The three fields of cultivation

In our body we have three important centers that can store and increase energy, in Taoism they are called the Dan Tien.

The lower Dan Tien (Jing)


The lower Dan Tien(Jing) is located two inches below the navel. All power which mobilizes the body originates from this energy center.

It allows us to develop and use Qi (middle Dan Tien) and Shen (upper Dan Tien). The other Dan Tiens cannot be felt until enough energy has been built in this lower Dan Tien.

In Taoism, martial art, Qi Gong, …the lower Dan Tien is also called the seat of Chi. It is responsable for fueling our body so that we stay vibrant, strong and healthy.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our strength, endurance and will power.


The Middle Dan Tien (Qi)


The middle Dan Tien or seat of the soul, lies in the chest area and corresponds with the heart. It is the area of our emotions and and the root of the ego’s sense of self and individuality. It is our connection between the heavenly realms (spirit) and the earth.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our capacity to express our feelings and to show compassion.


The Upper Dan Tien (Shen)


The upper Dan Tien lies in between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead and corresponds with the third eye or pineal gland.

It is the area of mental thinking, intuition and psychic activity and is related to spirit and consciousness.

When we focus on this energy center we develop our superior mental skills and our connection to spirit.


Alignement of the three Dan Tiens

Jing generates Qi. Qi transforms the food and feeds the Jing. An abundant Jing is the substratum of a strong and clear Shen.

A centered Shen extracts more efficiently the nutrients of the food and the energy of the air.

A focused Shen activates the Qi. When the mind is quiet and empty, the true Qi is under our conrol.

The mind is the owner of the energy and the energy is the owner of the blood. A centered Shen with high values doesn’t waist energy.

The mind influences on breathing. Calming the breathing, the spirit gets centered. An abundant Qi gives you a powerful consciousness.

“外三宝不漏 Wai San Bao Bu Lou: Close your external treasures, do not leak your jing qi shen.”

Dr Master Sha


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When two become one

If you are already in a relationship with your soulmate or twin flame, what I am about to write will sound very familiar.

You are literally dealing with your other half, it’s a magical match made in heaven a long time ago !

When two become one

It creates a powerful unit when twins reunite. ‘One and one equals two’ isn’t the correct answer ! When these two are added the result is exponentially more ! What is bound in heaven isn’t added but multiplied, to the power of the 144,000 !

They carry the Divine blueprint of creation and remember their soul essence and power when they merge. Together they radiate a powerful energy, Love is amplified and unified as One.

“Love is the glue that holds this universe together.”

A powerful magnetic pull

They can be separate for long but they are destined to find each other. And when they do, they become inseparable, you can’t have one without the other…

They are drawn to each other like glue, there’s a constant magnetism between them. The further they are removed from each other, the more painful the separation feels. It’s like a rubber stretched to its limits : it creates a lot of tension !

Telepathic connection

Although apart, there is always a telepathic connection between them and they usually sense when there is something wrong with their twin or when the other needs assistance.

Both can have very vivid and prophetic dreams or even share or remember dreams about their past and future together.

A sensitive liaison

No need to lie about their whereabouts, they both sense when their partner isn’t truthful. These issues usually pass very quickly as there is no need to hide anything in this relationship. No need to put a mask on ! They both see through inauthenticity…




They are yin and yang, light and shadow, male and female, they are each other’s poles. They complement and complete one another. He is the light in her dark, she is the light in his dark.

This constant push-pull creates a tumultuous and complex relationship. They push each other’s buttons several times because of the mirroring between them. They usually have important shadow work to do ! There is a lot to be played out as they trigger each other’s fears and angers.

Together they can transmute an enormous amount of old energies which effect ripples through to the collective for the benefit of all.

“If your path is more difficult, it is because of your high calling.”

Challenges and tests

They can go through many challenges : their faith and strength can be tested to the maximum, they can experience hardship in various areas of their life.

When one finds him/herself experiencing a tough time or going through a particular transition, their twin is often there to support, guide or protect them. Whenever one of them falls in the trap of self-pity or blame, the other will sustain the Higher vision instead of instantly gratifying their partner’s emotions.

They can help one another rise above issues they normally wouldn’t be able to solve all by themselves.

They lift the other one up when they are down. When they are doubtful, they remind their partner of their divinity….It’s definitely Divine intervention !

Destined to meet

They might have met each other before or might have known each other in other lifetimes. They might unknowingly or unconsciously have already been close to each other !

They may live in each other’s neighbourhood for years, having any knowledge of each other’s existence or they may find their twin in another corner of the world !

They could have met by accident, in an unusual way, it was a coincidence !

Catalyst for growth

They both fulfill the role of teacher and student as they learn from each other, they help each other grow spiritually or assist in the awakening process of their partner.

They are benefitted by their bond : they need each other to sustain the higher vision they both share or need assistance from their partner to complete a particular mission.

They are each other’s catalyst for growth. Although they won’t immediately give you what you want, they will give you exactly what you need !

Attachment and non attachment

They don’t try to change one another. They can be free and bonded at the same time, the relationship doesn’t feel restrictive ! It feels safe and comforting but isn’t suffocating.


