds !

Tell me that the universe isn’t answering our questions ! It may whisper or may not always use words, but it speaks !

Learn to listen !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Turn around

 “Imagine a rosebud with its petals closed over a glowing heart, filled with passionate feelings, but not yet showing itself in its full beauty, not until the blossom opens. It remains closed by doubt. How does self-doubt affect your life? Do you express your feelings openly, or do you hide, like the heart in the rosebud?”

Dan Millman

Our greatest talents might be living in our shadowside. In the things we don’t accept or don’t believe to be true. In the things we are fearful of, in the things that make us shy away…

Maybe it might be a talent that you have been hiding from others, afraid of openly showing, because people might laugh at you, judge you or point fingers at you… but it is still slumbering…

It might be something that looks so fearful that you are afraid to look at it ! Every time it crosses your mind it reminds you of past failure or hurt, or you get a feeling of : “It was never meant to be !” You say : “No, go away, leave me alone !” But it is still lurking…

We ignore these parts. We try to hide them so no one can see them and then it becomes fear, guilt, shame ! But the feelings keep growing…

“More light and light, more dark and dark our woes”

Romeo, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare


I guess that Shakespeare was an HSP too ! In my darkest moments I have often wished I wasn’t born that sensitive, feeling everything that deeply. It made my life at times a roller coaster of many ups & downs. As an HSP you often have the impression that you are constantly chased by the dark, not capable of spreading your own light.

What you have to realize is that you came into this world with great intuitive powers, but “With great power comes great responsability” , isn’t ?

What bothers you most as highly sensitive person, can become your biggest asset, but you must “turn around” first to develop your super powers !

Turnaround from sympathy to empathy

Because of your sensitive nature you often absorb the energy of other people, you are an emotional sponge sucking in all their negative energy ! Shield yourself from all psychic attacks. Protect your energy ! Read more : Psychic protection

Ground yourself and do some physcial exercices to get rid of excessive energies.

Turnaround from ‘thinking from the head’ to ‘thinking from the heart’

Your greatest power lies in the wisdom of the heart, but the heart often speaks a language we have forgotten. Read more : Creative living

Your actions will be more productive when they match the intentions of the heart. That’s when your actions become transformative and have the power to instigate others positively !

Are you really thinking your own thoughts ? It is important to know which energy is yours. Whatever seems to cross your mind, be conscious of it and ask yourself : “Where did that come from ?” What is its source : Love or fear ?”  Focus on what matters !

Turnaround from weakness to strength

When you are around people, does “the presence” (the energy) make you go weak or make you go strong ?

Pauze a few seconds before you react. Imagine yourself being in the center of an eight, the infinity symbol. the left side of the eight is the stimulus, the right side is the response.

You are in the middle and you start circling love into the eight. Just let a bright light circulate into both circles from where you are standing, from this zero point.

This eight can be a quick reminder to build in a pauze before you speak and to not react from an unbalanced state, a negative emotional state such as fear, anger or frustration.

It is also a good visualization exercice when you want to send loving energy to a person or situation that needs healing or that is bothering you. Imagine yourself being in the right circle and the person that needs healing being in the left one. Each time you pass the middle, more healing light is brought into both circles !

Turnaround from self-criticism to self-love

Stop all self-criticism and judgment and start accepting yourself with all your flaws and imperfections ! Turn around statements such as :”I am not enough, I am not capable, I am not worth it” Love is the absence of judgment

Turnaround from ‘shying away’ to ‘opening up’

Open up ! Let go of all these doubts and fears, they only make you close your heart even further. You can only show your full beauty, when you put off your mask and give expression to your true feelings !

Share your feelings and ideas in an honest way and inspire others to do the same. Use your words to uplift people instead of breaking them down.

“Be like a rose, though it is silent, it speaks in the language of fragrance.”


“Turn around and I will show you something
Turn around and you will see
Life is a roundabout
A kind of LSD
Turn around, have faith in all the changes
Turn around and you will feel
No age of loneliness
You are a part of me”

Phuro! Be inspired!

Show your true colors !

“The white light of Spirit is poured upon you, and your idea of limitation, in a given direction makes you opaque to some of its colors.”

I feel drawn to the color blue lately. Not that I am feeling blue, on the contrary, it explains the need to speak my truth and the desire to genuinely express myself. To be ME.

Various shades of blue appear in the aura of devoted and compassionate souls, they are known for their good nature and honesty. I guess that’s the reason why it is impossible for me to tell a lie !

Being a highly sensative person, it hasn’t always been easy to show the world my true colors, I had to dig deep because my magic had been burried underground, underneath all these limiting beliefs, making the surface look dead and grey, making growth barely impossible !


We have 7 energy centers in our bodies called chakras. Five of them correspond with the outer senses, two are our inner powers, corresponding with intuition and divine wisdom.

These inner traits are definitely more present in highly sensitive people. These are the gifts they need to develop and explore further instead of hiding them from other people.

When our energy centers are blocked by negative emotions (darkness or “the 7 deadly sins”), the divine light or life force can’t flow through them and then we must “clean” or free each center of these blockages. Each one has its corresponding color, related to an organ and emotion…Read more here : Journey of the soul


As our inner life changes, so do the colors in our aura change.

The aura around the body looks like an egg-shaped cloud, and is twice as long and four times as wide as the physical body.

Some colors can be permanently present, because they represent certain qualities or traits of character of ours.

Some colors may change according to our stage of spiritual development or current level of consciousness.

Most of us display a mixture of colors and shapes. The colors also change according to our emotions : all our emotions & feelings are displayed in our aura and all our other soul-experiences aswell.

