Highlighting the good life

Need help to loosen and lighten things up ? Do you want to live the illumined life ? The way to enlightenment is easy. The rules for living the good life are simple :

Smile !

“No more rainy days, the sun will chase the clouds away, in the good life !”


Shine your light !

“No more sorrow, nothing borrowed in the good life !”


Celebrate life !

“No more bad times, only glad times in the good life !”

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Vibrate high !

“A feeling that you get from the good life, once you get the good life feeling !”

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Love !

“Love is shining, life is thriving in the good life !”


Phuro! Be inspired!



Passionate beings

I love the music of Armin Van Buuren, a world famous DJ who happens to live in my neighbouring country The Netherlands. I like his trance just as much as the more commercial stuff and his remixes of old school classics.

Now you have to believe me when I say I am an excellent people spotter…No hiding for me ! Whether with or without make up or with or without masquerades : I will always expose you !

It doesn’t matter if we have met already several times or just once…I will recognize you…Even if we were to meet each other ten years from now, I would still remember who you are.

Sometimes showing me a photograph is enough…I’m hypersensitive and an image thinker…no further explanations necessary 🙂


Armin recently posted a vlog where he went back to his roots. He was visiting the small village in the Netherlands he grew up in. I was thinking “if he would walk by me and greet me today, I probably wouldn’t be able to recognize him ! He’s just a normal, average looking human being…like you and me…

But once you put that man in front of thousands of people he suddenly metamorphoses in another entity, someone who enjoys doing what he is doing, someone who shares his passion with the world.

I am often struck by his genuine smile on stage and the way he motivates people to join the fun, sometimes even sharing tears with the crowd aswell…

In his authentic expression, he spreads a contagious and inspiring energy that radiates through all the people present.


Another example : Oscar Colombie (Oscar and the Wolf). What an appearance on stage ! He admits he is a rather shy boy but whenever he’s on stage “something” takes over, a higher version of himself. Once he’s performing he is able to sweep his insecurities away and to hypnotize an whole audience !

Whoever you pass by on the street today, it could be a young person or an older one, looking average, down to earth…An unshaved man wearing a slobby sweater, a girl without make up showing her raw beauty…

Know that passion and genuineness can be burried deep within, behind their mask.

Just as with you. You might think you are just an average man or woman with an average life, while you just failed to see the genius in you or forgot how to access it…

What are you passionate about ? Music, art, science, writing, sports, a certain cause,…Find your passion and follow it !!!

This fire is within you for a reason : to inspire you to become a bigger version of yourself and to inspire others to do the same !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Maddie the coonhound is a celebrity ! Her pictures remind me of precious moments of laughter and joy, that’s why I like using her pictures so much ! Isn’t she bringing a smile on your face with her innocent looks ? She is funny and at times hilarious ! She really seems to enjoy being in the picture…

How about you ? Is it time for you to shine ? To be in the picture ? To celebrate life and have some fun ? To bring the joy back ?

Here are some tips that might be coming from Maddie the coonhound herself :


Stay in the present !

Dogs live only in the present, ‘in the moment’. Living in the moment means dogs are only concerned with what’s happening to them right now, not what happened to them last week or what’s going to happen next tuesday. It’s a very simple, instinctual way to live and it’s part of what keeps dogs connected to nature.

“As humans, we experience time differently than dogs do. We’re constantly aware not only of the present, but of past and future. For many of us, that’s where feelings like shame, guilt or regret (past) and fear or anxiety (future) arise.” Cesar Milan. Read more : Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?


Smile and focus on the positive !

Start your day with a smile ! Turn your face to the sun and eat your vitamin C ! Watch out for lemons though…I see a lot of people who seem to have eaten tons of them for breakfast !

Start the day, stating beautiful things about yourself. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Have a positive outlook and positive expectations ! Decide to focus on beauty today ! Remember : Beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

Do you know the feeling of coming home to a dog wagging his tail, happy to see you ? Dogs greet their people joyfully !