A Big Bang !

You all know what happens when two stars collide : there is a big explosion ! When God made its creation, male and female were separated and moved away from each other, but since the magnetism is still there, they feel incomplete and they long to unify and become one once again…

Once you’ve met your twin, your world will be shaken : There has been a sacred love explosion, a Big Bang !

No matter what sex means to you right now : a play, a power game, a love connection or just something physical… Keep in mind that it is a powerful exchange of energy and it can eighter be destructive or constructive depending on the intent both partners have during sexual intercourse.

Twin flames work towards balance in their relationship : sex isn’t the usual power game anymore, it is a sacred union. They feel their oneness ! They don’t feel guilty about their sexual appetite as this kind of passionate madness is normal in a twin relationship !


The mind minds

Pitfalls and booby traps usually come from the ego, it is again the mind that minds and causes to question the relationship. It can bring up all kinds of excuses why it shouldn’t be : the partner is too young or too old, it feels ‘too good to be true’ or ‘not meant to be’. The heart feelings are denied because of fears and resistance.

Energy vampirism & psychic attacks

They are prone to energy vampires because of their magnetic vibration. Be aware of those who literally can’t stand the light ! They will try to pull you down or pull you away from each other by spreading lies or by despising your relationship. Even close family members can be totally against the relationship.

People sense there is “something” about twin flames and have the tendency to oppose that which they can’t grasp or understand !

And if you would ask me how a twin relationship feels, my answer would be this :


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Let go, let God

“Growth is only letting go of the concepts of lack and limitation or, on the positive side, going within and seeing this unlimited being that we are and choosing to remain as such.”

Lester Levenson

A lot of people are anxious to let go of their attachements and suppressed emotions. They wonder what will be left of them once they have released these things.

“Will I lose my identity ? Will I be unrecognisable to myself ? Will I get senseless ? Will I become unable to experience the wonders of life ? They again fear…the unknown.

It is a remembrance however. The thousands years of ignorance made us all fall in deep sleep and amnesia. We completely forgot who we are.

All the identities you created in order to properly function in this world aren’t who you truly are. You believe that they are you, but they are just holding a veil in front of the real you. You are feeling restless because you drove far off from your own beingness.

Trying to get rid of your negativity and problems is struggling with them and sustaining them. The only way you can get rid off them is by not holding on to them.

You still hold the mental image in mind of the things you don’t want instead of what you desire. You are still thinking in terms of limitation and bounderies.


Let go of what keeps you trapped in a vicious negative cycle, strip off layer by layer until all the weight and illusions are gone.

What is left when you strip off all these impostors is your Beingness and it has more to offer than all the things you are so desperately trying to sustain or cling on to.

You will gradually see glimpses of who you are, what you came here to do and where you came from. As you remember who you are, you exponentially grow.

True feelings will arise again because they will come from source, straight from the heart, where judgement is non existent and only truth is seen and experienced.

In order to let go of what troubles us, we don’t necessarely have to dig deep in our subconscious. We would only involve our thinking too much, leaving us doubting more and even creating more drama in our life.

Letting go is easy and simple but it can look hard because of all our past habits. Just let go and let God restore everything to perfection. Return to the stillness of your being and surrender to that higher power.

You are an infinite being able to accomplish anything ! Just don’t mind the mind and the mind won’t need minding !


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Transformation !

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

Romans 12 : 2


When we have eaten something toxic, our body automatically flushes out toxins, we don’t need to instruct it. When we are sick, our body knows how to heal itself. Every part of us – from organs to cells – is able to recreate itself automatically !

Inside every cell we are also able to hold memories, negative and positive ones. The physical body retains a memory of what the mind experiences. The mind or brain and nervous system retain a memory of what the body experiences.

If muscle memory wouldn’t exist, we would probably have to relearn fundamental basic skills every day such as riding a bicycle or how to kiss !

It stores the negative things aswell ; physical and psychological trauma we experienced during the course of our life. Dr. Deepak Chopra calls this the phantom memory within our cells (cellular memory).

Long after a trauma, deep within the brain, our subconscious mind remembers. The smells, the sounds, the tastes, the visuals surrounding the event are stored to form an emotional picture within the brain.

We can stimulate our body’s natural regenerative process. We can support our body by giving it the right commands. We can heal our body by holding the right intentions for it and visualising it healthy !

Our cells are reacting to everything that our mind says. If we think negative thoughts we harm our body and are affecting our immune system in a bad way, If we think positive thoughts that leave us feeling happy, we are nourishing our whole body-mind-soul system !


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Who lives in your head ?

I recently saw an episode of the Big Bang Theory where Sheldon and his friends were about to play a bowling tournament. Suddenly Sheldon found himself standing face to face with his enemy Wil Wheaton, a guy he really dislikes because he has beaten him at a card game several years ago.

While Wil doesn’t care what Sheldon thinks of him, Sheldon still struggles with feelings of resentment, irritation and hate !

Wil Wheaton : You’re not still carrying a grudge because I beat you at this card tournament, are you ?

