The three fields of cultivation

In our body we have three important centers that can store and increase energy, in Taoism they are called the Dan Tien.

The lower Dan Tien (Jing)


The lower Dan Tien(Jing) is located two inches below the navel. All power which mobilizes the body originates from this energy center.

It allows us to develop and use Qi (middle Dan Tien) and Shen (upper Dan Tien). The other Dan Tiens cannot be felt until enough energy has been built in this lower Dan Tien.

In Taoism, martial art, Qi Gong, …the lower Dan Tien is also called the seat of Chi. It is responsable for fueling our body so that we stay vibrant, strong and healthy.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our strength, endurance and will power.


The Middle Dan Tien (Qi)


The middle Dan Tien or seat of the soul, lies in the chest area and corresponds with the heart. It is the area of our emotions and and the root of the ego’s sense of self and individuality. It is our connection between the heavenly realms (spirit) and the earth.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our capacity to express our feelings and to show compassion.


The Upper Dan Tien (Shen)


The upper Dan Tien lies in between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead and corresponds with the third eye or pineal gland.

It is the area of mental thinking, intuition and psychic activity and is related to spirit and consciousness.

When we focus on this energy center we develop our superior mental skills and our connection to spirit.


Alignement of the three Dan Tiens

Jing generates Qi. Qi transforms the food and feeds the Jing. An abundant Jing is the substratum of a strong and clear Shen.

A centered Shen extracts more efficiently the nutrients of the food and the energy of the air.

A focused Shen activates the Qi. When the mind is quiet and empty, the true Qi is under our conrol.

The mind is the owner of the energy and the energy is the owner of the blood. A centered Shen with high values doesn’t waist energy.

The mind influences on breathing. Calming the breathing, the spirit gets centered. An abundant Qi gives you a powerful consciousness.

“外三宝不漏 Wai San Bao Bu Lou: Close your external treasures, do not leak your jing qi shen.”

Dr Master Sha


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Expect the unexpected !


This weekend I again thought about my personal mantra : Release, Relax and Recreate, a method that I use to efficiently surf the incoming energy waves.

Saturday had already been a day of releasing, so sunday was relaxing time ! No need to put pressure on myself ! There was a family dinner planned in a restaurant, we took place in the garden and ordered our drinks. As usual water, white and red wine were brought to our table…

I was ready to enjoy a nice dinner in my family’s presence under the warmth of the sun. Suddenly I had flashbacks of my lessons in wine etiquette and I decided to put them into practise.

I’m not used to drink wine, I only drink it now and then, on occasion and usually one glass is sufficient to cover hours at the table.

My former boss tried to convert me to the wine drinkers club several times, but all to no avail. One of his first remarks during my lessons in wine etiquette was : “You are a beer drinker, I can tell that immediately !”

He looked me straight in the eyes. I thought he was preparing for some kind of eye staring contest or dual, then he moved his hands towards his glass, his fingertips gently touched the base of the stem, he kept staring at me while he put his glass to his mouth.

Apparently he was awaiting my move ! I tried to give him the same authorious look and confidently moved my hand towards my glass, then instinctively my hand enfolded the entire bowl of the glass as I lifted it towards my mouth !

“Gotcha”, my boss exclaimed !

I had to confess he was right, It dawned on me that this wasn’t an elegant and civilized manner to drink wine. But hey…we lived in different worlds ! Instantly there were flashbacks in my head of bbq’s amongst friends, soccer games and after parties, concerts and festivals. I had difficulties imagining the same scenarios at the golf club !

Back to the now, I decided to pour a small amount of red wine in my glass but then my eyes caught the label on the bottle, making me quickly forget again all forms of etiquette and rules !

Spirit had a funny way of giving me the next clue in my “recreation process” : On the South African Cabernet Sauvignon bottle was written : “Expect the unexpected” ! The name “ONVERWACHT”, means unexpected in my native language aswell. WACHT means to wait, to have patience…I was stunned !

The universe has its own ways to make something clear to us. I wonder what message you got this time….


Phuro! Be inspired!



Walking the Middle Way

“Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite – there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is a living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void, is filled with life and power and the love of all beings.”

Bruce Lee

We often tend to swing from one extreme to the other…We take away power by force or we are victim of power mongers ourselves. We’re always in one big power game.