Dogs don’t whine about their day, they are not judging or blaming you for being cranky the whole evening. They are just there, in front of you, happy to see you ! Happy to snuggle up against you and to have their cuddle buddy back !


Shake things off !

Play and loosen up ! Go outside in nature to shake things off ! Nature provides everything for us. Take a good look around you and take some deep breaths of fresh air ! The trees around you can assist in letting go of all your worries of the day ! Let the wind carry your troubles away…

Dance and celebrate your existence ! Do some yoga exercices !

Don’t forget to relax regularly and to take some good naps !

Phuro! Be inspired!


More inspiration with Maddie :

Maddie is patient ! Maybe she is at point of critical mass ? Read more : critical mass
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Maddie wears the golden crown. Maybe you are close to it too. So don’t quit ! Read more : Don’t quit !


This is Belgium !

Mr. Trump called our capital “a hellhole”. He doesn’t have to apologize for what he said, maybe he was confused because our national soccer team is called ‘the Red Devils’. But I’m not here to talk about Belgian politics !

The only thing I can mention is that our prime minister reminds me of Mr. Potatohead, our minister responsable for healthcare looks like she has never heard of a diet before (allthough she is a doctor herself) and our minister of agriculture and nature said (and I will literally quote her here) : “The only function of a tree is to be cut.”

Enough said, let us skip this political crap 🙂

Of course everyone knows we are famous for our food : wafles, beer, french fries and chocolate ! We had some famous inventors aswell. Adolphe Sax for example who invented the saxophone. And did you know a Belgian man (Robert Cailliau) co-invented the internet ? Belgium connects people !

But that’s still not what I wanted to talk about today. I am proud to be Belgian because of our exquisite music scene ! New beat, techno, trance, acid,…Name it, we got it ! From “Bonzai” to “Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike”, we can offer you “the crĂšme de la crĂšme” !

It’s impossible to present them all here, but I have listed some of my favorites ! Are you ready ? Here we go !


Millionaire is my all time favorite ! The band has surprising songs, with many twists and turns. Their music often takes me to another dimension. I adore Tim ! I think he is a genius and he is definitely a muse to me !

I was on a low in life, questionning and doubting myself, when after 12 years of silence they were back with a brand new song. Their comeback made me joyful and reminded me I still was “on track”. Millionaire has always been there, not only in my music library but also in my heart !



Here is some authentic girl power ! Coely has definitely stolen the hearts of her fans with her soulful voice, her strong presence and adorable kindness. New in our music scene but winning award after award, Coely is about to conquer the world !

Coely’s DJ Tim happens to be a friend of ours, who regularly came to visit us at the time he was still going to college. He was already passionately involved in making music back then and we always knew he was destined to become famous one day ! He also performs solo under the name “Ephonk” !



People call him Belgian’s Jeff Buckely. He won a talent show on Studio Brussels and became rapidly known because of his breathtaking voice. His father is Egyptian, his mother is Belgian. His grandfather is a famous singer in Egypt aswell. Tamino has the ability to strike a core in people on a deep level ! I know for sure his song “Habibi” will leave you speechless or make you end up having goose bumps all over your body !


“Charlotte De Witte”

Formerly known under the artist name “Raving George” (she wanted to hide that she was a girl so that people wouldn’t have prejudices ) she later on decided to continue her DJ career under her own girl’s name Charlotte De Witte.

She uses a lot of great classics from the Belgian techno scene in her performances, allthough the song “You’re mine” together with the talented Max Colombie from Oscar and the wolf, might be her most famous one.


Do you have favorites from our Belgian music scene ? Let me know ! Maybe I feel inspired to write a part two to this blog !

Phuro! Be inspired!

The Liebster Award 2018

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2018 by Krafting Thoughts, you can find her inspiring blog here : Krafting Thoughts. Thanks again for this honor and appreciation !

The Liebster Award helps bloggers and writers connect with more inspirational people and offers them the ability to share their blogs with a bigger audience.

