Blue inspiration

When I was a child I thought there was a hidden room in my grandparents’ house. I imagined it so frequently that I was convinced the room really existed. Hidden for all but in plain sight for me !

I kept visiting this secret chamber because it felt magical to be there, it was a bright room with a large library and comfortable chairs that sucked me even further in a dream state. When I grew up I was deceived that it only took place in my imagination…


But years later I found myself in that secret room again. The remembrance of the dream, the rediscovery of the room made me feel joyful, but it also reminded me of the deception so I said to myself “Don’t be caught too much in your imagination again…”

Then it dawned on me that this dream was about the wisdom of the heart : my secret room represented the core of my being ! This hidden room was my sacred space and I now remembered how to enter it !


Our whole life we seem to be in search for something we have lost but this inner intelligence is always with us, ready to guide and to teach us. It has always been there, it is always here now ! We have only forgotten how to access it.

The very core of your being speaks to you but not often in a language you immediately understand. Although it is a personal conversation, you are not always able to interpret the messages. You can’t accept this inner wisdom ‘cause you can’t recognize it any more !


You can only tell by your own experience how this sacred space speaks to you. I can only tell that opening up to the power of the heart feels like returning home and stepping into a place of love and acceptance. A magical place full of ancient wisdom !

You can discard your true feelings as being an illusion your whole life but then you cut off the communication between you and this innate wisdom. The heart may whisper or may not always use words but it speaks. Learn to listen !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Electrified !

Music is a primal way of communication. It is a conversation everyone can get involved in, it’s a language everyone understands. It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t come with instructions or a manual. You can’t force your way into it…

It makes you forget time and it bypass your mind. It creates a show where your inner world comes alive, where you let your feelings speak and let them take the lead. It fulfills the need to express yourself and connect to a part of you that your mind doesn’t comprehend.

Once the rhythm has got you going, your body becomes an extension of inner arousel ! You are in a trance !

Music can be hot and cold combined, some songs send shivers down your spine. They instigate that fire within, like eels they move in this fluid of emotions, electrifying your natural habitat ! Aren’t some satisfying in a cold shower, others dangerous at meltdowns ?


Some create an energy that is alluring, vibes that are seductive. You surf these waves of sensuality to instigate others, you somehow hope it has the desired effect on them or that at least your message is answered and doesn’t get rejected and returned !

Seasoned with your preferred flavor, some homemade imagination, you hope it will lead you to the ultimate sensation !

Music is a magical potion for the masses, a healing recipe for the individual, we heal in coming together, we heal through celebrating our aliveness ! It is a forgotten power that can overwrite any trauma and create a different story.

Some melodies touch your heart and cause a groove in there, some strike a chord and leave you in awe. They catapult you in another dimension – timeless and immortal – the moment they take your breath away…

Phuro! Be inspired!

You were so fucking twisted, out off this world ! My kind of tease…You were my favorite companion during long rides, always putting things in higher gear ! Without any shame : my son carries your name…I am forever holding you in a giant cosmic hug Keith Flint…Rest in peace ! Thank you for setting my world on fire and electrifying me !





Reset !

Dear Satan,


Today I feel compelled to write you a good-bye.

Your ways didn’t work,

I put them to the test.

Know that on the day of the grand finale

I’ll perform at my best.


I can’t live in a world where I’m allowed

to sing “Im a child of the devil” out loud

but not to whisper quietly the words

“Jesus Christ”.


Don’t expect me to show you any hate,

fear or remorse.

I just want to tell you your days are over,

your illusions destroyed.


From now on I’ll be at your heels


with all the help I can get from heaven.


Here’s a secret, I pushed the reset.

This planet isn’t your trophy,

I’ll never comply.

We’ve all inherited the earth,

it’s not an exclusivity only you can buy.


Knock knock !

Who’s there ?

A world waking up,

your worst nightmare !



Phuro! Be inspired!





Sometimes bounds get broken and friendships fall apart, some relationships just aren’t meant to last ! Then there are fairy tales that are abruptly ended or places where fate stroke people hard. Sometimes people have nothing in common anymore or nothing else to say, so each goes his own way. Sometimes time nor space can drive certain people apart !