We swing from depths to heights, experience highs and lows, ups and downs, but we always shy away from the middle ! What happens in the middle ? Why are we so afraid of Nothingness ?

What happens when we don’t participate in drama anymore ?

What if we jumped off the roundabout that limits us to our lower states ? What if we stop continuously swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other : from fear to anger, from happy to sad…

We can escape this prison and go even beyond the happy and sad level and reach the space of non attachement to eighter good or bad, the state of oneness and bliss.

We can go beyond time, where in and out are melting together, past and future are blending, time just ceases and collapses into one narrow point.


Toroidal energy fields exist around everything.  People. Trees. Earth. Planets. The Sun. The Universe. Us.

Our electromagnetic body is also a toroid. All toroids have a black hole (negatively charged) at one end and a white hole (positively charged) at the other. Black holes suck in energy and white holes emit it.

The torus allows a vortex of energy to form which bends back along itself and re-enters itself. It ‘inside-outs’, continuously flowing back into itself. The energy of the torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself.

When the torus is in balance and the energy is flowing we are in a perfect state to clear ourselves of anything that is not corresponding to our highest self.

The zero point occurs at the junction of the white hole and the black hole, it’s a vacuum.  This void energises all living organisms. It neutralises harmful frequencies and increases our spiritual awareness, our sense of oneness.

We reach this point of singularity when we surrender to our higher selves, it happens quite naturally when the mind body connection is strong,  when our mind is quiet and peaceful and when loving understanding flows in our heart.

In this higher state we generate energy easily and we are able to create limitlessly.

The only thing that stops us from accessing our unlimited potential is the belief that we can’t access it. The only limitations are the ones we are imposing on ourselves.

Walking the middle way is walking through the narrow gate, cleared from attachements, it is clearly seeing and accessing the tools you already had from the start to navigate through this world, your world, your universe.

It is a indeed a moment of revelation when you understand that you can deliberately adjust your level of creation and create a whole new world !

Phuro! Be inspired!


The mysterious technique of the cat

The Mysterious Technique of the Cat 
Neko no Myōjutsu by Issai Chozanshi (1659-1741)

There was once a swordsman called Shōken. In Shōken’s house, there was a large rat. The rat boldly ran around in the house in plain day, so Shōken attempted to catch it by closing off the room it was in and sending in his cat. Unfortunately, the rat ran straight at the cat, jumping on its head and biting it. The cat cried out and ran away.

Shōken had no choice but to assemble some local cats that seemed to be plenty strong, and send them into the room through a small opening. The rat was crouching in a corner, and jumped on and bit each cat that came near. Its fury was so great that the cats all cowered from the rat, making no further attempts to catch it. Seeing this, Shōken grew angry and grabbed his own wooden sword, attempting to strike down the rat himself. However, he not only swung and missed the rat every time, he had ruined his own walls and doors by the end.


Dripping sweat, he yelled out for his servant. “I heard of an amazing old cat living 6 or 7 neighborhoods over. Go and borrow it.”
When it arrived, the cat didn’t look particularly sharp. However, when they put it in the room, the rat shrunk down and couldn’t move. The old cat strolled over nonchalantly, picked up the rat, and brought it out.

Later that night, many cats gathered at Shōken’s house. They all kneeled before the old cat and said, “We are all well known for our skill in rat catching, able to handle even weasels and otters, and our nails are razor sharp. However, there was nothing we could do against that rat. How is it that you were able to overcome that giant rat? Please impart to us the secrets of your art.”

The Old Cat laughed and said, “Young ones, you all put forth a good effort. The only reason you met with an unexpected defeat today was likely because you do not know technique that is in accord with correct principle. Before I begin, though, tell me about your training.”


A black cat came forward and said, “I was raised in a family that specialized in catching rats. Since I was born I have trained myself with a view to becoming a great rat-catcher. I can leap over a seven foot screen and squeeze through tiny holes. I’ve always been talented at light and fast technique. At times I feign sleep and then strike out as soon as a rat comes near. Rats cannot escape me. I can catch them even as they fled across ceiling beams. I was never defeated until I met that old rat.”