Whether you are here to inform, to inspire, or just to share your writings with other people, I am often struck by the purity, the rawness, and the beauty of all your stories.

These were the questions I received from Krafting Thoughts :

1. If given a chance to choose between a solo trip or a family trip, what would you like to choose? Why ?

We just talked about it earlier, we dream of taking a family trip to India. My son, my fiancé and me, accompagnied by my neighbours, a Sikh family of 4 members.

I know in advance it would be a fascinating trip. I know we would take care of each other and we would be each other’s guides. I think the adventures of our trip could be worth a movie script ! It would at least make life time memories !

My son has been spending so much time with our neighbours (he grew up with their youngest son) that Mr. Singh decided to name him Keith Singh. We gave their eldest son the nickname “Boom Boom Swami” because he is so into hiphop !

I am inspired by Haidakhan Babaji, an Indian guru whose universal message of truth, love and simplicity, is the red thread throughout my blogging, but I have never been able to visit the country he lived in.

In summer while I’m in my garden, I close my eyes and I already feel catapultated to India, I smell Mrs Varinder’s cooking, hear Indian music playing, it doesn’t take long to feel immersed in the Indian culture. It is as Babaji is whispering “you don’t have to come to India to be part of me, you are already part of me wherever you are.”


2. Whether you prefer dusk or dawn ? Why ?

I’m drawn to that deep blue of the twilight zone, I am attracted to both dusk and dawn. Recently while I was scrolling through my pictures on Pinterest, it struck me that almost three quarters of my pictures were blue-ish. https://www.pinterest.com/phuro1008/blue-inspiration/

I also like the quietness they both share. Before the night falls, everything is silencing itself to sleep. Then in the morning at dawn, when the sun is about to arise, the silence of the night gradually makes room for the anima of a brand new day.

If I had to choose I would be grateful to wake up to another new day.

3. Which is that one characteristic within you which is completely different from your current personality ?

People see me as a balanced individual : reasonable, responsable and always in control. They know that I’m a coach working around topics such as mental strength, emotional resilience and personal growth. Most of them think I am a very down to earth person.

As soon as I use the word “spiritual”, they look amazed, scan me from top to toe and say : “Oooh you are such a type.” I often lose them when I tell them that in order to go full option in life, they have to explore the spiritual world and take the whole in consideration. I wish I could be more “hootless” when it comes to expressing my spirituality.


4. What is that one moment of your life you wish to live again, but had severe doubts about its comeback ?

Sometimes we have to endure a lot of shit in life, sometimes we even hit rock bottom, but we always have the ability to rise above it. I realised I had to change myself when I lost the sparkle in my eyes, I wasn’t in awe with myself anymore and nothing around me could amaze me anymore or even stur up my emotions. My inner critic had dulled that sparkle. I lost the zest for life and my desire to give meaning to it, to give it my personal touch. Being highly sensitive I felt I lived burried under other people’s junk for years. Now that I am awake I won’t let my eyes be stopped from smiling again.

5. If you are given a piece of land to build a building, what kind of building will you prefer to get constructed ? 

I have a dream that makes me exuberant of joy everytime I think of it. I see myself living in an elegant white house, where many friends come to visit me. Each time I imagine myself on that property I find myself talking to the trees, the flowers, the birds..and each time I whisper “I love you” the house is smiling back. It feels like the house is asking me to be its owner so I can take care of it.

6. Do you prefer foggy-sky-and-snow-filled-mountains or clear-sky-and-green-mountains ? Why ?

It is always difficult to choose between nature’s wonders, both views have their charm but I prefer a clear sky and the myriad of colors nature shows off on a sunny day. Being able to feel the warmth of the sun, walking bare feet in the sand, lying in the grass watching clouds passing by…


7. When is that one time when you fell down, but adamantly stood up ? Think & share.

That was after a shocking divorce only weeks following the birth of my son. At times I could barely remember I was breastfeeding my son, sometimes I was in tears, sometimes I felt completely numb, I was feeling miserably low ! Luckily there was a little being I loved that needed my care and attention, who was entitled to have a happy mom and to see happy faces around and that made it all worthwile to climb back up !