Sometimes people change for better or for worse and they suddenly find themselves doing things they never believed they could have done. Sometimes you are the one who has changed and what was once attractive to you now feels like a piece of dust.

As an era comes to an end and you continue your journey amongst new faces and familiar ones, you will realize that each ending is a new beginning aswell and that you eventually can’t be alone !

Sometimes mothers need mothers to care for eachother, sometimes brothers need brothers to get things done. Sometimes it will be strangers who put their lives on the line for you, trying to save you from harm. Sometimes it’s a friend who helps you carry on.

Sometimes all it takes is one single move in a different direction, sometimes it all starts with one to hold on.

The fifth and last Belgian Sea King helicopter made its last flight on 21 March 2019. The five search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopters had been operating from Koksijde on the Belgian North Sea coast since 1976, having saved 1,757 lives, according to the Belgian Ministry of Defence website. Their missions also included responding to aircraft accidents and recovering pilots lost behind enemy lines. The board commander on this flight lives in my hometown. Thank you for your service !

Phuro! Be inspired!

What a Sikh wedding !

We were witness of an extraordinary event that took place on friday and saturday : the wedding of our neighbour’s son, Mr Singh.

We’ve always had a special relationship with our neighbours, I consider my son half adopted by them, not only measured by the time he has spent at their house, but equally because of the attention and affection he has been subject to his whole childhood.


My source of inspiration, Sri Haidakhan Babaji said we can only make progress in life by doing karma yoga, hard work in dedication to the Lord, that means service to humanity, service to you and me ! Not forgetting anyone close at home, it was obvious we would be Manjot’s protective shield on this special occasion !

The event started on friday evening with ring ceremony. In Punjabi tradition, it equals official engagement and it is celebrated with closest family and friends.


Saturday was an auspicious day, again with a lot of traditional ceremonies. One particular moment, during a speech of mr. Babaji, tears started rolling down my cheeks, I had no idea what happened, I only realised afterwards how energetic this moment was when I saw the picture that I took just a few moments before…


The sun was shining brightly and reflected all the energies surrounding our neighbour’s house. Our prayers for protection worked aswell, we even gave the groom wings on his way to the temple and his future bride ! Didi and Dada at his service !


On Barat, the bride and groom looked stunning in their traditional wedding clothes ! My eyes are still recovering from all the colorful outfits, the golden accessoires and the beauty of the couple itself. I still have difficulties adjusting to the dulness of everyday life.


I am grateful that we could be part of this wonderful feast and wish to express our gratitude to Mr Singh and family for sharing it with us all.

Thank you for donating the delicious bread and curries to Stef’s freego, the social project from our herbal therapist in Ghent ! He posted this picture on Facebook.


Gurmeet, You are surrounded by loving people and I sincerely believe that your husband will take excellent care of you for the rest of his life. Our circle of love and protection just got extented, you are included !


Phuro! Be inspired!








Make empathy great again !

A lot of people don’t know how to communicate properly anymore and fail to make meaningful connections with others.

Many lost their ability to observe and to be objective. They don’t know that their perception is filtered internally and that they react to their environment according to their own beliefs.

They lost their ability to listen without judgement, they are full of preconceived ideas on how others should behave, act or be. They just pick up the bits and pieces that seem useful to them and that match their inner reality.

They don’t give people time nor space to tell their story and say it as it is. They don’t give people room to be who they truly are.

It is a huge handicap ! From this inability confusion and misunderstanding arises. We let our emotions get in the way and often react without having truthful information. We often make decisions according to our assumptions or even according to a hearsay.

With empathy comes the power to hear what was left unsaid. With empathy comes the ability to feel what’s really a burden to people’s hearts.

Empathy is a superpower that we urgently need back !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Pump it up !

Before you start reading this post, you ought to know that I watch politics as I’d watch “Spitting Image”, a satirical bbc television show on air during the 1980s and 1990s, a show full of puppets displaying a lot of exaggerated qualities and flaws !

Even though I’m not interested in politics and I don’t know mr Potus personally, even though you would think we have nothing in common, there are definitely some simularities between us !


Me too, I like to be challenged ! We started our journey simultaneously in November 2016, Trump got elected president and I started my new endeavour !