The Old Cat said,”Your training has centered on technique. Accordingly, what stands in the forefront is your mind that aims (to achieve the goal). The old masters taught techniques as guides. And the technique itself was not easy. Within the technique, there is a profound truth, but today the emphasis is on the technique. Thus people create various techniques and polish their skills, resulting in nothing more than contests of technique. But once one can polish his skill no further, he is lost. If a person relies on skill and drowns in innovation, everything will follow similarly. The workings of the mind/heart will also have no foundation in principle. Emphasis on improvement then begets more harm than benefit. Reflect on this and innovate carefully.”


Next a striped cat stepped forward and said: “I think that the most important thing for martial technique is how to carry one’s ki. I have long trained myself in its cultivation and development, and my ki is hard and strong, filling heaven and earth. I can face down my opponents with overwhelming ki and defeat them from the start. I can make any adjustment to change. I don’t need to consciously move, only move naturally, and even run along walls and ceilings. But that rat came without form, and went without a trace. I was stymied.”

The Old Cat replied, “That training works on the basis of nothing more than the force of ki. You are conscious of your own use of your power, so it is not spontaneous. Your thought and desire to not be defeated brings forth the opponent’s effort to defeat you. Furthermore, what to do when you cannot defeat something you are trying to defeat? It’s never the case that you are the only one that is strong and all of your opponents are weak. The ki that you think fills heaven and earth is nothing more than superficial force. It may resemble Mencius’ Kōzen no ki, but in reality it is not.

Mencius can perceive very well and has the knowledge to discern matters, and is very solid. But your solidity is dependent on force and the effect is not even comparable. It is like the difference between an ever-flowing great river and the force of a flashflood after a night’s rain. What to do when faced with an opponent that is unperturbed by the force of your ki? We know the proverb, ‘A biting cat gets bitten by the rat.’ When a rat is cornered it forgets life, forgets desires, forgets winning and losing, forgets safety – it is in a state of ‘mushin’. How to defeat such an opponent with only force?”


Next, an older grey cat came forth quietly and said, “As you have stated, that type of ki power can be very strong but still retains a form, however slight. I have trained my mind for many years, and without force of ki or opposition, always trying to harmonize with everything. My technique is like a curtain surrendering to the pressure of a stone thrown at it. Even a strong rat finds no means to fight me. But that rat today, it wouldn’t yield to force, respond to harmonizing – it was almost god-like. I’ve never seen a rat like that before.”

The Old Cat answered, “The harmonizing you speak of is not of nature but instead something that is contrived. Accordingly, even if you strive to concentrate, if there is even the faintest wavering in you, the opponent will know it. Also, if one harmonizes based on one’s own mind, the energy will be tainted and spoiled. If you act based on thinking, then you obstruct the sense of naturalness/spontaneity, and subtlety cannot arise. Do not think or do. Move in accord with sense, and you will no longer have any enemies on this earth. This is not to say that the training that each one of you is doing is of no use.

Where there is energy (‘ki’), there is principle, and where there is principle, there is energy (‘ki’). There is principle in action, and energy is something that comprises physical function. When that energy becomes magnanimous, it can respond to things without limit. So, when harmonizing, without strength, even if one is hit by a rock, one will not break. The slightest thought makes everything an intention. Accordingly, the enemy will never respect you. There is no need to use any technique. It is enough to be ‘mushin’, and respond spontaneously. There is no end to the path, so one must not take what I say to be the enlightening secret.


Long ago, there was a cat in my neighborhood who seemed to do nothing but nap all day. That cat looked spiritless, almost like a cat made out of wood. No one ever saw it catch a rat, yet wherever it was and wherever it went, no rat could be seen. I once visited the cat and asked it to explain. I asked four times but it remained silent each time. It was not that the cat did not want to answer but rather that it did not have a reason to answer. What I understood from that was, those who know, do not speak; those who speak, do not know. That cat forgot about itself, forgot about things, and had returned to a “non-thing”. It was truly “Divine, martial – no killing”. I was nowhere in comparison to that cat.

Shōken, who had been listening in on this dreamlike conversation, could not contain himself and suddenly burst in. “I have been training in swordsmanship for many years but I have yet to master its essence. Tonight I have learned about many different kinds of training and learned much. If I may request, please guide me to the innermost secrets.”

