Under attack ?

“When the right spirit walks in, the wrong spirits get nervous.” 

James 2:19

Psychic vampirism is real ! But how do you move through it unaffected ? Not letting anything get under your skin or opening portals for dark entities to crawl in…How do you protect yourself against evil ? How do you prevent psychic transference ?

Can you discern what is good or bad for you by the way it looks ? Appearances can be misleading, even the devil can look as hot as hell !

You are daily affected by other people’s energy around you. We are constantly communicating through our electromagnetic fields. If you are susceptible to energy you will notice this quickly.

Why do you suddenly think certain thoughts, have particular desires or cravings, feel negative or positive vibes when you are close to certain persons ?

We are constantly picking up each other’s vibration, we constantly interfere with each other. When we don’t protect our energy field, other people can easily penetrate it.

When our energy field is weak, people can pierce through it and trigger in us a responsive vibration already (latent) present within us.

Each time we experience strong emotions or each time a strong emotion is triggered in us, it leaves a deep imprint on our aura and our energy field.


“You are an electromagnetic being emitting a frequency. Only those things that are on the same frequency as the one you are emitting can come into your experience.”

When a person is in sympathetic vibration with a thought-form – whether it is a blessing or a curse – then that thought-form will remain with that person, it can activate itself at any given moment. It will strengthen that particular vibration in the person.

If the person is not responsive to this vibration, then the thought-form cannot affect it at all. A balanced person refuses to be a host for negative energy and returns it with the same force the sender has broadcasted it !

When you are aware of this energy exchange and how much it can affect your life, you will move more consciously through life and create a strong impenetrable field around you ! Read more : Psychic protection

“Some people will never like you because your Spirit irritates their demons.”

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A dance with the devil

“The devil’s boots don’t creak.”

If I would tell my friends I just had a dance with the devil, they might think I was invited on the dancefloor by a soccer player from our national team, called the “Red Devils”.

Or they might think I had a dream in which I had a rendez-vous with a gorgeous British actor, called Tom Ellis, aka Lucifer Morningstar…

I’m not referring to the above, I’m talking about the real deal here : Satan himself ! Who is he ? How does he proceed to win souls ? Is he really as charming as hell and does he use it as a weapon of deceit ?

In classical mythology, Lucifer is the morning star or the herald of the dawn (lucifer comes from the Latin word for light). In Christian tradition, the name Lucifer applies to Satan.

Lucifer’s fall resulted from his rebellion against the upper gods. He wanted to beat his opponents but was casted out of the highest spiritual realm for eternity !


Lucifer’s power

In order to get you on his side, Lucifer will tempt you and try to mislead you with all kinds of illusions. His methods are legit ! Let us find out what his favorite ways are and how he plays the game !

The Luciferic forces are dwelming in the lower realms. They are able to slip into our astral body, penetrate it with their evil intentions. They speak to our hidden desires and our lower passions : greed, lust, envy, pride, hate,…

If the devil were allowed to use his full power against us – he is still a supernatural being – we could not resist him, for when he fell he didn’t lose any of his powers, he only lost eternal happiness !

A dog that is tied up cannot do any harm to those who keep out of range of his chain. The devil is like this dog. When you constantly dwell on evil thoughts, you get closer to the chained dog and you might get bitten !

He can work on our memory and our imagination, but he has no power over our will or our understanding. He can persuade us, but he cannot compel us to evil.

You might think all your thoughts are private or entirely yours, they are not. You might think your words fade out with time, they will not. You might believe your actions are gone unnoticed, they are not. Everything is registered for eternity..


The devil in disguise 

Certain entities, demons, spirits, beings are able to influence the thoughts we think, the words we speak, the actions we undertake.

Evil can be barely seen as it lies beneath the surface. Allthough when you are sensitive to energy, you can feel this darkness, as if some presence is creeping over you.

They can be energy vampires, sucking the life completely out of you, leaving you exhausted, nervous, tensed, angry, dellusional or severly sick when you come in contact with them.

The devil in men

They don’t respect others, they devaluate, belittle and dehumanize…There’s a complete absence of empathy, no capacity to care for people…others are merely seen as things or objects.

They are power mongers, they always want to be in control and they like manipulating and exploiting people.

They cannot tell the truth : Lies, deceptions, half-truths are presented as facts and reality, they try to mask their destructive intentions and actions.

They have fun in instilling fear, anger and hate in others.



How to protect yourself from evil ?

Good habits, which bring our lower passions and appetites under automatic control, leave our natures free to explore the larger experiences of life. Too many of us divide and dissipate our energies in debating actions which should be taken for granted.

Ralph W. Sockman

Whenever you want to get rid of evil, be clear in setting your intentions.

Visualize a protective shield around you, a light ball you can completely close from head to toe. Let an incessant amount of white light flow into your body.

You can clean your house or clear an infected area using crystals or smudging white sage.

Do deep breathing work and meditation and keep yourself grounded.

Use positive affirmations, prayers or mantras.

Invoke higher beings, angels or Jesus Christ to help you remove the darkness.

Know that your true power is rooted in faith not in objects ! 

“Resist the devil and he will fly from you.”

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Inner peace can’t be bought canned or in a box.

Spirit can’t be sprayed as a perfume just when you want to be at your best.

There is no magic pill that can cure you of the pain of going against your grain.

How do you blow “animo” back in life then ?

You go beyond. Beyond the human eye.

You have to look beyond every illusion to see what is really going on.

You have to move beyond every judgement to understand what “being human” truly is.

