Passion, your desire’s lover !

“I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know you, all else melted away.”



Passion is your horsepower in life. When you tie passion to your dream, you never get bored or tired !

Passion propels you forward. It is a powerful drive coming from the core of your being.

Without it, there are no sparks, there is no real connection ! Neighter accomplishments, nor satisfaction !

Passion is your desire’s lover, it is a sacred mix, a marriage of intention and attention !

Passionate people can mesmerize a crowd and give others zest to thrive !

Passion secretly grows within. It is a seed spawn out of the dark.

Passion releases what was doomed to live in the shadow !

It is bravery and excitement, dipped in madness !

Madness for whatever you fell in love with…

Without passion you’re not able to fully taste the fruits of life !

What are you passionate about ?

Phuro! Be inspired!


Aarrr !

“No mate, I’m free forever. Free to sail the seas beyond the edges of the map, free from death itself.”


Captain Jack Sparrow

The map is not the territory

Every person has his own view (map) on reality. You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are. All your habitual thoughts and emotions make up beliefs and create an internal map of how you think the world should be or look like. You perceive the world with your 5 senses, but your perceptions are filtered internally.

Discover unknown territory

When you feel stuck or feel you have run out of options you are trapped in your habitual thinking ! This creates a mental loop that continiously reinforces and repeats itself. Once deeply ingrained in your psyche, it is difficult to get to the core of your misconceptions and to root them out for good.

As a pirate longing to find a long lost treasure, be desirous of broadening your horizon, be willing to explore unknown territory. As a pirate creating his own path, make new connections, create new patterns in your brain instead of parroting the usual negative stuff !

Be who you AARRR !

A parrot repeats without proper understanding and just mimmicks the behaviour of others. A parrot repeats what has been told without questionning…but a pirate is a free spirit !

He follows his own magical compass, the way of his heart, driven by passion for life itself ! This passion is translated in the word : “AARRR !!!”

Are you exhausted from the struggle ? Are you depleted by all the drama in life ? Are you facing an insurmountable obstacle ? A pirate says : “AARRR ! You can beat this !”

Is your energy decreasing and your vibration low ? A pirate stirs things up and say with full determination : “AARRR ! You can change this ! You can do it !”

What does it take to become a pirate and to discover the power within ? A pirate’s only advice would be : “AARRR ! BE WHO YOU AARRR !”


Phuro! Be inspired!






Choose life !

You have no idea how many people tell me they feel lost lately. They don’t know who they are, they don’t what they want, they don’t know what to do anymore ! They have been knocked down in life too many times, they feel they are out of choices and are desperate !

Many are ashamed because they believe they failed to live according to society’s standards, they think something is fundamentally wrong with them. No wonder depression and burnout have taken on epidemical forms !

A lot of people are in need to confess their sins, to confide their darkest secrets to someone who understands, someone who doesn’t judge or blame them for being out of course.

Where you are in life depends a lot on the choices you have been making so far. Maybe you wonder how life would have looked like, if you had followed another path…

What if ? “What if I stayed in that relationship, what if I took that job offer back then,…?”

Know that each time you make a decision that goes against the natural flow of life, you are damaging yourself and you will eventually experience pain.

The further you remove yourself from your center, the more tension you will feel until the pressure gets unbearable and you eventually break and lose complete connection with your true self. You are “lost” !

Every time something leaves you feeling bad about yourself or leaves you in pain, you are just going against your grain. You are on a course that Spirit didn’t exactly had in mind for you !


Each day we are able to consciously choose between joy and suffering or ease and dis-ease. We eighter move towards self damage or towards self healing !

Are you driven by hate and fear ? Always playing it safe ? Are you still living according to other people’s expectations, forced in a certain direction, a direction that isn’t yours ?

What do you really want to experience in life ? Put your wonderful imagination to work in a positive way and focus on what makes your soul expand !

If today you decide to turn things around and take the first step…

Don’t sabotage yourself : Choose life over death !


Phuro! Be inspired!


Seriously ?

One of the challenges of being highly sensitive is how to respond to injustice. Highly sensitive persons or empaths are extremely sensitive to negativity and they spot discrepancies and imbalances in people, groups and organisations like no other !

They are often surprised about the way things are going and they can’t really hide how they are feeling about it.

They wanna shout BULLSHIT whenever they hear or see it, take appropiate action or just leave the fucking place !


When an empath processes “data” and digests it through his or her sensitive organ of intuition, it is often translated into vivid facial expressions.