8. What is that one social issue which needs to be talked about, but not got enough attention yet ? (Try to give us a new perspective at the issue)

I’m surprised to see how many youngsters are on anti-depressants, I am digusted to see what a cocktail of drugs kids are given on a daily basis. In many cases doses are increased to such a level it starts destroying neurons in the brain. If we could give children the proper attention and support and give them tools that strengthen them, we would make them more resilient in life, without a life time addiction to drugs. As long as we are paralyzing ourselves and numbing ourselves down with meds we are unable to see what is happening with us and with our kids aswell…It takes courage to admit that we feel bad because we are going against our grain, it takes courage to express ourselves genuinely and to take our power back.


9. Lastly, share some random well-known 5 facts about yourself, that create a puzzle into the reader’s mind regarding your personality. (Specify those facts that are generally known to people near you, but writing them here creates a confusion into reader’s mind regarding your personality-)

What makes people open up around me or what makes them shy away…according to friends…

“We use her for scanning the environnement, whether a pub is safe or not. She can change vicious dogs in submissive pups. At times she still needs to learn to control her powers. We call her Storm, we can feel it when she is up to something…”

“She is a pitbull, too much power compressed in a small body, never letting go of her bone and unstoppable. Can act mean when cornered. Excellent behaviour around other animals and children.”

“You can’t hide your deepest secrets from her, you just simply spit them out in her presence. She doesn’t use force to get hem out of you…it feels like you are unable to tell her lies. When you fake things she gets in your head and tells you what you are thinking.”

“She speaks in images, thinks in feelings. Dopes herself with music.”

“She liked mysteries so much that she became one.”

Here are my nominees for the Liebster Award 2018 : 


Esther heeft er een heel mooi Nederlands stuk van gemaakt ! Laten we de Liebster award ook volop in Nederland en België rondgaan. Ook zij heeft inspirerende mensen genomineerd. Ik ben benieuwd naar hun stukjes ! Je vind de antwoorden van Esther hier : http://www.heyesther.nl/liebster-award/


You can read Rudra’s answers here : https://whimsicalblogfeed.wordpress.com/2018/02/10/liebster-award-nomination/

Thanks for the inspiration !




You all are precious pearls ! I have nominated you because you are sharing the positivity and I can’t wait to read or hear more of you ! Thank you for inspiring us !

Here are the questions for my nominees :

1. Write your own version of psalm 23

2. If you would write a script of your life and make a movie of it, what genre will I get to see ?

3. When were you in awe for the last time ? Why ?

4. Post a song or music video that triggered you emotionally.

5. If countries didn’t exist and space travel would be possible, what would appear on your universal ID so other beings would know who you are ?

6. Is there a message you want to share before you leave this world or is there a legacy you would like to leave behind ?

7. If you would have a remote control for your life, would you use it to pauze, rewind or fast forward things in life ? What would you change ?

Have fun with these questions !

You can read more about the Liebster award here : The Liebster Award 2018

Phuro! Be inspired!




Be like a flower !

“The flowers are speaking to us; they are saying, ‘You can only open hearts and souls by spreading light and warmth.’ But who understands them?”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

If you approach the sun consciously, wishing to become like it, you will eventually receive something of its life, its warmth and its light.

And if you want friends, well, you should also know that the sun will teach you the best way to attract them.

Wouldn’t you seek out someone in whose presence you felt more alive, warmer and clearer in yourself ?

On the other hand, you would avoid someone cold, dull and lifeless, or, if you had to spend time with them, you would do everything to protect yourself by closing up in their presence.

Look at flowers: they close at night, while in the day they open up to the sun. Yes, this is a language.

The flowers are speaking to us; they are saying, ‘You can only open hearts and souls by spreading light and warmth.’ But who understands them ?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



“Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.”

Kahlil Gibran


Phuro! Be inspired!


