Are you a sentinel ?

“Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.”


Neale Donald Walsch

From suffering and conditionned awareness to freedom and naked awareness.

When you quiet your mind you are more able to focus and direct your attention. The direction of your attention is a powerful tool to transform your life.

Your choice of attitude and focus not only affects your own experiences, it also affects the experiences and behaviors of others.

If you can quiet your mind, you become a sentinel, you get access to your inner gifts and your sixth sense and you’ll get a broader perspective in life, one not limited to the 5 senses.

It means you stop giving meaning to anything that happens, good or bad. It means you remain open and receptive to everything !

You just observe without preconceived ideas or judgements towards yourself and others. You finally get a clear view on reality !

With mindful practices and meditation you can learn to get beyond your mental noice and silence the monkeys in your mind. You can get in the zone quite easily when you start to control your breathing !

Flow is a balanced state where your actions aren’t disturbed by the preoccupations of your mind, it is a state in which time seems to have stopped and outer conditions don’t affect you at all.

It’s like you become immune to the mockery around, you can’t be ridiculized anymore or knocked out of your center !

You govern your inner world, you are the silent watchman at the gate ! You decide what comes into your world, trespassing is not aloud !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Dating disasters…

Some people need a push at times to propel them into action, some can use a little help now and then when it comes to meeting new people, going on a date for example…

What if your friend goes on a date tonight but she is absolutely terrified ! She’s nervous…She’s afraid that she will stutter or have a total black out ! She has asked your help !

The only advice you can think of is a classic : “Imagine your date naked sweety, that’ll break the ice, that will do it ! ”

It surely gets you focused on something else for a while or it will at least put a smile on your face…but is this advice sufficient to overcome your fears and sense of insecurity ?


What if your friend says : “Well that’s my problem ! I feel naked the moment I find myself face to face with my date, I feel uncomfortable when they stare at me, I feel vulnerable and I’m afraid ! What can I do about that ?”

Here’s some advice inspired by Mis(s)behave Miranda in case of acute symptoms of insecurity :

Be vulnerable !

Pardon me ? Yes, you heard it very well my dear : your vulnerability might be your biggest asset. No need to hide anything ! You are your authentic you and you are expressing it ! You might aswell inspire and invite your date to do the same… just showing his true self, without any masks !

You are a real, genuine human, displaying your qualities and your flaws…You don’t pretend to be someone else. What you see is what you get…


Be  prepared !

You can’t leave everything to chance…A little preparation might be necessary…Having a plan B in mind, having some subjects in mind to avoid these awkward moments of silence….

Controle freak ? Perfectionist ? I know you tend to get nervous even when you are fully equipped for the job, you might be very passionate, you even might be the very best in what you are doing but you often sabotage yourself because of your anxiety and insecurity. You put a lot of pressure on yourself !

You freak out when things don’t go as planned or when something unexpected happens…You anxiously want to be in control…you are definitely not the one who will improvise when things go wrong…

Know it’s all about balance…Try to be more spontaneous in your interactions with your partner ! Don’t be so tensed. Loosen up !


Never focus on the negative !

Do you know someone who attracts weird situations continuously as if Murphy’s law were inspired by them,….they seem to be chased by bad luck constantly…Every doom scenario comes to pass…Disaster is always following their footsteps…

Don’t think too much about the things that can go wrong. Whatever you focus on grows ! Your negative imagery, your doubts and worries will leave you even more insecure. Put some positivity in yourself !

With your thoughts and words you give yourself commands (autosuggestions). If you are unconscious of your negative self-talk, your thoughts will turn into a belief and will start a life of their own. They will play in auto mode in the back of your head, constantly attracting bad vibes…Break the pattern !

Be careful what you wish for and don’t put spells on yourself !


Ask advice !

You could do a role play with a friend and practise some good oneliners and jokes. You could ask them to interview you about a topic you are interested in or feel extremely excited and confident about !

You can ask them to be there as a support on the sidelines, as your back up in case of emergency…they can bring you back to senses, they can get your fire started, bring some welcome distraction to the party or scare your date away when he’s a creep !


“But what if I still make a complete fool out of myself…?”

Face your fears & do it anyway !

Do you really want to know if he’s mister Right…? Face your fears or face the regrets ! See it as a challenge. Be courageous ! Sharpen your senses and go for it !! And if at first you don’t succeed…brush yourself off and try again !


Always imagine a good outcome !

