The way “out” is “in” !

“The door leading out of this illusion opens up through the light of your soul.”

See the material world as it truly is : a mirror of your inner world, a representation of all your beliefs.

The source of your perceptions is found within. The cause of your experiences lies at your own core. You build your world from the inside out !

Shut the door to your five senses to reach the stillness of your heart ! Silence the thoughts that leave you with an emotional hangover, causing turmoil in your body ! Let them come and go like the water tides… don’t attach to them !

Without any condition put on this moment, without any judgment towards any other being, you open up to the wisdom of the heart at the speed of light !


Phuro! Be inspired!



“And so it is, that both the devil and the angelic spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choise.”


The word desire comes from the latin word desiderare which means to long for, feel the want of, to miss or regret.

Desire is a strong emotion, several changes take place in your body when you are in a desiring state. You can see it in a person’s attitude and behaviour, in their facial expressions, the way they look at a particular object or person and you can also hear it in the way they talk !

There are desires of the flesh and desires of the heart. There are desires able to close the gap, others just destroy and tear apart.

Desire can be associated with feelings of unease aswell as ease and pleasantness ! It all depends on how you (re)act to it : how does the desire make you feel and where exactly do you put your focus on ?

Imagine you are in love with a girl, but you are too shy to make a move… as you are walking the street today, you see her hand in hand with another boy…

What kind of feelings would rise up within ? How would you react ? What would you think ? Would there be resentment, hate, despice towards the boy or towards both ? Would you curse him ? Would you think bad thoughts about him even though you have never met ?

Would you be filled with sadness ? Why not me ? It should have been me ! What am I doing wrong ? I am such a failure in love, I am such a loser in life…

Or would you become obsessed by evil thoughts and turn into a predator ? You anxiously want to be in control, you wanna take what you want no matter what. You prey upon the girl and see her as something to conquer and to possess !

What do you perceive ? What do you believe ? Does it attract the things you desire or does it repell all these things from you ?

Desire can be the catalyst for growth, it can provide you the necessary fuel for change but a burning desire can consume you if you don’t fuel that fire with the right intentions !

So tell me, what is it that you truly desire ?


Phuro! Be inspired!








F*ck that !

Fuck ! The way you use this word can reveal a lot about yourself or even other people !

It gives extra power to your statements : “I am fucking ugly, she is fucking adorable, that fucking boss,…!”

It can be used as a verb, a noun, an adjective and it can relate to any emotional expression : amazement : “What the fuck !”, frustration : “Fuck off !’, anger : “Fuck you !”, fear : “I am fucked !”, desire : “You look so fucking good !”, disappointment : “Oh Fuck man !”

It can wake you up and remind you that YOU ARE POWERFUL : “Fuck, I’m gonna do it !” and that other people’s opinions shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you want ! “I don’t give a fuck !”

Every time you use it, see it as a chance to change course or to be conscious of your thoughts and points of attraction !

“Fuck ! I am screwed” is a sign that you focus on a bad outcome ! Change this shit and tell yourself another story : “I am fucking awesome !”

Whenever you use the word, be aware of your feelings !  (As you should do with everything you say by the way !)

Whenever you experience negative emotions, you should be alarmed that there are within you conflicting thoughts or beliefs you should deal with !

Remind yourself that life is fucking beautiful !

Be more positive !

Fuck that !

Phuro! Be inspired!




Souls in distress

What if there were a book available to help you take the direction you truly desire in life or help you solve any kind of problem or life situation ?

What if there were a brilliant method to empower yourself and have a clear understanding of your inner nature ? Would you buy such a book or program ?

Maybe you did buy one of these thousands self-help books or online programs promising the end to all of your misery ! You were excited ! You read, took notes or highlighted certain phrases that were interesting. You even did the exercices that were recommended…

But after that promising start, you found out that your motivation was decreasing, you felt it wasn’t worth the try or you didn’t see the change you desired. You threw the book in a corner and picked up life as usual, until there was once again a new crisis or a new promising program online…


What if there’s a helpful tool, completely free of charge offering simple solutions to all life’s challenges ? What if you can access it anywhere, anytime, anyplace you want ? What if you were born with it and this system exists within you ?

It is your emotional system ! The gps to navigate through life, the tools to cure your soul in distress are your e-motions ! The tools through which you balance yourself are your emotions.

Some are immediately expressed or brought to the surface, others are burried or hidden deep within your unconscious. All painful or unprocessed emotions are stored in your body !

Whenever you experience negative emotions, you are holding on to negative thoughts. The mental or physical pain you are feeling is YOUR effort to sustain your negative beliefs and thoughts ! Thoughts are creative and have immense power. You should always be watchful for what you think and believe !