The Old Cat replied: “I cannot. I am just an animal that catches rats for food. What do I know about human affairs? I have heard this, though. Swordsmanship is not to attain victory over an opponent, but to face change and illuminate life and death. Warriors continually develop their mind/heart, and must train their technique.  Accordingly, if one can, through the principle of life and death, without using deliberation, innovation, and without doubt and hesitation, make peaceful the heart/mind and energy, and make usual being quiet and at ease, then one can freely respond to change.

Conversely, if one does not have such a mind, then there arises form, and thus enemies are born; one must face them and fight them, and no longer be able to respond to change. That is, one’s mind first falls into the realm of death and loses its vitality – how to then decide a duel optimally? Even if one wins, it is nothing more than luck, and not related to true swordsmanship.


‘No-mind, no-object’ does not mean vacant. The mind does not originally have a form, and accordingly cannot harbor objects. If there is even a hint of harboring something, one’s energy tends to gather there, and if that happens it becomes difficult to be magnanimous, open, and free. What is tended toward becomes excessive, and where it is not so there arises a lacking. Where there is excess the momentum causes spillage, and where there is lacking, it becomes useless, and together, the ability to respond to change is lost.

The no-mind, no-object that I speak of is not accumulating, not gathering; there is no enemy, there is no self; simply put, there is no thought, no doing, quietly not moving, sensing what is on the earth, and finally, proceeding – it is close to mastering this principle.”

Shōken then asked,”What is meant by ‘There is no enemy, there is no self’?”

The Old Cat replied, “Because there is a self, there is an enemy. If there is no self, there is no enemy. The enemy is the same as yin-yang, fire-water. Everything that has a form has relativity/opposition. If there is no image (form) in one’s mind, then of course there is nothing relative, and no reason to fight. This is called, ‘No enemy, no self’. Forget both object and self, quietly and easily, rid yourself of all delusion and attachment, harmonize, and become one.

Even if one destroys the form of the enemy, the self does not know it. No, it’s not that it doesn’t know, it’s that there is no mind there and so there is just moving in accordance with sense. According to this mind, ‘The world is my world, I am the world”’ – there is no captivation by right-wrong, like-dislike. Everything comes from one’s mind – pain-pleasure, gain-loss; the broad universe is not something to be sought outside one’s mind.

The ancients said, ‘A speck of dust in the eye can make the three worlds look narrow. Free your mind.’ That is, if you have dust in your eye, you can’t open your eye. There is something where there shouldn’t be anything. This is about the heart/mind. The ancients also said, ‘Even surrounded by countless foes, this form may be smashed, but this mind is my mind.’ Confucius said, ‘Even the basest man cannot be deprived of his will.’ If one is perplexed or lost, that mind helps the enemy. This is all I have to say.


The rest is up to each person to seek for himself. One’s master can transmit technique, or tasks – then there is only to realize the principle. The truth must be realized by the individual. This is called self-attainment. It is also called, ‘Heart/mind to heart/mind transmission’ – this is found everywhere self-attainment is, whether zen study, mental methods of the saints, or performing arts.

To teach is only to point out and help know that which a person has but cannot see himself. It is not to receive from the master. Teaching is easy, and listening to teachings is easy. However, it is difficult to find with certainty that which one has, and make it one’s own. This is called ‘kensho’. ‘Satori’ is to wake from the dream that is delusion. These are the same thing.”


Phuro! Be inspired!

Artwork : Monmon cats by Horitomo (Kazuaki Kitamura)










Generate love

“All of the love we generate…
The only thing that carries me on…
There’s nothing we need that it can’t create…”

According to the studies of Manfred Clynes, a former pianist, all over the world people from all walks of life express emotions in a similar way.

When we listen to music and have an emotional experience, our nervous system always responds in a characteristic way which is measurable with a sentograph.

When people hug and caress each other, or express anger or hate, each time these emotions follow predictable wave paths of pressure.


Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related ! If we’re hugging our loved one or express feelings of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug !

The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bent around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centered and self sustaining !

Love…There’s absolutely nothing that it can’t create !



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Restore your energy

Restore your energy, bring in more light to heal your soul, feel more connected with the universe with this guided meditation !

You can choose any High Vibrational Being to assist you : Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Babaji, Krishna, Archangel Michael,…Let us use Quan Yin in this example, she is one of my favorites.

