Blue inspiration

When I was a child I thought there was a hidden room in my grandparents’ house. I imagined it so frequently that I was convinced the room really existed. Hidden for all but in plain sight for me !

I kept visiting this secret chamber because it felt magical to be there, it was a bright room with a large library and comfortable chairs that sucked me even further in a dream state. When I grew up I was deceived that it only took place in my imagination…


But years later I found myself in that secret room again. The remembrance of the dream, the rediscovery of the room made me feel joyful, but it also reminded me of the deception so I said to myself “Don’t be caught too much in your imagination again…”

Then it dawned on me that this dream was about the wisdom of the heart : my secret room represented the core of my being ! This hidden room was my sacred space and I now remembered how to enter it !


Our whole life we seem to be in search for something we have lost but this inner intelligence is always with us, ready to guide and to teach us. It has always been there, it is always here now ! We have only forgotten how to access it.

The very core of your being speaks to you but not often in a language you immediately understand. Although it is a personal conversation, you are not always able to interpret the messages. You can’t accept this inner wisdom ‘cause you can’t recognize it any more !


You can only tell by your own experience how this sacred space speaks to you. I can only tell that opening up to the power of the heart feels like returning home and stepping into a place of love and acceptance. A magical place full of ancient wisdom !

You can discard your true feelings as being an illusion your whole life but then you cut off the communication between you and this innate wisdom. The heart may whisper or may not always use words but it speaks. Learn to listen !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Reset !

Dear Satan,


Today I feel compelled to write you a good-bye.

Your ways didn’t work,

I put them to the test.

Know that on the day of the grand finale

I’ll perform at my best.


I can’t live in a world where I’m allowed

to sing “Im a child of the devil” out loud

but not to whisper quietly the words

“Jesus Christ”.


Don’t expect me to show you any hate,

fear or remorse.

I just want to tell you your days are over,

your illusions destroyed.


From now on I’ll be at your heels


with all the help I can get from heaven.


Here’s a secret, I pushed the reset.

This planet isn’t your trophy,

I’ll never comply.

We’ve all inherited the earth,

it’s not an exclusivity only you can buy.


Knock knock !

Who’s there ?

A world waking up,

your worst nightmare !



Phuro! Be inspired!




Stockholm syndrome

“We all are angels in a self-imposed exile.”

Although our rulers are the ones who have instilled fear and anger upon us, deceiving humanity for thousands of years, some of you still defend them with your own life.

Just as the victims of a hostage, kidnapping or abuse can develop affection for their handlers or abusers, humans have developed a Stockholm syndrome on a massive scale !

Human consciousness got highjacked long time ago. Some people are still in complete amnesia, having no clue of what is really going on in the world.


Our rulers’ morals have totally infected and infiltrated our life. Teased and pleased with distractions so we wouldn’t question our imprisonment, we got brainwashed and hypnotized for life.

Some of you are so wired into lies, truth will never get unraffled for you. Completely turned docile you are even grateful for the small crumbs that are handed to you. Being enslaved means security and survival in this big dangerous world.

The ones who already came back to their senses, pointing the way towards freedom are often threatened and attacked. Even if they show that the door of your prison is wide open and complete freedom is at your disposition !

You are still in denial of the fact that you are trapped in mental and emotional slavery, that your handlers are playing both “good” and “bad” and that at their core they are pure evil, coming after your life !


Phuro! Be inspired!





Back in You

“There is no saint without a past, there is no sinner without a future.”


This is one of my favorite sentences to help me clear my perception from all errors. It can evaporate the belief in separation and make you see people “whole” again. These words alone have the power to put an end to all judgement.

How can you be free from judgement when your subconscious mind repeatedly finds evidence in the form of past hurts, mistakes, sins, shames and blames ?

In case your mind objects : Love overrules every judgement !

You stop projecting your fears upon people, you stop reflecting theirs back ! You stop taking cover or taking over when you interact with people !

You stop projecting past and future into the present and become sensitive to truthful perception and make truthful connections instead.

“I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.”



A strange phenomenon takes place when you clear your perception of how you think people are or should be. They are suddenly able to drop off their masks and show you their true identity.

It is a side effect of being fully in Power ! You return to the original template.

Back to where I belong, back in You !