Beyond all divisions of humanity that separate humans and keep them from unity.

Go beyond to become a whole human again.

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You are light !

From just one candle, you can light a million candles without putting strain on the first candle. From one awakened being, you can set light into a million souls, so powerful is the light.

If you go into a room full of light, but outside is darkness, and you open the curtain, that darkness won’t come in. But if you go into a room which is dark and you open up a little tiny bit of a curtain, it will fill the whole room with light. Such is the power of the light.

We are this light and we must discover this. Amen.”


Whenever you think that darkness stands at your doorstep, remember that you are light ! No matter what you are experiencing right now : darkness isn’t your master. You are. Your awareness, your “I AM”, is master.

Victory is for the ones who kindle the light within and consciously walk the middle way. They say : “try me, tempt me but you are never going to get me !”

Imagine you are walking straight forward, at a gentle pace. While you continue your path, there are distractions on the left and on the right, you get distracted by people who you eighter love or hate.

On one side you have the things you love and desire, on the other one you have the things you are fearful of or that you try to avoid.

Both sides can be throwing lines at you, trying to hook on to you. People you love can try to hook you back on safe ground ! They believe you are going to drown in these deep unsafe waters.

People who despice you can try to pull you down, making you feel not worthy of advancing your chosen course.

People can throw all kinds of dirty things at you. Buckets full of nasty shit. Some shout : “Hey silly you, where do you think you are going ? Everyone is going that way ! Can’t you see you are all by yourself ?” They try to pull you in another direction.

And then – as if things aren’t worse enough – your unfinished businesses are at your heels trying to make you stumble !

You now experience a lot of resistance moving forward, every step you take, turns out to be heavy as hell and extremely painful ! You get stuck in the mud, you feel that a quicksand is about to swallow you completely .

“Ego says : “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.” 
Spirit says : “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”

All these doubts and fears you keep carrying, are slowing your process. When you become conscious of what is really happening you say “Enough drama ! Stop ! You turn around and you start cutting wires and cut these unneccessary lines loose !

Once you let go of things that slow you down, you discover your own powers again. You realize you have been given your power away, to your own conflicting thoughts and all other illusions you have been believing in.

Whenever doubt crept in I turned to spirit :

“But what if I am alone ?” I asked.

Spirit answered :  “you are never alone”.

“But what if I’m not capable ?”

“You are powerful”, spirit said.

“But I am afraid !” I shouted !

and spirit answered :

“How can you be afraid of the dark

when you yourself are light ?”


God is not the punitive one, always reproaching us for our shortcomings.
Love knows no scale of above or below. 
We cannot expect God to come down to our level ; rather, we need to make efforts to rise higher and higher till we reach divine consciousness where divine love fills us and where we become partners with God in the universal plan of Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Excerpt from “Babaji the Unfathomable”


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Spirit rules matter

“Man is a creature of love. What has been created in love, can only live in love.”

Bruno Gröning

The teaching of Bruno Gröning is based on the influence that spiritual forces have on human beings. This influence is greater than most people realise.

Bruno Gröning compared a person to a battery. In daily life, everyone burns up energy. However, often not enough new life energy is absorbed to replace it. In the same way that an empty battery is incapable of functioning, a body without energy is also unable to fulfill its tasks. The consequences are fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, anxieties and finally, illness.

Bruno Gröning’s teaching explains how an individual can obtain new energy. The belief in goodness is a necessary prerequisite, as is the will to be healthy. The human body is constantly surrounded by healing waves which only have to be absorbed. According to Bruno Gröning, no illness is incurable, and this fact is confirmed by the healings that have occurred and have been medically verified. These healings are spiritual and therefore not dependent on Bruno Gröning being physically present.

Read more on absorbing energy or “einstellen” : https://www.bruno-groening.org/en/bruno-groening/teachings/the-einstellen

Mental & emotional detachment from the condition

“Worries have brought emotional suffering to humanity and have taken such deep root that people are bound to get sick. One person emotionally burdens the next. People are miseducated; they have distanced themselves from what is natural; many have lost their belief in God. But whoever loses the divine path, also loses his health.”

If a person wishes to regain his health through Bruno Gröning, he must be prepared to let go of “evil.” He must turn his back on what is bad – the illness – and part with it, no longer think “my asthma, my rheumatism” and so on. This is not always easy. It demands inner transformation. The person has to change his way of thinking. One shouldn’t habitually think about the illness, but rather believe in health. One must take up the belief that even incurable illnesses can be healed.

“To engage with illness is to hold on to it and block the path of divine energy. A person should separate themselves from the illness, not regard it as their property, but rather as see it as something evil. Illness does not belong to the human being!”


Thoughts are spiritual energies

Man is not submissively subjected to whatever comes into his mind. He himself can decide which thoughts he will tolerate and which not. But he must make this choice carefully, not superficially. There is an energy behind every thought; a positive thought is constructive, a negative one, destructive. A joyful message inspires, a sad one discourages! Thoughts are spiritual energies. They embody a power; a power which humanity today is barely aware of. A thought born of love can inspire a person to lay down his life for another. A thought spawned from hatred can drive him to kill another. “Beware of every evil thought!”

“Trust and believe. The divine power helps and heals.”

It requires setting aside every scientific, every logical way of thinking and adopting a belief in something higher. Bruno’s teaching is based on totally different fundamentals than today’s materialistic spirit, which has arisen from intellectual thinking. This is why he often said, “I cannot be understood by the intellect”.

Source : https://www.bruno-groening.org please visit for more information