Electrified !

Music is a primal way of communication. It is a conversation everyone can get involved in, it’s a language everyone understands. It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t come with instructions or a manual. You can’t force your way into it…

It makes you forget time and it bypass your mind. It creates a show where your inner world comes alive, where you let your feelings speak and let them take the lead. It fulfills the need to express yourself and connect to a part of you that your mind doesn’t comprehend.

Once the rhythm has got you going, your body becomes an extension of inner arousel ! You are in a trance !

Music can be hot and cold combined, some songs send shivers down your spine. They instigate that fire within, like eels they move in this fluid of emotions, electrifying your natural habitat ! Aren’t some satisfying in a cold shower, others dangerous at meltdowns ?


Some create an energy that is alluring, vibes that are seductive. You surf these waves of sensuality to instigate others, you somehow hope it has the desired effect on them or that at least your message is answered and doesn’t get rejected and returned !

Seasoned with your preferred flavor, some homemade imagination, you hope it will lead you to the ultimate sensation !

Music is a magical potion for the masses, a healing recipe for the individual, we heal in coming together, we heal through celebrating our aliveness ! It is a forgotten power that can overwrite any trauma and create a different story.

Some melodies touch your heart and cause a groove in there, some strike a chord and leave you in awe. They catapult you in another dimension – timeless and immortal – the moment they take your breath away…

Phuro! Be inspired!

You were so fucking twisted, out off this world ! My kind of tease…You were my favorite companion during long rides, always putting things in higher gear ! Without any shame : my son carries your name…I am forever holding you in a giant cosmic hug Keith Flint…Rest in peace ! Thank you for setting my world on fire and electrifying me !






Sky & sand

A friend of ours used to have a snack bar in our neighbourhood. One evening my son ran to the counter and ordered french fries and a burger, he mentioned to our friend that he didn’t like the sesame seeds on the bun !

Our friend immediately took a burger bun and started scraping off the seeds…

I started laughing. ”What are you doing silly, you don’t have to do that you know, stop that ! You are treating my son like a king.” I said.

He turned to me : “If the boy wants a burger without those tiny bastards, he will have one !”

Before I could even reply he continued : “Shall I remind you of one of your house rules lady : “The Queen doesn’t cook on Friday !”  “Well today is my turn to treat him like a King !” He winked at my son who already had a big smile on his face !

There was no point in arguing with him so I rested my case ! Our conversations were always quite loud and joyful, we liked to tease each other !


But months later our plans to have french fries for dinner were disturbed, the doors from our friend’s bar were closed and stayed closed. Closed as in forever closed…

He had killed himself the night before. We were all in shock. How was that possible ?

He was fully prepared and had it all planned. He had written his last wishes on paper for his family. One of them was to play “Sky and sand” at his funeral.

That’s the reason why some weeks later, I found myself in tears at a wedding party when the DJ played this song. Although it used to be one of my favourites, I was now instantly reminded of darkness and death !

There I was asking myself : “Why ? Why you ? What were you thinking ? Why was your soul in such pain ? Why didn’t you shout out and ask for help ?”


He was already the third one who decided to step out of life and hang himself. The weight of those three fell on me, through that song, that night on the dancefloor…

Music touches our soul directly and is able to remind us of the good times and the bad times. It can bring back joyful and painful memories and trigger our deepest sadness or happiness !

It took me a while to get over the sadness and grief that I had linked to the song and to really appreciate it again without shedding tears.

I now see its beauty again and when I hear it I think about all those beautiful souls and the good times we had !

As long as we are flying, all this world ain’t got no end !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Highlighting the good life

Need help to loosen and lighten things up ? Do you want to live the illumined life ? The way to enlightenment is easy. The rules for living the good life are simple :

Smile !

“No more rainy days, the sun will chase the clouds away, in the good life !”


Shine your light !

“No more sorrow, nothing borrowed in the good life !”


Celebrate life !

“No more bad times, only glad times in the good life !”

original (1)

Vibrate high !