Sheldon Cooper : I’m the proud owner of, .net and .org. What does that tell you?

Wil Wheaton : It tells me that i am living rent-free right here. (Points at Sheldon’s head)



Bang ! Big bang !

I started wondering : “Who is still living in MY head ?” “Who is living there rent-free ?” “Whom should I have refused entrance to a long time ago ?” “Who do I still allow running around in my mind, disturbing my inner peace, controlling my emotions ?”

Sometimes you replay several times in your head what has happened in the past and you start reliving the pain or the suffering that the person caused you. Perhaps you even start crying again or get angry when you think about it. And then the doubts creep in and you start blaming yourself : “I should have done this or I should have said that !”

Next time your mind wanders to a person or an event from the past that still triggers you emotionally, try to play another scenario in your head. Let go of the old condition and create a new scenario that brings you peace !

Let all this bottled up, unexpressed anger out of your system and state : “Stop ! I do not allow you to to cause havoc in my house !” (Seek help from a counselor or person you trust when these emotions are related to traumatic events, these people can assist you and provide a safe environment that allows you to relive the experience.)

All our emotions and thoughts are energy. We often place our focus and our intentions on things that do not feel good, but all they do is disrupt our sense of well-being, they bring our energy level down. When they are clogged long and deep enough they even cause disease in our bodies !

The only one who is holding the reins is you ! Why not go the direction that makes you feel good ? If negative feelings are suddenly bubbling up, do not feel guilty about how you feel but see it as an opportunity to refocus, to set your intentions straight, to choose experiences that are in alignement with your true self.

When your home is no longer disturbed by the hooligans from your past, you will have created enough space to allow the good into your life!

Phuro! Be inspired!

No past, no future…

Scott Morrison wrote in one of his books this short piece he called “The Whole Teaching.” It sums up everything he taught about spiritual awakening, liberation and transformation.

No past. No future.

There is no past. the past is a mental picture, constantly edited by us.There is no future.There are only thoughts in the present about things that have not happened yet. We project our thoughts to future events. Again it is a mental picture.

Open mind. Open heart.

We don’t view things as they are because we are putting judgement on everything. Quit putting conditions on yourself, people and things. Love unconditionally Quiet your mind, open your heart and calm your body. Allow things to unfold naturally.

Complete attention, no reservations.

Become fully attentive in the moment. Be here now in stillness. Remain present ! Practise mindfulness.

That’s all.

Phuro! Be inspired!

“No one can trigger me, only I can do that.”

When you were born, you were born “clean”, with a clear slate. But then people began “steering and molding” you. You were learned what was appropriate and what was not, what was “bad” and what was “good”, they taught you how to behave ! The conditionning had begun.

Then people began putting all kinds of “spells and curses” upon you : “You are a good for nothing type !”, “You can’t do that you dummy, people will laugh at you !”, “Why can’t you behave ?” Even your girlfriend who says : “You’ll never find someone like me again, ever !”, without noticing it herself, is cursing you too !

And then once this curse is placed in your unconscious mind, and repeated with time, it gets a life of its own : it turns into a belief and you are completely unaware of its source ! You wonder why on earth things are not working out for you !

Eventually you become a good spell caster yourself, a black magician. You start blaming yourself, then you feel guilty, you become fearful and state all kind of things for yourself : I am not this, I have not that, I should not do this, I , I cannot do that, poor me !

Not knowing or not remembering who we truly are, we start searching for happiness outside of ourselves, we try to get it in acquiring all kinds of stuff, we look for love in our partner, we look for recognition at work, we try to control things or force our way in or out something. We are always giving our power away !

Is your life running on auto mode ? Are you only conscious of your environement ? Looking at life only through your five senses and then putting meaning on things ? Analysing situations, contemplating reasons why something has happened to you, judging others who you thought were wrong, critizing, putting names on things,…?

You have driven far off from source, unaware of your true self. That true self that is hidden under layers of beliefssystems, of different identities your ego mind has brought to life, in order to “properly” function in society.  As long as you don’t change your thinking, you are going to run around in a circle, biting your tail so to speak and repeating different scenarios in your life you didn’t want in it at all.

First step to self awareness is to be conscious of your thoughts, emotions and the words you are using.  This is the real cause of what you see in the outer world ! In order to change what is going on outside, you have to change the inside first and investigate what is holding you back. You always get what you believe is true !

Put yourself in calm state, shed all fears. You have to return to source, to the stillness within you, the only power that can restore everything to its divine perfection ! Empower yourself with positive words that make you feel good. Always have the intention to think good, feel good and do good ! Make it a habit of protecting your own energy so other people’s words and vibrations can’t trigger or hurt you. Have your bullshit radar on !

Let your mind, heart and soul be energyzed by the ether around you. Imagine yourself being in the high vibration of love, love pours out of your heart and like a hot lava stream the light shines into every cell of your body ! Let all your cells and organs be cleared, imagine divine love being transported by a roller coaster, flushing away all debris in your body, holding the perfect blueprint for each and every cell and organ ! Make it a fun and energyzing ride !

Phuro! Be inspired!