She is the Goddess of compassion and mercy, the one who hears the cries of all the people…

Access a high vibrational state through feelings of gratitude and forgiveness

Close your eyes and start breathing at a gentle pace.

Put your left hand on your abdomen and your right hand on your heart. Invite Quan Yin in. “Dear Quan Yin, I love you, I honor you, I appreciate you.”

If you have a special request, then state it now : “Please help me heal………..” “Please transform my relationship with………….” “Thank you !”

Ask forgiveness for all past errors and harm you have caused to other souls in this life and in other lifetimes. Also send forgiveness to all souls that have caused you wrong. Forgive yourself and others completely. Free them and yourself of all karmic debt !

Be free of  hate, resentment, judgement, be a vessel of gratitude and forgiveness !


Let your heart speak

Start breathing through your heart and feel the loving energy of Quan Yin enter your heart. Imagine her standing behind you, she is a big radiating presence, you start being engulfed in a white bright light, she is holding her hands above your head and she blesses you with beams of love and purifying energy !

You can imagine it as a stream of light or as a ball of light, growing bigger and brighter inside your body, lightening up all your chakras. There’s not a single spot in your body left unnoticed. Not a corner, not a single cell is left in the dark. Your body starts being completely illuminated from head to toe.

This picture has been energized by spiritual healer Ed Strachar. For Best Results, Breathe Deep and Slow, Still Your Mind and Feel Your Heart/Love. Expect Nothing You can find Ed Strachar on facebook or on

If you have difficulties projecting love from your heart, look at the picture above and follow the instructions below it. I’m sure it will help 🙂

Where your body is in pain you can send in more of this healing light, it can’t be depleted so use it to the maximum ! Speak to your cells. Speak to the organ in pain. Adress its spirit !

“Dear soul, mind and body of…..You are doing a good job, I know you can restore yourself to divine perfection ! Thank you !”

And let more healing energy from Quan Yin flow into your body.

Send all excessive and overflowing energy to the earth. Send all this love to other people in need of healing aswell.

Use this unlimited flow, this never ending amount of energy that is available in you and around you ! Cover the earth with blessings, through you and Quan Yin, right here, right now !

Thank Quan Yin for her Divine blessing at the end of this meditation.

You can give your body an auto suggestion with the help of NLP or sound healing at the end of the exercice so that whenever you are in need of an instant blessing, you have access to it within seconds.

This auto suggestion (through word, touch, action) can be given to your body (subconscious) as a reminder, it will work as a trigger to get you back in your natural loving state !


Phuro! Be inspired!


The Blue Ray family !

I intend to live forever, or die trying.”

Groucho Marx

Do you sometimes feel like you have been walking this earth for ages…wondering when this will finally be over ? You want to return “home” and that things get back to “normal” !

Do you feel a stranger within your own family or amongst friends and do you feel more connected to children, animals and nature ?

Are you an empath ? An emotional sponge ? Are you able to feel everything to the core of your being ?

Are you sensitive to the energies around you ? Do you know stuff without knowing how you know them ? Are you an intuitive ?

Do you often feel worn out because of all the energies around ? Tired of all the negativity and exhausted from finding ways to transform it ?

Do you often feel the need to withdraw in silence and solitude, far away from the drama and noice of everyday life ?

Do you feel the need to express yourself one way or another ? Do you have an ability or talent you hide from others ?

Have you experienced difficulties expressing yourself to others because you are constantly trying to figure out how to make yourself understandable ?

And this might be a strange question : Did you ever wonder why you seem to leave a trail of destruction behind, everywhere you go…?

giphy (11)

Then welcome to the Blue Ray family !

Yes some of us might feel stuck in this dimension or feel that we were obliged to hide for too long !

Some might feel our actions have been useless so far, but we can’t diminish the important work we have done behind the scenes…

You have opened the path ! You are a trailblazer ! You carry the divine blueprint within you and you are impatiently waiting to restore it for all beings on earth !

We don’t have hidden agendas and egotistical needs. We just expose injustices and cruel deeds ! We are not able to spread lies ! We tell it like it is !

Allthough we do not literally blow up stuff, we come with this fire that makes all ugliness rise to the surface ! That’s the reason why archaic and patriarchal structures tremble in our presence…We just scare the shit out of them !