I guess I am repeating myself but… Learn to feel it for real baby !!! Focus on the desired outcome : change your vision until it feels good !

Influence your subconscious with the right impressions ! YES, IMPRESS IT ! You must make mental pictures of what you want and REPEAT them diligently but with ease, effortlessly and smoothly…


Rehearse your walk and talk and have fun improvising !!!

Phuro! Be inspired!


Love is now(-)here !

“Open your heart and surrender to the peace of a quiet mind and to the eternal no-thing-ness at the core of your existence. Here then is where your Eternal Nature is to be experienced and where the unconditional Love of our Lord awaits. It is simply what you are when there is nothing in your way.”

S. F. Pfister

When a relationship ends our whole world just seems to stop and collapse. A painful grieving process often begins. We feel uncomplete and we find ourselves wandering…wondering about old times. How we wish to experience those moments again…How we crave those people…Our love and happiness are living in the past.

When we experience a rough time or are facing some tough stuff in our relationship(s), we find ourselves dreaming of better times, we are looking forward to a more healthy or wealthy future…our time has yet to come… Our love and happiness are living in the future.

The present can feel so unpleasant that we constantly try to escape it, so in mind we rewind or fast forward continuously to better times. We return to reality only to find out our happiness isn’t here right now ! We get caught in a vicious cycle…

Nowhere – Now here

There is no past. the past is a mental picture, constantly edited by us. There is no future. There are only thoughts in the present about things that have not happened yet. We project our thoughts to future events. Again it is a mental picture !

We can only be conscious in the moment, we can only experience happiness and love now here !

You tell me that you have been looking for love everywhere ! You looked in every possible corner and it’s nowhere to be found ! It’s not there for you, it’s just not meant to be…

What you see are just reflections of your inner self, what you are lacking outside, you forgot to nourish within in the first place !

Here’s the problem : what you desire doesn’t correspond to your reality. You see two things : your desire and the lack of it in your life. You don’t have what you want and you start focusing on the lack.

Everywhere you go, you see people having what you want, you see loving couples kissing each other, your heart crumbles…Everyone you meet, reminds you of what you are currently missing and lacking in life !

What you want to attract in life you often repulse by connecting a negative emotion to it, by feeling bad about it. You reject your happiness because you are not feeling worthy…

You don’t feel worthy, you doubt and worry…You are afraid of making another mistake, you are jealous and envious of a friend…Feelings of blame, guilt, shame are keeping your vibration low. You radiate lack. Like attracts like so more lack is all that follows…


Set your heart free and tune up !

It’s not that what you desire is bad or impossible to accomplish. You just need to close the gap between your desire and actually having the experience of it. You close the gap by feeling your way into it. By bringing that feeling of acccomplishment, the feeling of “it is done” to the present moment. Live it ! Be it !

Are you corresponding and responding with love, radiating love or are you repulsing it and rejecting it ? Are you still judging and blaming others for your fails and fiascos in your relationships ? You have to let go of what ties you to the past. You need to soften up for your own sake !

When you are searching for a suiting song on the radio, you make sure when you stumble on the right one that you stay on the exact frequency of that particular radiostation broadcasting it !

You don’t stop before it or after it where you can barely hear it or where there’s  disturbance…You adjust untill you hear it very brightly and clearly !

Love is always at our disposition, right here, right now.  Not in a distant place and time. Love lies at our core. We only need to adjust our tuner and find the right frequency to unlock the magic !

Once we find the wisdom of the heart, it is our most accurate gps and steering wheel !

Phuro! Be inspired!

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What do you want to be ?

A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Little Johnny says “I wanna be a billionaire, going to the most expensive clubs, take the best bitch with me, give her a Ferrari worth over a million bucks, an apartment in Hawaii, a mansion in Paris, a jet to travel through Europe, an Infinite Visa Card and to make love to her three times a day”.

The teacher, shocked, and not knowing what to do with the bad behavior of the child, decides not to give importance to what he said and then continues the lesson. “And you, Susie? ” the teacher asks.

Susie says “I wanna be Johnny’s bitch.”


Sometimes I am censoring myself. I confess I deleted a whole sentence the other day. I thought I was exaggerating, I thought I was too sarcastic…

So I removed it and “swallowed my words back in” so to speak ! Untill I heard something on the news, they were talking about IT…

The news anchor said that more children are going to fitness clubs these days.


Well that’s a good thing isn’t it ?