Phuro! Be inspired!



Are you a sentinel ?

“Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.”


Neale Donald Walsch

From suffering and conditionned awareness to freedom and naked awareness.

When you quiet your mind you are more able to focus and direct your attention. The direction of your attention is a powerful tool to transform your life.

Your choice of attitude and focus not only affects your own experiences, it also affects the experiences and behaviors of others.

If you can quiet your mind, you become a sentinel, you get access to your inner gifts and your sixth sense and you’ll get a broader perspective in life, one not limited to the 5 senses.

It means you stop giving meaning to anything that happens, good or bad. It means you remain open and receptive to everything !

You just observe without preconceived ideas or judgements towards yourself and others. You finally get a clear view on reality !

With mindful practices and meditation you can learn to get beyond your mental noice and silence the monkeys in your mind. You can get in the zone quite easily when you start to control your breathing !

Flow is a balanced state where your actions aren’t disturbed by the preoccupations of your mind, it is a state in which time seems to have stopped and outer conditions don’t affect you at all.

It’s like you become immune to the mockery around, you can’t be ridiculized anymore or knocked out of your center !

You govern your inner world, you are the silent watchman at the gate ! You decide what comes into your world, trespassing is not aloud !

Phuro! Be inspired!


We fade to grey

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.”

Jim Morrison

In order to cope with life or blend in society we have created all these identities, these different “I’s” ! These ego structures have forced their way into our minds for decades. They have left us exhausted and have fragmented our power !

Behind this social shell we have accumulated piles of junk and barrels of toxic material, all kinds of dark thoughts and limiting beliefs, pain and frustration !


If we ever want to discover our magic again we need to release all these feelings of fear, anger and limitations.

It takes courage to fight the darkness inside and break down this “fifty-shades-of-grey facade”, it takes determination to stand out and to reveal the full spectrum Being that we hide.

But being awake, there are a myriad of colors to display…So why fade to grey ?


Phuro! Be inspired!


The Sirian Connection

By courtesy of Chris Parr

It’s Purging, renewing, rebuilding, reexamine, etc., time. It means it is time to face your past and lay rest to it. You see the past control has ended now, ever since the Sirian vortex opened April 23, 1994. Where you once were in a tight grip of your past pains, hurts, entanglements, martyr, victim, etc., you are now un entangling your self by unencumbering your self and then rising into unified self and Soul Power, the lord God/Goddess of your being.

When the vortex of Sirius opened the practice was over. Now everything matters, now you can play catch up, work on the work you didn’t do, take care of the work I should have done, tackle the work I procrastinated on, and finally play catch up. Now we can un entangled ourselves right before our very eyes. This does not mean we have to work extra hard, burn the candle at both ends or stay up all night, it means before when we healed the past nothing really worked and no one really wanted to assist us without hidden agendas but now the Sirian connection vortex is wide open and the purging, cleansing, renewing and healing may begin with ease and grace.

Are you ready Sirians, Lemurians, and Galactic team of love, this is the age we have been waiting for. This is the great purge, the great awakening to renew and finally change the old patterns and beliefs that have controlled your life for eons.
Are you ready light workers? .

Maybe this frightens you, scares you, puts fear in you but we wish to inform you dear star child this is a time of triumph flowing through your veins, imagination soring, filling your being with wonder and aww and facing your shadow by diving into the womb of your past and reediting and rewriting it.

When the vortex of Sirius open the light and love of this world grew and then practice was over. Just like 90,000 years ago a Sirian God/Goddess portal opened and Lemuria was born now the Sirian connection is wide open and the rise of Christ, (unconditional love within us all now gives birth in the womb of us all) Rise star children. Now everything you do, think, say, feel etc, matters into your reality. The history of the past hurts, being stuck in karmic loops, the control of the past that held you so tightly in anxiety and chest pains grasping for freedom air is now over. The history is undead, no longer alive within the Lord God of your being. You can free your self now from this pain, stop running, blaming and ignoring this grand Sirian vortex time of purging, renewing and rebuilding your sacred temple of the ongoingness of isness. It’s time, it’s now, the great purge, the great healing of planet earth is NOW. SO BE IT.