It’s their instinctual reaction when they spot lies, immorality and inhumanity. They easily see who’s genuine or fake. They sense people’s real intentions, that’s a great asset !

There’s just one pitfall : they can easily get blown away by people’s energy, knocked out of their center, knocked out of balance !

Once sucked in negative mode they are quickly crowned king or queen of sarcasm, constantly growling, eating their own hearts out…


If this sounds familiar to you : Don’t let it happen ! That’s not the real you ! You are just mirroring back these people’s feelings. You can consciously choose and transcend this level and regain confidence in yourself !

You can refuse to be pulled in drama, you can decide not to respond negatively. You can be conscious of what you let in or out !

Nothing can shake you if you return to your foundation for support and guidance, if you return to who you are and take care of your own energy !

Focus on your state of BEING, you are in complete control, you are the only one able to turn things around for your own well-being !


   Phuro! Be inspired!

Horrible bosses

Do you have to deal with a boss who is constantly grumpry, angry or frustrated ? Are you and your coworkers all affected by his mood (swings) ?

The king of bullies on the workfloor is that boss who spits his anger on everyone. Once he’s loaded, anyone can be his target. After the avalanche of poisonous words the receiver is usually left in shock !

Anxious to not mess things up, you all try to fly under the radar, you carefully choose your words, you try not to be offensive, you avoid being the firestarter at all costs !


At the end of the day you feel weakened. You are completeley worn out ! When you drive home you still think about the way he treated you…While you cook dinner, you boil inside, you still think about all the nasty remarks you were subject to. Being around these kind of people drains your energy !

Even though the anger might not be directly focused on you, the energy can still infect everyone negatively if you are not aware of it.

Especially when managers are frustrated about their affairs and are always complaining about how things are going. Business is never going well, it’s never the right time for a raise. There’s never a positive note. They are always grumpy !!!

After a while you start feeling weary. There’s not much left of your positive mood and without noticing it you arrive at complaining station yourself ! Anger, fear and frustration are very contagious emotions, they leave dark spots behind in our energy field.

Maybe you can’t control your boss’s actions or stop his anger, but you can control your reaction to his behaviour and stop the fire from spreading !


Don’t let negativity get under your skin ! Instead of taking everything personally and let the remarks hit you to the core of your being, think about what an excellent stand up comedian your boss is ! What a drama queen ! His outbursts tell more about him then they tell about you. Remember : No one can hurt you without your permission ! Brush yourself off after an attack !

Don’t dwell on it ! Stop your negative self talk and stop the fearful images in your mind. Refocus on the positive. Change your perspective. Put your imagination to work in a positive way ! Where you focus on, grows !


Don’t project on other people ! At the table one innocent remark from your spouse might be enough to get you in defensive mode. But this time you don’t remain silent. You are ready to respond viciously, you found a substitute for your boss and you are now easily triggered for the fight…

Before you realize it, you are the one acting bossy around everyone. The anger has spread out and has reached more people ! Be aware !

Don’t participate in anger ! Even though he is treating you unfairly, stay calm and balanced. More anger will only fuel up the fire ! Breathe calmly through the situation. Be the one acting righteously !


Loosen up while he’s losing it !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Unleash the beast !

Imagine we all had a fabulous Nascar race car in our garage ! Can you imagine yourself driving that car, at full speed ? I bet you do ! How many of us would be tempted to unleash the beast immediately and drive as fast as we can ?

But it wouldn’t take long to realize that we were lacking some essential skills in order to control that much horsepower ! Without the proper training, we would possibly make one mistake after the other or even end off track !


Some give up after their first attempt. Too scared to try again they quit their practise and go back to driving their tiny vehicle, just as most of us do. They lack courage and think it is impossible to “own” the super car so they return to mediocracy !

Others try several times but aren’t patient enough to continue till the end, they are distracted by opposition or tired of putting in the hard work !

Then there are people driven by passion, pushed forward by faith, people who never give up ! They turn to skilled drivers for advice, pilots who know every detail of their car.

They manage to be bold enough to hold on to their vision and diligently practise, destined to succeed and then one day, just like that, they feel a change within, some kind of shift and they are finally able to be “one” with the car !


So it is with our intuition. We are all born with a complete guiding system that helps us navigate through life ! But it is a super sensitive organ, sometimes it is not fully adjusted, not completely fine-tuned yet !

Even if you aren’t a highly sensitive person, everyone has these same capacities and can develop his or her intuition !