Yes, our children do need strong and healthy physical bodies ! Why do all these kids suddenly want to become super healthy…?

It’s not about health at all ! It’s all about “showing-off”. The boys want to show off their six packs and be able to “kick ass”. The girls just want to look like a supermodel or a superstar !

They interviewed a 14-year-old in that fitness club whose idol, whose example is Kim Kardashian. She wants to “look like” Kim Kardashian and have a lot of followers on Instagram…

“We are still far from truth when Kim K’s ass has more followers then the personal page of Nassim Haramein”… That’s the sentence that I deleted…

“Nassim who ?”

“Yes kids keep your FOCUS…”

And cherry on the cake…

Our national soccer federation has chosen the artist Damso to sing the official World Cup song…

Famous lyrics of him are : “Nasty slut, just shut the fuck up…” and things like that…

Well done guys ! Great example for our kids !

Seriously….Where are you heading ?

Silence isn’t an option, I’m gonna get that rhythm back !

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Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory” Bruce Lee

Phuro! Be inspired!



Visualisation is all about selecting the right mental images ! Using your imagination is very important in all creative processes !

You are about to do something that makes you fearful. Now you can tell your subconscious mind : “Don’t be afraid” or ou can make a mental picture of your fear and say “Don’t do that !”


The subconscious will only see the picture and completely forget about the “don’t” and “not”, because these words mean nothing to it !

Mental image of what you don’t want + positive words = Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + negative words : Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + positive words : High vibration, positive feeling, positive result !


Just turn things around and focus on the result : if it doesn’t feel good, change your vision until it does !

You must influence your subconscious with the right impressions ! YES, IMPRESS IT ! You must make mental pictures of what you want and REPEAT them diligently but with ease, effortlessly…


It’s about selecting your view, envisioning “who you want to be” or “what you want to do” and feel your way into it, untill it really feels that good and naturel that you are completely comfortable with the outcome !

So it is a matter of focus and attention and one of internalising and intention !

magic word

And if you have a friend who supports your vision, you are definitely lucky…

Phuro! Be inspired!


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Tips for champions

“Part of my preparation is I go and ask the kit man what colour we’re wearing – if it’s red top, white shorts, white socks or black socks. Then I lie in bed the night before the game and visualise myself scoring goals or doing well. You’re trying to put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself, to have a ‘memory’ before the game. I don’t know if you’d call it visualising or dreaming, but I’ve always done it, my whole life.

Wayne Rooney.

Infographic & interesting links  Best Counseling schools



Today is the first day of the rest of your life”

Charles Dederich

1 januari 2018. De allereerste dag van het jaar. Een dag van nieuwjaarsbrieven, van goede voornemens en van mooie wensen aan elkaar.

Ben jij met goede voornemens het jaar gestart ? Gisteren jouw laatste sigaret gerookt. Vandaag kom je niet meer aan die lekkere taart. Dit jaar maak je gebruik van dat fitness abonnement ! Vandaag begin je opnieuw, vandaag is een frisse start !

Maar je bent ook een beetje bang, vorige pogingen om kilo’s te verliezen zijn op niets uitgedraaid, om nog maar te zwijgen van het jojo effect op jouw lichaam…

We beginnen vaak enthousiast aan iets, maar daar zijn de twijfels weer na een tijdje, daar heb je die oude patronen weer ! We worden futloos, de vlam deint snel terug uit. We verliezen onze hoop en ons zelfvertrouwen.

We weten nochtans allemaal wat gezonde voeding is en wat gezonde keuzes zijn. De reden waarom onze resoluties maar “crap” zijn is omdat ze geen stevig fundament hebben, we saboteren onze acties door wat we onze geest en onze ziel voeden. Giftige gedachten zijn als giftig voedsel, je wil ze zo snel mogelijk uit jouw lichaam !

Naar een nieuw perspectief : één van visie en revisie.


Vandaag is de eerste dag van de rest van jouw leven. Maar dat is het morgen, overmorgen en de rest van de dagen ook. Iedere dag biedt een kans op hernieuwing, iedere dag is een geschenk. Het leven houdt van jou. Geef die liefde terug door ze eerst in jezelf te stoppen en een halt toe te roepen aan jouw negativiteit, jouw beklemmende en beperkende gedachten !

Het betekent dat je niet meer wacht tot jouw leven één puinhoop is om grote kuis te houden maar dat je leert om dagelijks los te laten, te sturen en te evalueren.