We are not afraid of death ; we accept it as an integral part of life…Live free or die trying !

If this might resonate with you then I have one thing to say : I know you are used to hide but I invite you to … come out, come out, wherever you are !


Phuro! Be inspired !

Video by Steve Nobel


Cut it out bullies…

I don’t have to tell anyone the difference between a bully and a victim or an agressor and a defender. But what do bullies and their victims have in common?

They are both “unbalanced” and swing between anger and fear !


Some kids grow up in harsh environments, without any signs of affection or words of support and appreciation. Some have to confront a bully at home, some are victim of verbal or physical abuse.

These children often become fearful, resentful or agressive. Some become bullies themselves as a way to cope with their life and deal with the pain. “Someone has to pay !”

Some are in search of someone they can control, who are an easy target for their verbal assaults or physical attacks, children who show signs of weakness, looking “weird” or react fearful.

The victim’s life will get worse if the bully isn’t stopped. The victim’s fear becomes frustration, the frustration becomes anger and is eventually spitted out on parents, sisters, brothers,…It causes a serious vicious cycle, everything is loaded !

Mental strength and emotional resilience


Each time the bully shoots his arrows on you and you feel bad, he has found ground where his anger can settle and sprout ! Then you make it even worse with repetitive negative thoughts about yourself.

Knitted together they make a giant ball of frustration, difficult to untangle ! Ever had a chewing gum in your hair ? That kind of nasty thing ! You’ll have to come up with an ingenious solution if you do not want it to turn into a complete mess !

Self analysis * change * transformation

Freeze it on spot !

giphy (7)

You are not freaking out this time ! Be an iceman : let them fire their fiery flames ! You will build a huge icewall to protect yourself. The flames will have vanished before they can hit you ! That cold icy layer and that cold freezing air around you makes you untouchable for these attacks. “Is that all they got ?” Brush yourself off !!

Tip : There’s a breathing and relaxing method called the Freeze frame technique developed by Heart Math institute that can help you stay calm in case of emergency.

Energy level


What is your current energy level ? How is your health ? Are you eating the right food ? Do you have any physical pain, where does it hurt ?  What is your overall body feeling

When emotions accumulate they cause stress and dis-ease in your body, they will make your body go weak.

Tips : Eat plenty of natural and fresh food. Don’t self-medicate !

Thoughts & beliefs

tenor (3)

Write down your repetitive thoughts about the situation, about yourself, about the bully. What kind of thoughts are you constantly chewing on ? Your thoughts will eighter be occupied by something in the past or something in the future !

Where’s your self-talk heading ? How do you describe yourself ? What are words or sentences you frequently use ?

Tips : Make your self-talk positive. Learn to visualize a good outcome. Focus on the positive. Be courageous ! Have a role play with friends or family to practise some good one-liners !

Emotions & feelings


Your habitual thoughts will cause you to imagine different kind of scenarios. A doom scenario in your head will usually result in a bad feeling. How often do you repeat previous attacks in your mind, each time experiencing the emotions again ? You can already feel fearful because of what tomorrow brings. Before you know you are in a vicious cycle with continious vicious results.

Tips : Focus your attention on things that feel good, let go of bad feelings instead of storing them in your body. Learn how to relax and do breathing exercices. Focus on heart feelings ! Anger issues : find some tips here : Throwing a tantrum ?


original (1).gif

Is there something out of your control ? Something or someone in your surroundings that actually worsens the whole thing ?

Do you have supportive family or friends ? When yes, spit all your worries out !

Tips : Too sad, too lonely, too depressed ? Seek help ! Suicidal, someone threatens you ? Seek help !

Social behavior


What is your attitude and style around other people ? How’s your walk and talk ? Are you walking with your shoulders up or down ? Are you facing the ground or looking around ? Do you want to control people all the time or are you the one being controlled ? Are you shy or bossy ?  What kind of behavior of others triggers you ?

Tips : Practise your attitude in front of a mirror, look confident, stand straight ! Make eye contact when you talk to someone ! Tell your affirmations out loud in front of the mirror every day !

“When did a dragon ever die of the poison of a snake ?”


All these things are related, and you will find out that when you bring a positive change in one section another will soon follow. Use the tips and you will surely get positive results !

