Through the eyes of God

” One day God granted me a wish and created this beautiful mosaic. I could see through infinity’s eyes and navigate the skies. One day I got an answer to my why. God turned me into a dragonfly.” We are all aspects of God, viewing life from many different perspectives. God is consciousness and splits itself into many different viewpoints or “I ams.” Each viewpoint is a part of … Lees verder Through the eyes of God

Unspoken understanding

To keep you enslaved as an idiot, unaware of most everything, there are only a few concepts in which you must believe. One is that the outside world is separate from consciousness. You must believe that what happens out there has nothing to do with you. You must believe that you are a small being in a large universe. As you will find out on … Lees verder Unspoken understanding

“Are you back to your old self again ?”

“Are you back to your old self again ?” “No, I’ve put off that old one and became a new version of me!” Are you back to your old self again ? Isn’t that a question we’ve all heard in our lives after we felt struck by disease, sickness, bad luck, loss ? Many believe that every hardship passes with time but weren’t we just … Lees verder “Are you back to your old self again ?”