Twee belangrijke momenten van de dag zijn ’s morgens wanneer je wakker wordt, wanneer je jouw ogen opent en ’s avonds wanneer je gaat slapen, wanneer je de ogen terug sluit.

De ochtend dient om jouw visie te bepalen. Dit moment kan je gebruiken om de dag te sturen, om te navigeren in de richting die goed voelt voor jou. Dit doe je door jou te focussen op wat je wil en een mentaal beeld op te roepen van jouw ideale dag. Je leert jouw stempel te drukken op jouw realiteit.

Als je voelt dat je overdag de controle verliest of als je merkt dat het even wat moeilijker gaat en er lastige emoties opborrelen, gebruik dan een techniek zoals de freeze frame van Heartmath om jou terug in balans te brengen.

De avond dient om te reviseren. Je spoelt als het ware de dag terug om te zien wat de revue is gepasseerd. Je overloopt van achter naar voor hoe de dag is verlopen. Dit kan in het begin moeilijk lijken maar je zal snel vooruitgang boeken ! Eens je dit onder de knie hebt, leer je bepaalde momenten op pauze te zetten. Scenes bijvoorbeeld die je liever anders had gezien, die leuker hadden geweest, waarin je anders had kunnen reageren, kan je hier aanpassen naar voorkeur !

Bekijk iedere dag opnieuw bewust met een andere intentie.


Wanneer je jouw dag innerlijk anders herleeft of beleeft, zal je aan de situaties die er gebeurd zijn een andere betekenis kunnen geven, je zal dingen sneller kunt loslaten en je zal overdag minder gestoord worden door die innerlijke mist. Het effect van jouw revisie zal doorsijpelen in jouw realiteit. Je zal jou meer bewust worden van jouw belemmerende en beperkte gedachten en ze een halt kunnen toeroepen op het moment dat ze zich voordoen !

Veel van jouw kostbare tijd zal dit niet in beslag nemen. maar het zal jou immens helpen om bewust te leren omgaan met iets wat nog kostbaarder is : jouw leven !

“It is a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself. Makes you wonder what else you can do you have forgotten about !”

Lester Burnham (main character movie “American Beauty”)


Phuro! Be inspired!

It was all a dream…


It was all a dream

An idea fueled with passion

and so many things

to feel excited about.

Too good to be true,

but too good to forget

a madman’s fantasy,

a far fetched reality.

But once shut down

the senses to this world

and silenced the riot in the body,

Once taken back the hijacked mind

that stole your desires away.

What you wanted to be without.

You saw within.

You became the creator.

And It was all imagination.


“I pursue this dream and carry on. I don’t dwell too much on the outside, I just focus on the inside.”

Conor McGregor

“Ideas only act if they are felt, if they awaken inner movement. Inner movement is conditionned by self motivation. Outer movement is conditionned by compulsion.”

Conor McGregor inspired me to write this little piece after he recently posted this beautiful video of his son’s christening party on Facebook. While many of you were focussing on his wealth and richness, all I saw was genuine happiness and a beautiful hashtag #itwasalladream.

Phuro! Be inspired!








Mentale kracht

Zet er jouw tanden in ! Niet letterlijk natuurlijk zoals Suarez ! We hebben het over “vasthoudend” zijn, niet snel opgeven !

Het betekent nog meer : je bent volledig geconcentreerd. je bent gefocust en je laat niet meer los, je houdt jouw doel voor ogen, vastberaden om te winnen of te slagen.

Je laat jou niet misleiden door wat er rondom jou gebeurt. Al breekt de hel los op het veld. Jij bent kalm en vastberaden. Niet makkelijk uit jouw lood te slaan.

Vóór de wedstrijd krijg je te horen dat je een sterke tegenstander tegemoet gaat…ze hebben nog geen enkele match verloren. Je denkt bij jezelf :”Wel wij zijn ook een goed team, we zijn even sterk als hen. Niets aan de hand !” De match start en de tegenstander zet er meteen de vaart in…er wordt gescoord in de eerste minuten. Je wordt nerveuzer, je voelt de druk en je moet een tandje bijzetten, een versnelling hoger nemen !

Opgelet : deze informatie is enkel nuttig als je ze toepast ! Lezen is weten, doen is begrijpen !!

We vergelijken wat je meemaakt even met een verkeerslicht !