I remember that day very well, the televison was on, showing the final updates of the American elections. Then the news came in : “Mr Trump is president of the United States !” As I watched politicians globally react on the news, I started laughing uncontrollably. Some turned pale, others green or blue, some nearly fainted, collapsed or simply started to evaporate ! All were thinking, “That’s it, I’m dead, game over !”

Yeah, we both got people questionning us, wondering if we were capable of accomplishing “something” in our new position, asking if we really would be able to make a positive change and “Make things great again !” Trust us, we are not politicians !!!

We are starbeings !!! We don’t have hidden agendas and egotistical needs. We just expose injustices and cruel deeds ! We are not able to spread lies ! We tell it like it is !
Allthough we do not literally blow up stuff, we come with this fire that makes all ugliness rise to the surface ! That’s the reason why these evil structures tremble in our presence…We scare the shit out of them !

It’s absolutely no coincidence that I chose an elephant as logo on the Dutch website. Sometimes Mr. Trump and I we are like the elephants in the China store, in our attempts to control our power, we accidently destroy things on our way out.. My partner calls me Storm, he feels when I’m up to something. “Whooops, Did I do that ?”

There is no looking back for us, we think positive : we are making room for the new to come !

Some thought we were frauds, so we both got attacked and ridiculised by the masses. Guess what ? We’re still alive and kicking, shaking things up ! We are not afraid of death ; we accept it as an integral part of life…Live free or die trying !


We are also able to communicate without words and can’t hide our feelings at all ! Have you ever muted your television while watching Mr. Trump speaking ? When my partner shouts at me from the kitchen, asking me what he was telling, I’m able to translate his words perfectly. “What he thinks about it ? He says it’s complete bullshit. No, he doesn’t agree with that one. Next question ! That’s a clear “No” Liars !!!

We are empaths and able to seperate the fake from the real. The masks fall off when we are around. I adore his facial expressions and his bodily gestures. He would make an excellent example for drama students. “Act disappointed Jennifer !” Disappointed I said ! Didn’t you read Trump, chapter 4 on emotions ?”

We are also exquisitely skilled in what we are doing and are transparent in our messages. Didn’t Einstein say that if you can’t explain it to a 6-year old, you probably don’t understand it yourself ? Well ask any toddler in Belgium what Mr. Trump wants : “Duh, are you stupid or what ! He wants his wall and he wants her locked up !


We both know what’s important for ALL, in order to build a solid structure we need to begin at the base and teach humanity some basic construction skills again. I suggest you start to learn some new material aswell, I refer to

I can only applaud him for putting on such a great show ! I’m also curious what he still has in store for us !

Mr Trump, you are right, we should calm down and enjoy the ride.

Well, I got my groove on and I’m ready to go !!! Pump it up !!!


Phuro! Be inspired!



The state of Mushin

The mind must always be in the state of ‘flowing,’ for when it stops anywhere that means the flow is interrupted and it is this interruption that is injurious to the well-being of the mind. In the case of the swordsman, it means death !”

Zen master Takuan Sōhō


A few weeks ago I was observing Gibbs, one of our cats. He had spotted a mouse in our garden. Immediately he went into primal mode, his instincts took over ! He was crouching towards it, ready to attack ! After a few seconds he jumped right on top of it and tried to squeeze it with his front paws and then let it go again.

The mouse hid in the long grass and was searching for a save way to escape out of the claws of his vicious attacker ! Its movements however attracted Gibbs’ attention and he was determined to catch it.

As the mouse’s path eventually lead to an ungrown spot in the garden, it found itself face to face with our cat. I was curious…Would it freeze or would it attempt to run away ?

To my amazement the little one all of sudden started jumping around, moving towards the cat, kung fu like, aiming for the cat’s legs, even biting them several times. Gibbs was caught by surprise too !

This tiny animal although confronted with a giant opponent didn’t flee or freeze in fear. What a fierce fellow ! Where did this power and courage come from ?

The ancient tale “the mysterious technique of the cat” crossed my mind, it described exactly what kind of mouse Gibbs was dealing with. Apparently this mouse was in a state of mushin !

“When a rat is cornered it forgets life, forgets desires, forgets winning and losing, forgets safety – it is in a state of ‘mushin’. How to defeat such an opponent with only force?”