“A feeling that you get from the good life, once you get the good life feeling !”

giphy (8)

Love !

“Love is shining, life is thriving in the good life !”


Phuro! Be inspired!


Generate love

“All of the love we generate…
The only thing that carries me on…
There’s nothing we need that it can’t create…”

According to the studies of Manfred Clynes, a former pianist, all over the world people from all walks of life express emotions in a similar way.

When we listen to music and have an emotional experience, our nervous system always responds in a characteristic way which is measurable with a sentograph.

When people hug and caress each other, or express anger or hate, each time these emotions follow predictable wave paths of pressure.


Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related ! If we’re hugging our loved one or express feelings of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug !

The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bent around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centered and self sustaining !

Love…There’s absolutely nothing that it can’t create !



Phuro! Be inspired!



Retro pleasure

“Hi people, do you hear the sound?  This is the sound of pure pleasure. Do you wanna feel it, do you really wanna get high?  So just close your eyes and relax.  It will take you to a realm of joy and extacy.  Come with me and you’ll see the violet sky of great paradise. Have a nice trip !”

giphyJuan_jijako_vintage_ange_carte_postalegiphy (1)

Phuro! Be inspired!


This is Belgium !

Mr. Trump called our capital “a hellhole”. He doesn’t have to apologize for what he said, maybe he was confused because our national soccer team is called ‘the Red Devils’. But I’m not here to talk about Belgian politics !

The only thing I can mention is that our prime minister reminds me of Mr. Potatohead, our minister responsable for healthcare looks like she has never heard of a diet before (allthough she is a doctor herself) and our minister of agriculture and nature said (and I will literally quote her here) : “The only function of a tree is to be cut.”

Enough said, let us skip this political crap 🙂

Of course everyone knows we are famous for our food : wafles, beer, french fries and chocolate ! We had some famous inventors aswell. Adolphe Sax for example who invented the saxophone. And did you know a Belgian man (Robert Cailliau) co-invented the internet ? Belgium connects people !

But that’s still not what I wanted to talk about today. I am proud to be Belgian because of our exquisite music scene ! New beat, techno, trance, acid,…Name it, we got it ! From “Bonzai” to “Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike”, we can offer you “the crème de la crème” !

It’s impossible to present them all here, but I have listed some of my favorites ! Are you ready ? Here we go !


Millionaire is my all time favorite ! The band has surprising songs, with many twists and turns. Their music often takes me to another dimension. I adore Tim ! I think he is a genius and he is definitely a muse to me !

I was on a low in life, questionning and doubting myself, when after 12 years of silence they were back with a brand new song. Their comeback made me joyful and reminded me I still was “on track”. Millionaire has always been there, not only in my music library but also in my heart !



Here is some authentic girl power ! Coely has definitely stolen the hearts of her fans with her soulful voice, her strong presence and adorable kindness. New in our music scene but winning award after award, Coely is about to conquer the world !

Coely’s DJ Tim happens to be a friend of ours, who regularly came to visit us at the time he was still going to college. He was already passionately involved in making music back then and we always knew he was destined to become famous one day ! He also performs solo under the name “Ephonk” !



People call him Belgian’s Jeff Buckely. He won a talent show on Studio Brussels and became rapidly known because of his breathtaking voice. His father is Egyptian, his mother is Belgian. His grandfather is a famous singer in Egypt aswell. Tamino has the ability to strike a core in people on a deep level ! I know for sure his song “Habibi” will leave you speechless or make you end up having goose bumps all over your body !


“Charlotte De Witte”

Formerly known under the artist name “Raving George” (she wanted to hide that she was a girl so that people wouldn’t have prejudices ) she later on decided to continue her DJ career under her own girl’s name Charlotte De Witte.

She uses a lot of great classics from the Belgian techno scene in her performances, allthough the song “You’re mine” together with the talented Max Colombie from Oscar and the wolf, might be her most famous one.


Do you have favorites from our Belgian music scene ? Let me know ! Maybe I feel inspired to write a part two to this blog !

Phuro! Be inspired!