What does this all mean, means you can no longer play the cards I’m a martyr, I’m a victim, ego is tuff, self-pity, poor me, my life sucks, so hard here, get me off this planet, I did not want to come here, let downs, maybe I’ll give you up maybe I will not, etc, blah blah blah. The old seeking approval, attention seeking, sympathy seeking, excuse, playing small, avoiding my self, etc., is over. It’s done. No more. It’s time to birth the Real you and all the tools you need are here to do this. SO BE IT

We are playing for real now the practice is over. It’s time to stop playing the low-frequency board game and get off playing the Ego. It’s time to get out of our dance with martyr, victim, I’m not enough, I can’t do it, I’ll do it next life, you have the wrong person, etc, and instead dance with loves embrace. Dance with love like how the roots of the tree love the dance of rain. How the leaves love the dance of the suns rays. Dance now into loves EMBRACE magical child of love.

Some may say ya, I’ll get to it when I have a chance, but as the days, months, years go on you will see what I am talking about here because you will get hit and you will get hit hard. The tightness in the chest, the tightness in the solar plexus, the grasping for air due to the overwhelming emotional and mental blocks of anxiety. Sure you can try to run, change geographic locations , change jobs, change relationships, etc., but no matter where you go or what you do you can never run from your self. I have tried, it does not work. The past just comes back around and hits you right in the ass. Like your soul kicking you in your ass and saying you’re not coming from the real you. You can no longer leave the martyr and victim excuses and blame on the back burner of life. I’ll get to it when I have time, when the show is over when the world is healed ill apply my self, when I am ready I’ll do it, when I’m through with this excuse I’ll do it, etc. the time is NOW. NOW IS THE TIME DEAR ONE’S. SO BE IT

Are you through with the entanglements, projections, hurts, pain, let downs, games, crises, etc. For if we do not face them and heal them they can come back around, the spiral of creation, and become more intense then choke us in the present and future situations. Like how shame choked you when you were 2 years old or so and shut your soul power down and then you ran around life in your ego power. If you do not face your self you will end up introverting your self into a corner of life is against me. Free your self. I know martyr, the victim, self-pity, shame, etc., fight cheap but now is the time, the Sirian portal is open, to Finally Heal. The golden age is here.

Some of you but not all of you have really given much thought to your pain but now you feel it, it’s there now, why, because the practice is over, the Sirian cleansing vortex is open, and now the past has an impact on you. The growth you procrastinated on that you were planning to get to and work with, now counts more deeply and more profoundly then ever before. All that stuff I should have did years ago, responsibilities you thought you could ignore or diminish are coming up to the surface and haunting you. Maybe you thought it was not in the way, you could bury it, ignore it, work harder, etc., is coming full swing around and slaping you silly in the face. How is that going for you?

It’s time to get to the root of your entanglements. You can clear them now before they fully manifest into your reality, present and future more intense than ever before. I can also assist you with clearing all your entanglements in private healing sessions. I am SIRIAN. SO BE IT. From Streets as a crack addict to standing on tops of MNTS. SO BE IT.

Maybe you did not allow your self to change the past but instead just focus on changing the future. Maybe you thought you could overcome it, work around it, or ignore it but to actually change it, or you did not believe it was possible to change the past, that’s impossible. Is it? To the Ego it is.
In fact, we can go to the past and rewrite it, and when we rewrite the past we change the present and the future and the world. That means no more ignoring the pain within and you now step into loves embrace, clear, clean, and Dripping with love. SO BE IT.


We love you.
We know it’s hard for some of you to hear this. Maybe you want to discredit, deny it and even disconnect your self from it, by saying you Sirians say it to everyone.
We know you let us love you as a consciousness, as humanity as your soul, the real you but not the self, the physical you.
We do know you perhaps a lot more than you know your self. We love you more than we let on.
We hold back for we know it scares you.
All that we know as Sirians are we love you. You matter so deeply, so profoundly and so dearly to us. With this love in its multidimensional aspects, that we love you. Join now the shining ones of Sirius. We welcome you. Come with us and explore your Sirian connection.

Lemurian and Sirian
Galactic Council of light
Chris Parr


Awakening : Carry the torch of truth

“Did you know that you are already perfect as you are ? Don’t try to convince me you are not. I won’t validate the lies you tell yourself and sustain my vision ! Maybe right now, you are not able to see it, to you it seems unreachable, the mountain is just too high !