Especially experiences where strong emotions were (are) involved leave a deep imprint on the aura.

Our energetic field will emanate the color corresponding to the emotion that is the most dominant at the moment !

We are constantly picking up each other’s vibration, we constantly interfere with each other. When we don’t protect our energy field, other people can penetrate it.

When our energy field is open, people can pierce through our aura and trigger in us a responsive vibration already (latent) present within us, a feeling such as fear or hate.

The aura can appear misty and cloudy, grey and pale or have dark spots and stripes in it. It can have irregular shapes.

People who seem to be radiating, in whose presence you feel good, usually have a large aura, with bright colors !

Like attracts like so similar colors will attract each other, enhancing and strengthening each other : two lovers kissing, two strangers smiling at each other, people cooperating peacefully,…


Don’t be afraid to let them show
Your true colors
True colors are beautiful
Like a rainbow

Phuro! Be inspired!

Wolf and woman

“Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild.”

Nikita Gill

Don’t you at times want to howl like a wolf under the full moon, eyes shut and head thrown back, pouring your heart out, crying, mourning, letting out all your pain and loneliness ? Expressing yourself loudly and freely ?

Native Americans said that when the wolf howled he created wind. If he continued to howl fog came. They considered the moon its power alley.

Throughout history and culture powerful archetypal women and goddesses were depicted accompagnied by wolves, as it represented freedom, courageousness and fierceness.

Women who trusted their intuition, their inner intelligence were often seen as witches by patriarchal society or portreyed as the seductive ones or the evil ones. Associated with the moon, the wolf became the symbol of darkness, temptation and danger. At a deep level, women still carry the pain of being prosecuted by patriarchy for their innate wisdom and power they were forced to hide.


Learning to howl requires that we tap into the deepest recesses of our soul, and that takes courage because what lies that deep is not always pretty or sweet smelling. Else it might as well be out in the open…

Discovering the wolf inside :


A wolf woman is courageous and dares to speak her truth. Allthough this woman often walks a lonely path, often covered with challenges, she has learned how to use and trust her intuition. She has embraced her shadowside and she has managed to walk through the dark with an extreme confidence in herself.


A wolf woman is a trailblazer. Instead of following someone else’s footsteps, she creates a path of her own. She has a laser focus on what she wants and she recognizes the signs along her way that create opportunities for herself.


A wolf woman has conquered her fears and has chosen love to be her guiding force. She is a nurturing mother and protects the vulnerable. She knows love is the garment of her true naked self.


A wolf woman has found her way out of the maze. She has gone beyond the roles she occupies in life and the identities she took on along the way. She knows these are only masks, cover ups for who she really is. She is a passionate expression of who she genuinely desires to be.

Are you being true to your authentic self ? Do you have the freedom to do what you want in life ? Is there room to be you ?

Bring some WOLF back in your life ! Phuro! Be inspired!

In an interview with Pi-Pôle, Max Colombie revealed the meaning behind his band’s name: “Oscar is a name I really like – it’s poetic and light. And wolf is the dark animal that comes out at night and howls to the full moon, and moon stands for solitude and coldness. It’s bright and dark together, because that’s how I see my music – as a balance between light and dark.”


Creative living

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer



Creative living starts with right perception : you use your senses to perceive everything around you without putting meaning on things. You know it goes the other away around and that what you see outwardly is only a reflection of your inner beliefs. You know that in order to change your outside world you have to turn your focus inside.

Do you feel everyone is against you ?  Do you care or are you concerned about what others think of you ? Change your perception ! Why do you believe that what others think of you is the truth ? Only what you believe about yourself is valid, do not let what others think of you affect the way you feel about yourself. This way you allow other people’s negative energy to enter in your system and to be vulnerable for psychic attacks.

Sometimes your judgement of the person is causing you to not see the person as he truly is. Your own judgement and belief about yourself and others are the real enemies. What you see appearing in your world is what you truly feel about yourself. Fortunately it is your belief and you can change it. Fortunately you have total control over your own behaviour, your own thoughts and emotions !


Creative living is living from a “heart based mode“. Meaning you use your intuition ! Therefor you have to be able to silence the mind, so you can be in a receptful mode, ready to receive intuitive answers.  You just need to connect to your heart’s wisdom and feel this divine guidance. Know that all is well and that everything is already provided. Tune in with the wisdom of nature. Get the atonement with your higher self, focus on pure love and see the answers appear. If it makes you feel strong it usely is the right answer, if it makes you go weak, it probably isn’t ! You can feel this in your body, you can trust this knowledge ! Once you accept your own power and accept that at any moment in time you get your answer, you can feel safe and in peace and be undisturbed by outer appearances.

Peace is such an ingredient in everyone’s life, without which no creativity is possible, no intuition is possible, and without which you don’t have energy either.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

Creative living is to become like children again and get our sense of wonderment back ! We put so much stuff in our heads, we barely notice what is happening around us in the now, we barely recognize the joy and wisdom of the present moment, we barely see how the world is actively communicating with us, sending us signals, constantly. Instead we are trying to make a living and we are trapped in a cycle of struggle and survival, trapped in negative thoughts, trapped in a unmeaningful life ! We go against our grain and become eventually depressed or burned out.

Listen ! Earth is living and breathing with us. As humanity we are eighter assisting in the expansion or the contraction of the world but we are always participating whether we know this consciously or not and whether we like it or not !

Begin to take care of yourself and take care of our planet ! We can eighter destroy ourselves and the planet and continue putting crap and negativity in ourselves, spewing all kind of bad things out on planet earth or we can change our vibration towards positive change and oneness ! We are our own saviours !


Phuro! Be inspired!