In het voorbeeld hierboven zit je in code oranje ! Als je je nu laat afleiden (door de tegenpartij, of door negatieve opmerkingen van jouw eigen ploeg als je even het balspel kwijt bent) dan kom je snel in code rood !

In code rood concentreer je je vooral op de dingen die misgaan bij jou of in jouw eigen ploeg of concentreer je je op jouw tegenstander met als gevolg : meer frustratie.

Onthoud vooral dat negatieve emoties en negatieve gedachten jouw lichaam minder krachtig maken, het gaat krampachtiger reageren !

Gelukkig duurt het even lang om van de oranje zone in de groene zone te belanden, je tijdig terug te concentreren, jullie te herpakken. Hoe doen jullie dat ?

Door jullie te focussen !


IK SPEEL GOED  ! (groene zone)

Hoe voel ik me ? Mijn lichaam voelt : …

Wat/Waaraan denk ik ? Ik denk aan : …

Waar focus ik op ? Ik focus op : …

LET OP ! (oranje zone) Eerste signalen van problemen of triggers

Hoe voel ik me ? Mijn lichaam voelt : …

Wat/Waaraan denk ik ? Ik denk aan : …

Waar focus ik op ? Ik focus op : …

HOE REAGEER IK ? (door kenmerken over te nemen van de groene zone)

Hulpmiddelen : (kernwoorden, ankertjes, ademhaling, visualisaties,…) 

IK SPEEL NIET GOED  ! (rode zone)

Hoe voel ik me ? Mijn lichaam voelt : …

Wat/Waaraan denk ik ? Ik denk aan : …

Waar focus ik op ? Ik focus op : …


Wat kunnen deze hulpmiddelen zijn ?

Je kan kernwoorden voor jezelf of jouw team gebruiken die jou oppeppen of die bv in het kort informatie doorgeven. Een geoefende formatie kan je bv in één codewoord samenvatten zodat iedereen meteen weet welke positie hij of zij moet innemen (maar jouw tegenstander weet dit niet !)

Je kan jezelf of jouw team een “peptalk” geven voor de wedstrijd

Je kan jezelf “ankeren” , het betekent dat je jezelf een suggestie geeft waarbij je jouw lichaam betrekt zodat je je sneller iets herinnert wanneer het nodig is. Dit kan een kneep in je oor zijn, een klap in jouw handen, een kruis maken,…

Let op jouw ademhaling ! Het is nog steeds de snelste en gemakkelijkste manier om terug rustig te worden. Je kan er desnoods bij tellen.

Je kan je terug instellen op positieve emoties door jou het gewenste gevoel in te beelden. Je kan hiervoor visualisaties (verbeelding) gebruiken.

Je kan jouw denken positief houden.

zie mental coaching dossier !


Mentale checklist wedstrijden :

Zorg dat je het kan en GELOOF dat je het kan !

Dat wil zeggen : oefen, oefen, en oefen tijdens de trainingen, WERK HARD naar jouw doel toe! Stel jezelf persoonlijke doelen om jezelf te verbeteren !

Probeer tijdens het oefenen de sfeer van de wedstrijd op te roepen !

ZIE jezelf een goede prestatie neerzetten !

Visualiseer zo vaak mogelijk de wedstrijd in jouw hoofd, dat kan de avond voor de wedstrijd, of als je nog een rustig moment hebt voor de wedstrijd. Probeer jouw visualisatie net echt te maken (alsof je jezelf ziet acteren in een film) Wees zo gedetailleerd mogelijk ! Je kan ook rituelen gebruiken !

Hoe zit het met jouw spanningsniveau ? Hoe VOEL je je ? Ben je zenuwachtig ? Of zit je lekker in je vel ?

Voel je je onzeker ? Ontbreekt plots de energie om te spelen ? Zorg dan dat je de spanning kunt opbouwen. Geef jezelf een peptalk of vraag aan jouw trainer om er één te geven, luister naar opwekkende muziek met een inspirerende tekst,…Voel je je nerveus, opgefokt, gaat jouw hart flink te keer ? Dan ga je de spanning moeten verminderen. Luister naar muziek die jou rustig maakt, doe ademhalingsoefeningen, probeer te ontspannen !

Hou jouw gedachten onder controle ! Let op wat je tegen jezelf vertelt ! Als je je kwaad maakt op jezelf, ondermijnt dat enkel jouw prestaties en krachten. Laat jouw lichaam de job doen die het hoort te doen en die het al weet te doen ! Observeer jezelf in plaats van jezelf te beoordelen.