Shouldn’t I analyse my thoughts then instead of my emotional state ? It’s impossible to investigate all your thoughts as we humans have 50.000 or 70.000 thoughts a day and we are not conscious of them all ! How do you know which one is the cause of your problems ?


Whenever you FEEL bad, you are feeding yourself with untruths coming from your unconscious beliefs and thoughts and the words you are stating to yourself.

Are there negative feelings bubbling up ? Release these before they pile up in your mind and body, hiding who you really are underneath all that junk, causing un-ease or even dis-ease in your body.

Take a break for a few moments when you are feeling bad. Stop ! The only question you should ask yourself is : How am I feeling now ?

Feel where the un-ease is seated in your body and how it exactly feels ! Don’t think about the answer, just connect to your body and let your body speak !

Put your focus (mental imagery) on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Focus on things that feel good and keep your self-talk positive if you want to have a succesful result !

Start by being positive to yourself ! Only tune in to the good vibes ! Don’t let other people dictate how you feel ! Give off good vibrations and good things will follow !

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Phuro! Be inspired!




Sky & sand

A friend of ours used to have a snack bar in our neighbourhood. One evening my son ran to the counter and ordered french fries and a burger, he mentioned to our friend that he didn’t like the sesame seeds on the bun !

Our friend immediately took a burger bun and started scraping off the seeds…

I started laughing. ”What are you doing silly, you don’t have to do that you know, stop that ! You are treating my son like a king.” I said.

He turned to me : “If the boy wants a burger without those tiny bastards, he will have one !”

Before I could even reply he continued : “Shall I remind you of one of your house rules lady : “The Queen doesn’t cook on Friday !”  “Well today is my turn to treat him like a King !” He winked at my son who already had a big smile on his face !

There was no point in arguing with him so I rested my case ! Our conversations were always quite loud and joyful, we liked to tease each other !


But months later our plans to have french fries for dinner were disturbed, the doors from our friend’s bar were closed and stayed closed. Closed as in forever closed…

He had killed himself the night before. We were all in shock. How was that possible ?

He was fully prepared and had it all planned. He had written his last wishes on paper for his family. One of them was to play “Sky and sand” at his funeral.

That’s the reason why some weeks later, I found myself in tears at a wedding party when the DJ played this song. Although it used to be one of my favourites, I was now instantly reminded of darkness and death !

There I was asking myself : “Why ? Why you ? What were you thinking ? Why was your soul in such pain ? Why didn’t you shout out and ask for help ?”


He was already the third one who decided to step out of life and hang himself. The weight of those three fell on me, through that song, that night on the dancefloor…

Music touches our soul directly and is able to remind us of the good times and the bad times. It can bring back joyful and painful memories and trigger our deepest sadness or happiness !

It took me a while to get over the sadness and grief that I had linked to the song and to really appreciate it again without shedding tears.

I now see its beauty again and when I hear it I think about all those beautiful souls and the good times we had !

As long as we are flying, all this world ain’t got no end !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Silence is a savior

It was a normal Sunday morning when Richard and his son were heading off to football together…Richard was among those parents who liked to help out at the club where his son played, and he enjoyed running the line during his son’s matches.

But by the end of the day Richard was fighting for his life. The 41-year-old collapsed three hours after he was brutally attacked by a group of 17-year-olds from the opposing team. The following evening he died.

If we don’t control our emotions, they will control us. Making us unwittingly take actions we regret afterwards, making us react in a harmful way…

What would be the consequences if we let our anger and rage win ? Things can get out of hand rapidly…the unexpected can happen very suddenly…

What would happen once the damage has been done and there’s no turning back ? We would have to face the consequences !

When we feel triggered to react in a negative way, it is useful to build in a pause for a few moments and to focus on our breathing so we can get back to our senses.

Silence is the space between stimulus and response, between action and reaction.


Silence is a savior. A significant mindful tool that can save us from a life full of regrets. Silence can prevent us from saying something nasty… Silence can even prevent us from acting stupid and getting us into bigger trouble…

Silence is a comforter. Silence brings back calmness and peace in case of turbulence. Silence quiets our minds and stills are senses. In solitude we withdraw and turn back to ourselves. Silence is the place where we really touch our core.

Silence is the space in which we bend time. It is the most effective time to pray or affirm. It’s a powerful aid to bring wisdom and awareness to our spiritual eye.


Silence is a natural influencer, unable to be controlled by outside forces. Silence balances and counters all verbal and physical attacks. Silence helps us bounce back after a setback.

In silence, confidence is found. In silence our shadow is integrated and all the aspects of ourselves are reconciled.

Silence is the place of unlimited possibilities. In silence we reclaim our power, in silence we make ourselves whole again.