In flow

“If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.”

Jack Canfield

There are certain places where ideas literally seem to flow into you. Perhaps in the shower, or a special spot in your garden. Perhaps somewhere close to the sea or another place in nature.

Sometimes inspiration can come out of nowhere, sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it is huge, as a zip file that needs unpacking !

You urge yourself to sit down in front of your computer or you quickly grab your pen and a piece of paper, impatient to put into words what’s in your head !

You are excited to paint the image you have on your mind !

Perhaps you run to your garage cause you finally saw how your project needed to be adjusted !

You start writing very fast because you don’t want to miss anything that is in that head of yours. You are in a state of trance ! (Reminds me of ASOT)

At a certain moment, when you have finished your writings, you look at your paper, you can barely decipher your own writings anymore ! It’s a complete mess !

Little by little, bit by bit you start adjusting, putting order in the chaos. Untill finally your piece is finished. VoilĂ  !

You ask yourself : “How did I do that ?” You completely lost track of time, you completely forgot your surroundings.

You realize you got lost in the creative process.

You were passionately involved with what you were doing.

And you just let it happen.

You were in flow.

God strikes his golden brush where sun and water meet.

Your actions are worth gold when inspired by the heart !

Phuro! Be inspired!




Heading up high !

“A journey becomes an adventure when there are risks along the way. To find the elixir of life, we must face our fears and rise up to every challenge we meet ; let our searchlights guide you through the night and show you the way to your destiny.”


Let yourself be carried forward by the music of Armin Van Buuren.

“Heading Up High”
feat. Kensington
(Starting at 7:28 in this video)

When you’re holding on to all that you can’t 
Know that all there is to gain lies within arm’s
For the flaw lies in your head not in your heart
How the darkest night will soon
Bring light again


Now we’re heading up high
Where no harm will get in our way
Will we ever touch ground again?
Now it’s a long way down

Now we’re heading up high
Where no harm will get in our way
Will we ever touch ground again?
Now it’s a long way down
Now it’s a long way down
When you’re holding on to all but you can’t
Know the dawn lies in your hands
Just let your heart
And the darkest light will soon burn bright again
The elixir of Life, Tomorrowland 2016

Never say can’t

“If thoughts can corrupt language, language can also corrupt thoughts.”

George Orwell

Did all our misconceptions and limitations start with language ? Is language a method of manipulation ? Watch this inspiring video and decide for yourself !!!



“Our world is made deadly by leaders, propagated fears, and resulting choices made by hoodwinked people. From the English language we speak, and the words we use, such as referring to our great Creator as a ‘doG’ spelled backwards, to the toxic vaccines we consider good for our children, the myriad scams relay, and rely upon, one universal political scam. It is the greatest scam of all time. It is that ‘common folk’ remain unaware of their uncommon greatness. We are not simply human beings, but super-humans—eternal spirits having a physical experience. We are holy children of the Force behind universal creation. Convinced that we are far less, more vulnerable, and politically impotent, we have allowed, even invited, our leaders to enslave us.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, December, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

Phuro! Be inspired!

It was all a dream…


It was all a dream

An idea fueled with passion

and so many things

to feel excited about.

Too good to be true,

but too good to forget

a madman’s fantasy,

a far fetched reality.

But once shut down

the senses to this world

and silenced the riot in the body,

Once taken back the hijacked mind

that stole your desires away.

What you wanted to be without.

You saw within.

You became the creator.

And It was all imagination.


“I pursue this dream and carry on. I don’t dwell too much on the outside, I just focus on the inside.”

Conor McGregor

“Ideas only act if they are felt, if they awaken inner movement. Inner movement is conditionned by self motivation. Outer movement is conditionned by compulsion.”

Conor McGregor inspired me to write this little piece after he recently posted this beautiful video of his son’s christening party on Facebook. While many of you were focussing on his wealth and richness, all I saw was genuine happiness and a beautiful hashtag #itwasalladream.

Phuro! Be inspired!