Sluit jou energetisch af voor invloeden vanuit jouw omgeving ! Het enige dat je zou mogen horen is het fluitsignaal van de scheidsrechter en de richtlijnen van jouw trainer ! Ook al ontstaat er rondom jou de nodige tumult, zorg dat het jouw koude kleren niet raakt !

Hoe reageren op ongewenste situaties ? Laat jouw emoties niet de overhand nemen wanneer er iets gebeurt (denk maar aan een lelijke tackle). Neem niets persoonlijk. Frustraties, boosheid gaan jou enkel slechter laten spelen. FOCUS !

Denk als een team, werk als een team en presenteer jullie als een team ! Ga na wat voor jullie belangrijk is, hoe willen jullie door de buitenwereld gezien worden ? Als een sterk, hecht team ? Doe er dan iets aan !

Zorg dat je steeds PLEZIER blijft beleven in jouw sport ! Ontbreekt dit dan ga je nooit de motivatie hebben om door te gaan !



Focus on what matters

Do not focus on illnesses, worries or problems. Say to yourself : “I distance myself from this negativity and am not focussing on it anymore.” Bruno Gröning

Don’t identify with your problems, illnesses, or worries.

Forget about identifying with limiting conditions and stop putting disgraceful names after “I AM”. I am depressed, I am sick, I am unhappy, I am unlucky,…

Your thoughts and words do have the power to contract or expand your body cells. Speak some phrases out loud to yourself and feel what is happening to your body when you state them ! Don’t you feel a lot better when you use uplifting and truthful words ?

Do not talk about your problems all the time !

You keep telling yourself the same story all over again and then you ask other people to validate your story, to tell you that you are right ! How many times do you tell your friends you are lonely or feeling frustrated ? Stop talking negatively about yourself and others ! You are moving from drama into drama. You are keeping your limitations alive ! If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all ! A good friend of mine once said : “Only tell your problems to two persons : your therapist or God !”

Stop projecting fearful images on your mind !

When you keep focussing on your worries, when you keep fearful images in your mind you are literally screaming “give me more of that” to the universe ! The things you want to get rid off so badly will keep on following you. Stop investing your time in them before you are attracting them in your reality !

Focus on things that matter (things that feel good) so they can materialize for you ! Start visualizing and imagining the result YOU want. If you want more love,  imagine yourself having a candlelight dinner for two, see yourself happy & loving and start spreading the love yourself !

Detach emotionally from the situation !

The universe only picks up your vibration and gives you back the equivalent of what you have been sending out. Only the desires that are in tune with your feelings about them will be reflected in your reality. This means that you do not always get what you want, but you always get what you have been asking for !

God always answers your question. The question is : what exactly were you asking ? When you send out a boomerang into the universe your state of being has to match your demand ! Feelings of fear, lack, misery will create more of it. If you are stressing more importance on the feelings of lack, on the fact that you don’t have what you want, that is what you will get !

Don’t envy others who have what you desire !

Again you are stressing more importance on the fact that you lack or don’t have what you want or need. There is more than enough here for everyone. Feelings of jealousy or resentment towards others are only unproductive in manifesting your own desires. Skip all judgement (You can’t imagine how liberating this is, really 🙂 )

A lot of disempowering and limiting beliefs have been heritated by our parents and society. (“It’s an unsafe, cruel world” “why don’t you get a decent job like John”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”,…) Try to find out what remains of the (old) conditionning that is still active within you. Discard these thoughts, put them in the junk so they can’t block or trigger you any further.

Don’t urge – have patience !

Whatever you do : relax. Don’t feel needy. Don’t panic : trust and believe ! Have faith that you have already what you want. Persist in this. Patience is active faith !

Feel good here now !

Feeling good is not the result of getting what you want, it is the prerequisite ! It’s about  getting the “atonement”, staying truthful to your ideal. The moment you have spoken your desire and have formed your idea or “ideal you” in mind, never deviate and feel it as already accomplished.

Be grateful & send out blessings

Forget about how to make things happen. We just have to be an open receiver for the universe and accept that everything is already given, it is finished, it is done ! Be thankful for the lovely things already present in your life and those on the way. In a state of grace you allow things to flow naturally to you !

You are creating everything in your life by the laws of this universe. Realise that whatever you continiously focus on materializes in your world.

Focus on what matters and make your life matter !!!


Phuro! Be inspired!