What if I tell you that you can rise above it ! Once the blinders fall off, you will realize fear is a trap, an illusion that keeps you separated from your dreams , but you can close the gap ! Face your demons and they will collapse !

Some people think upon hearing the word “awakening”, that it is just a new age term, it sounds too flower power to them and way too spiritual  ! All they can imagine is me talking about pretty birds and butterflies all day. I don’t know if the woolen socks are included in that vision…

Bullshit ! Awakening is waking up to your true power. It is rediscovering the truth of who you really are.

Children born in this world today are completely altered, brainwashed, conditionned by the age of seven. Between age zero and seven all creativity is sucked out of them and with it their natural power to create gets lost.

So they grow up in deep hypnosis, unconscious of what is really going on in their world. Some are so sucked in this deep trance, even in adult life they will never seek to escape and find out the truth about who they are.

People in the process of awakening have already transcended the victim state they were once in, but they might get stuck in survivor mode which prevents them from rising to the next level and to experience the ultimate freedom !

The struggle returns, confusion and doubt rise again and they meet a lot of opposition. They wonder why they’ve put in the hard work, all they get is one step forward and then two steps back !

In the survivor state the coin is flipped to the other side, a side where you seem to notice more darkness. Relax, this too shall pass. All your emotional junk is rising to the surface, ready to be recognised, released and transformed.

At this level you learn how to consciously release the old and realign with the new. You adjust till it feels natural and till you feel at ease !

Redemption awaits ! You will proudly carry the torch of truth once this has happened ! Reclaim your mind and set it free from its limitations ! Regain your power : you are the one throwing the coin, you are the one setting everything in motion !

Realizing this is awakening. Awakening is your second birth ! It is experiencing freedom for the very first time in your life.

What do you intend to bring about in your world ? What do you have to offer ? Are you sure that this is what you want ? Then throw the coin my friend !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Don’t say it’s just a remix, it’s The Reflex revision !


What if we changed the game…

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Matthew 5 : 5

I believe you can measure the sanity of society by the way it treats its empaths, sensitives and starchildren. It is in a degenerative state now !

Many of these precious beings are targeted and have fallen prey to the ignorance of society, they are numbed down, drugged down. Silenced. Sentenced to a life long sleep for being who they truly are :

Teachers ! Healers ! Gamechangers ! Wayshowers !

When they come out of the shadow, we should realize that the world is deeply suffering !

When they rise and raise their voice, we should be alarmed ! It means we have driven far off course and that humanity is at stake !

They feel earth’s pain and try to restore the balance and turn things around for all !

When nature is in turmoil, when the earth roars and rumbles, she is shaking off human cruelty. She is spitting out the junk that we as human species have put into her !

She reflects our consciousness and is showing us what happens when man becomes a killer, a killer of his own.

Society thinks that these gamechangers are madmen and usually shuts them down. They don’t know what they are doing, they keep their saviors far at bay.


In a world where empaths rule and rejoice, we would ALL be thriving !

These beings strenghten the womb of creation and lead us through our birth pains ! They pull us out of despair and misery and show us what is possible for all !

Accolades to the bearers of truth ! They are exposing every atrocity and cruel deed ! They are lifting the veil of darkness that has put humanity to sleep !

Accolades to the children of the light, they are the rainbow we’ve been praying for !

Phuro! Be inspired!






Choose wisely !

“Hatred eats the soul out of the hater, not the hated !”

Alice Herze Sommer

The devil has found his side chick in anger, agression and hate !

He will provide you with false feelings of strength and power but what he really does is consuming your life energy, sucking the life completely out of you, leaving you devastated and weakened !

“But what about our deal ?”, would you ask with your last breath.

“What deal ?”, the devil would reply.

“Well you are my Batman and I’m your Robin, there must be some kind of reward for being your faithful assistent that long…”

The devil would just smile upon hearing that much ignorance and naivety !

“It’s all your choise, it has always been your choise and it will ever be !” would his answer be while he hands over your remains to the vultures and hops on to his next victim…

Remember that hate only bears more hate.

Hate carries the fruits of self-destruction !

Choose wisely !

Phuro! Be inspired!