Phuro! Be inspired!

Generate love

“All of the love we generate…
The only thing that carries me on…
There’s nothing we need that it can’t create…”

According to the studies of Manfred Clynes, a former pianist, all over the world people from all walks of life express emotions in a similar way.

When we listen to music and have an emotional experience, our nervous system always responds in a characteristic way which is measurable with a sentograph.

When people hug and caress each other, or express anger or hate, each time these emotions follow predictable wave paths of pressure.


Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related ! If we’re hugging our loved one or express feelings of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug !

The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bent around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centered and self sustaining !

Love…There’s absolutely nothing that it can’t create !



Phuro! Be inspired!



Cut it out bullies…

I don’t have to tell anyone the difference between a bully and a victim or an agressor and a defender. But what do bullies and their victims have in common?

They are both “unbalanced” and swing between anger and fear !


Some kids grow up in harsh environments, without any signs of affection or words of support and appreciation. Some have to confront a bully at home, some are victim of verbal or physical abuse.

These children often become fearful, resentful or agressive. Some become bullies themselves as a way to cope with their life and deal with the pain. “Someone has to pay !”

Some are in search of someone they can control, who are an easy target for their verbal assaults or physical attacks, children who show signs of weakness, looking “weird” or react fearful.

The victim’s life will get worse if the bully isn’t stopped. The victim’s fear becomes frustration, the frustration becomes anger and is eventually spitted out on parents, sisters, brothers,…It causes a serious vicious cycle, everything is loaded !

Mental strength and emotional resilience


Each time the bully shoots his arrows on you and you feel bad, he has found ground where his anger can settle and sprout ! Then you make it even worse with repetitive negative thoughts about yourself.

Knitted together they make a giant ball of frustration, difficult to untangle ! Ever had a chewing gum in your hair ? That kind of nasty thing ! You’ll have to come up with an ingenious solution if you do not want it to turn into a complete mess !

Self analysis * change * transformation

Freeze it on spot !

giphy (7)

You are not freaking out this time ! Be an iceman : let them fire their fiery flames ! You will build a huge icewall to protect yourself. The flames will have vanished before they can hit you ! That cold icy layer and that cold freezing air around you makes you untouchable for these attacks. “Is that all they got ?” Brush yourself off !!

Tip : There’s a breathing and relaxing method called the Freeze frame technique developed by Heart Math institute that can help you stay calm in case of emergency.

Energy level


What is your current energy level ? How is your health ? Are you eating the right food ? Do you have any physical pain, where does it hurt ?  What is your overall body feeling

When emotions accumulate they cause stress and dis-ease in your body, they will make your body go weak.

Tips : Eat plenty of natural and fresh food. Don’t self-medicate !

Thoughts & beliefs

tenor (3)

Write down your repetitive thoughts about the situation, about yourself, about the bully. What kind of thoughts are you constantly chewing on ? Your thoughts will eighter be occupied by something in the past or something in the future !

Where’s your self-talk heading ? How do you describe yourself ? What are words or sentences you frequently use ?

Tips : Make your self-talk positive. Learn to visualize a good outcome. Focus on the positive. Be courageous ! Have a role play with friends or family to practise some good one-liners !

Emotions & feelings


Your habitual thoughts will cause you to imagine different kind of scenarios. A doom scenario in your head will usually result in a bad feeling. How often do you repeat previous attacks in your mind, each time experiencing the emotions again ? You can already feel fearful because of what tomorrow brings. Before you know you are in a vicious cycle with continious vicious results.

Tips : Focus your attention on things that feel good, let go of bad feelings instead of storing them in your body. Learn how to relax and do breathing exercices. Focus on heart feelings ! Anger issues : find some tips here : Throwing a tantrum ?


original (1).gif

Is there something out of your control ? Something or someone in your surroundings that actually worsens the whole thing ?

Do you have supportive family or friends ? When yes, spit all your worries out !

Tips : Too sad, too lonely, too depressed ? Seek help ! Suicidal, someone threatens you ? Seek help !

Social behavior


What is your attitude and style around other people ? How’s your walk and talk ? Are you walking with your shoulders up or down ? Are you facing the ground or looking around ? Do you want to control people all the time or are you the one being controlled ? Are you shy or bossy ?  What kind of behavior of others triggers you ?

Tips : Practise your attitude in front of a mirror, look confident, stand straight ! Make eye contact when you talk to someone ! Tell your affirmations out loud in front of the mirror every day !

“When did a dragon ever die of the poison of a snake ?”


All these things are related, and you will find out that when you bring a positive change in one section another will soon follow. Use the tips and you will surely get positive results !