Your own thoughts and emotions can be your biggest monsters and the most challenging  but you are always in control of them and you are able to change them ! When you face the fears inside the bully often disappears outside !

Phuro! Be inspired!


We often seek validation in others ! We want people to give us a little bit of their time and their attention. We want the “thumbs up” and the “likes”. We are flattered by words of appreciation.

I was always concerned about how my posts would appear to people, and honestly whether I was enough, authentic enough. That all changed when I started to be me, a genuine and truthful expression of myself ! Then I looked around and saw validation all around me !


Whenever doubts creep in but intuition says : “Do it anyway !”, you usually get an affirmation afterwards ! I frequently receive signs through television and music or moments of dèjà-vu…

Through random events the universe can send you a “big yes” or an expression of its love ! The universe responds to our genuine intention ! Synchronicity is the result of using your energy righteously and expansively.

I like ending my blog post with a music video, a song that stirs up an emotion within me, a song that can be suiting or uplifting ! Recently I came across a song that I believed I had never heard before allthough I know the artist very well, it was a perfect fit to my writings and the song itself hit me to the core of my being !

I clicked the publish button and it went into the ether ! I was still wearing my headphones as the song started again. Maybe I pushed the repeat button…To my surprise I didn’t hear the sound coming through my headphones, they were playing the song on television !

A while ago I saw a quiz on television, I had just finished a blog about death and I was doubting whether this would be a good read for people, the subject might not be easy digestable…

But all of a sudden the quizmaster of the show asked the following question : “What are people’s biggest remorses when they’re on the verge of death ? I started giving the answers immediately as they were still fresh in my mind after my blogpost…

The particpants on television were guessing but none of them had all the right answers ! I excitedly shouted : “See, you should have read my blog folks !” 🙂 The universe can sweep away your doubts rapidly.


When I go through my emails in the morning and I read a disturbing message or a cry for help from someone, it can leave me perplex or speechless for a few moments ! The first thoughts come in and I wonder “What do I need to say ? What do I need to do ?

We often have a panic reaction ourselves or we already have different doom scenarios in our head, that isn’t helpful for anyone at all !

But if you silence your mind and tune into your heart and you truly ask yourself : “What do I wish for this person right now ? What can I do right now to bring comfort, instantly ?”, you just might feel the “right” answer popping up in seconds !

Tell me that the universe isn’t answering our questions ! It may whisper or may not always use words, but it speaks !

Learn to listen !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Another melody

“The pianokeys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind”

Maria Cristina Mena

Look at all the ugly things that have come to surface. Decades of pain and suffering have been spitted out, there’s a lot of disturbance in our world and it makes it look kind of “upside down” isn’t it ?

All these different energies around us lately are asking us to let go of the old and to adjust to a new level of creation.

We first wavers have always “sensed” these energies and were able to tune into them, sometimes even without being able to see the whole picture. We simply sense or feel things or have knowledge, each individually of certain kinds of aspects of reality.

Since we have been able to adjust to this process gradually, the waves that seem to envelop the earth and feel “new” for many people, doesn’t feel that unnatural to us !

Does that mean we have an advantage ? We have chosen a lonesome path, but did what spirit asked and dived into our inner world voluntary, deliberately and wholeheartedly. We kept our calm and stayed faithful to our heart’s wisdom.

We went through chaos, we felt lost, sometimes out of this world. It was painful and many of us felt torned apart many times. We suffered just as you do now…but we knew the result would be worth it !

Now we are able to assist you and to guide you through this whole process of clearing away the old for good and to welcome the bright new.

No more buffering for us anymore ! We are here to bring peace and comfort, to spread our light and bring forth that suiting motherly energy that can be felt at the core of your being.

We hear a completely different melody, one that has shifted us to another reality. As if we woke up and suddenly found ourselves upgraded, as if we finally received a cheat code from the universe.

A universe where huge walls are tumbling down, huge weights fall off our bodies, where our minds are totally cleared and we can feel immense joy and freedom.

It’s like stretching out after a long, good sleep ! Finally we are fully awake and with each step we take we completely create a different sound on a more fluid ground.

It’s like tuning into a different melody, another frequency…

Relax, have faith ! We signed up for this a long time ago, “This is it” ! Are you ready to sing with us a new melody ?

Phuro! Be inspired!