After a while the mouse managed to dive into a large pile of chopped wood. Gibbs was defeated !

Sunday morning Gibbs started to show some weird behaviour, he was sitting in front of a closet in our livingroom, his ears were moving like crazy and he regularly put his head underneath the closet.

I thought he lost one of his toys, so I scanned the whole area for something that could resemble a toy : a rubber, a paper, a pen, but there wasn’t anything to be found. “There’s nothing in here Gibbs”, I told him. He looked at me as if I just told him a big fat lie ! “Yeah right mom !”

So he continued to stare at this spot, in meantime James and Lulu joined the scenery. Whatever was there, the cats had already planned an ambush in case it would make an appearance.

We decided to move the closet a bit, maybe there was something trapped behind it. Suddenly a mouse ran away, but it wasn’t prepared for Gibbs’ hunting skills, in no time he had the animal in his mouth and luckily for us he ran outside to play with it.

This time my partner decided to watch the cat and mouse game that was about to start, and he commented the game, telling us that the mouse wouldn’t have the slightest chance against Gibbs. But then he yelled : “What the f*ck ! That mouse knows kung fu ! The little one is attacking !”

“Mushin mouse is back !” I screamed. I admit I had developed some kind of compassion for this underdog. My partner already rolled his eyes and gave me that look : “Don’t you dare !”  “Dare what ?” “Well catch it and put in a box, I know what you’re planning to do. Let nature decide” he said. 

After half an hour of hide and seek, Gibbs just got tired of this tiny lunatic and aborted his mission, the white flag was up ! Even our other cats didn’t show any interest at all to catch it.

Our domestic cats became lazy as the hunt isn’t necessary anymore for survival, they just like to play with their victims and give you their prey as a gift, dead or alive ! But the moment it asks too much of their effort and energy, they simply give up ! A cat will never tire itself on purpose ! “Mission impossible ? Let’s go back to sleep…”

What I secretly hoped for came true, mini Bruce Lee again survived his endeavour. I wonder what will happen next time when it shows up !

So if you find yourself face to face with a giant opponent or something that seems impossible to defeat…

Remember this story and remind yourself to be mushin my friends ! Be mushin !


Phuro! Be inspired!




Stockholm syndrome

“We all are angels in a self-imposed exile.”

Although our rulers are the ones who have instilled fear and anger upon us, deceiving humanity for thousands of years, some of you still defend them with your own life.

Just as the victims of a hostage, kidnapping or abuse can develop affection for their handlers or abusers, humans have developed a Stockholm syndrome on a massive scale !

Human consciousness got highjacked long time ago. Some people are still in complete amnesia, having no clue of what is really going on in the world.


Our rulers’ morals have totally infected and infiltrated our life. Teased and pleased with distractions so we wouldn’t question our imprisonment, we got brainwashed and hypnotized for life.

Some of you are so wired into lies, truth will never get unraffled for you. Completely turned docile you are even grateful for the small crumbs that are handed to you. Being enslaved means security and survival in this big dangerous world.

The ones who already came back to their senses, pointing the way towards freedom are often threatened and attacked. Even if they show that the door of your prison is wide open and complete freedom is at your disposition !

You are still in denial of the fact that you are trapped in mental and emotional slavery, that your handlers are playing both “good” and “bad” and that at their core they are pure evil, coming after your life !


Phuro! Be inspired!





No, not me !

Have you ever been at the mall, spotted someone you know and then tried everything to avoid them ?

You turned on your stealth mode and hid behind mannequins and plants, you squeezed yourself into tiny lockers, you even put on several disguises… All to no avail !

Suddenly you felt a presence behind you, a hand on your shoulder. You turned around and yep ! Busted !

Then you were engulfed by an avalanche of complaints, gossip and other poisonous words. You can’t recall having bought tickets for that show !


There you were, stuck for a indefinite period of time until you got the guts to abort the conversation or took a chance to escape…

Luckily, we conscious empaths and sensitives, have a built in bullshit radar, we sense when people try to steal or drain our energy !

We don’t like to be pulled in drama and negativity.

Keeping at a distance from such people isn’t rude nor selfish !

It is a matter of self-preservation to keep your energy bright and clear !

So repeat after me :


Phuro! Be inspired!