Your own thoughts and emotions can be your biggest monsters and the most challenging  but you are always in control of them and you are able to change them ! When you face the fears inside the bully often disappears outside !

Phuro! Be inspired!

No strings attached

When someone has a request or asks you a question, you can feel whether they are trying to control you, pulling you in a certain direction or whether they are leaving you free to decide what to do.

Someone can make you an offer and say : “No strings attached”. If there are no strings attached to an offer or an arrangement, there is nothing that is unpleasant that you have to accept. You don’t feel duped or trapped. 

How often do you feel trapped or chained in a relationship ? Suffocated, unable to breathe ? How often do you feel that “your hands are tied” or that someone else is pulling the strings ?

All these expressions may refer to attachment cords. Most people consider this figurative language but on the subtle plane these cords do exist !

Toxic relationships are kept alive by astral cords. Because of these strings we can feel stuck in our lives !

People constantly nagging at each other, verbal or physical abuse, blame and shame or humiliation…

A lot of negative energy (even from the past) runs through these cords, between these persons, flowing in and out of their aura.

Even when someone has died, the energy patterns in these strings can still remain active or triggered !

Letting go of the death of a loved one doesn’t mean you no longer love that person, it means that you still cherish all the good things but you allow each other to continue your journey.

These cords aren’t limited to people eighter. These cords can exist between you and your personal belongings, certain objects or places.

They can exist between you and your house, your car, animals and plants…

You can be tied to thought patterns, (religious) beliefs, ideas and desires.

You can be absorbed by ideals of certain groupes or organizations.

How can you break free ?


Do not allow others to penetrate your energy field or to dominate your space. Learn to protect yourself and keep your energy free. “Breaking free” requires a lot of conscious attention and emotional detachement !

Visualization exercises

Going back to a positive experience or creating a new one !

Can you remember a time when you faced your fears, when you acted courageous and fearless ? Go into the emotions of that moment, feel that strength and power again, see how other people responded to your courage, your guts and determination ! Try to apply this in your daily life again !

Balloon Technique
A simple technique is to visualize that you are surrounded by a bright light bulb or in a bright balloon. Zip it from bottom to top, seal it completely ! This way you protect yourself from all negativity, but you still allow the good to come to you. When this technique becomes a habit before you greet other people or when you move yourself into a crowd, it will keep you free from attacks from the outside.



When others or mean to you, humiliate you, do not react but remain calm. Imagine that there’s a fog coming up, seperating you from your agressors, a veil seperates you from those vicious words coming to you. They are absorbed before they can hit you. Nothing can touch you !
Other interesting reads :


“Energetic divorce” Tapping exercise from Jen Ward (


Empower yourself with this simple but powerful protocol !

You can do this exercise regarding every person in your life. Untangle yourself from a family member, a co-worker, your boss or friend. Free yourself from the energy of an ex-husband, a vicious client, or a sick patient. You may even want to do this protocol with every organization or idea that has held you back…

(Say each statement 3 times out loud while CONTINUOUSLY tapping on the top of your head at the crown chakra and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest at the heart chakra)

“I release being with ___________ out of habit; in all moments”
“I release feeling dependent on ____________; in all moments”
“I release feeling beholden to ___________ ; in all moments”
“I release being enslaved to ___________; in all moments”
“I recant all vows and agreements between myself and __________; in all moments”
“I remove all curses between myself and __________; in all moments”
“I sever all strings and cords between myself and __________; in all moments”
“I dissolve all karmic ties between myself and __________; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that _________ has put on me; in all moments”
“I remove all the pain, burden, limitations and engrams that I have put on ___________; in all moments”
“I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Creativity, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Confidence that ____________ has taken from me; in all moments”
“I give back all that I have taken from ____________; in all moments”
“I withdraw all my energy from ____________’: in all moments”
“I release resonating with ______________; in all moments”
“I release emanating with ______________; in all moments”
“I remove all of _____________ from my sound frequency; in all moments”
“I remove all of _____________ from my light body; in all moments”
“I shift my paradigm from __________ to Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Success, Security, Companionship, Creativity, Peace, Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Enthusiasm, Contentment, Spirituality, Enlightenment and Confidence; in all moments”
“I strip all illusion off of ___________; in all moments”
“I transcend ____________; in all moments”
“I repair and fortify the Wei Chi on all my bodies; in all moments”
“I align all my bodies; in all moments”
“I am centered and empowered in divine love; in all moments”
“I make space in this world to know true Love: in all moments”
“I remove all blockages to knowing true love; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to recognize true love; in all moments”
“I stretch my capacity to embrace true love; in all moments”


Untangle your knots and cut the cords between you and your problems !

Phuro! Be inspired!