In order to get the most out of this operating system, in order to make it work to its full capacity so that it can serve, guide and protect us, we need to practise. Practise makes perfect ! Just as you exercise to develop and strengthen your muscles !

Our intuition or sixth sense is a combination of spiritual gifts and can work in different ways. This includes clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudiance and claircognizance. We usually have a preference for one of these gifts or a sense that is more developed.


Here are some tips for training your intuition !

Clear your mind ! You won’t be able to listen to this little voice within when your mind is already preoccupied with several expectations or when you are constantly dwelling on what bothers you. Go for a walk in nature, meditate to find the quitness in yourself.

Address your higher self and ask a question, but instead of waiting for the answer or again thinking about the problem, get lost in another activity. There’s a big chance that your answer will pop up later or that you will see signs in your surroundings leading you to the solution of your problem.

Does the course that you are taking feel good ? Or are there signs of aversion, uncomfortable feelings ? Listen to your body ! It knows what is good for us !

Trust your gut feeling !

Phuro! Be inspired!





Time for payback !

Karma is a bitch ! Karma is going to get him ! Leave it up to karma ! We’ve all heard this before. It looks like karma is the cosmic punisher isn’t it ? Time for payback !

What is karma exactly ? Karma in Sanskrit means action. Karma is the result of the law of cause and effect, of action and reaction. We reap what we sow ! As long as we live, we are creating karma, whether it is good or bad !

Karma isn’t restricted to this lifetime and several issues can be played out during many reincarnations. We have soul contracts between people or we have agreed to learn certain lessons in all our reincarnations on earth.

But karma makes a lot of people feel insecure ! They believe their bad karma is piled up and that it is insurmountable ! “What have I done to deserve this ? I must have done some really bad shit in my previous lives…How am I ever going to transcend all this ? I am not sure if I can do this !”

Some are afraid of creating new karma and are completely immobilized, afraid of taking the next step ! All they are left with is this fatalistic view on life. All their attempts to move forward in life seem to be futile and they are endlessly trapped in this spinning wheel !

maxresdefault (2)

Know that karma is part of maya, part of this cosmic illusion, this play of good and bad, just as its friend time is ! In order to transcend this dual life we need to balance out our karma and clear or cleanse ourselves from bad karma !

How do we lift this burden ? We need to let go of our earthly attachments, our errors and sins, our demons and hexes, our spells and curses ! We need to sever the contracts that we have made that keep us trapped in this spin !

We need to cleanse our consciousness and transform this energy untill we are free from the shackles of karma. We need to step off the merry-go-round to be free from the next reincarnation.

What is the motivating factor behind our actions ? What do we really want from people ?  Do we expect something in return ? What are our intentions ?

If we are honest with ourselves we know what is holding us back ! Our unfinished businesses, our grudges, our feelings of jealousy and hate, revenge and resentment…We keep shaming and blaming people, talking behind their back, gossiping, belittling.

Whatever you decide to broadcast today, whatever you send out in the universe in the form of thoughts, words and how you act, be aware that these are all boomerangs, sooner or later returning you the equivalent of your intentions !


Phuro! Be inspired!




When you believe in things that you don’t understand
then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way…

Stevie Wonder


I once read a story about a family that seemed to be doomed. All the males in that particular family passed away before they turned 55 ! Imagine being a boy or a man in that family having such a future prospect ! Imagine the conversations they must have had at family reunions…

Some family members called it bad luck, others called it fate. Some believed their family had been cursed or that someone had put a spell on them.

We often don’t realize that our life situations are caused by our beliefs, that our superstitions can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies and that our convictions can harm or even kill us !

We all know someone whose sudden death surprised us because we thought they probably were the healthiest person in the world, they took care of their body and were moderate in life.

We often sabotage ourselves : we focus on the things we don’t want or take action with the wrong intentions, we let fear constantly be our motivator and advisor !

We put conditions and expectations on things that haven’t happened yet, this way attracting them in our reality !

“I eat healthy because I don’t want to get cancer…” “I don’t do that because I am afraid I am going to fail…” 

“I must lose weight before I lose my partner…If he continues to behave like this, I’m going to have a heart attack !”

We believe that certain objects or people are the cause of our good fortune or misfortune, our good luck or our bad luck.


“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

Groucho Marx

These beliefs keep us trapped in an endless loop, a repetitive cycle of disaster until we break the pattern, until we consciously release our belief in them.

It is our belief that creates expectancy in our subconscious mind and attracts a “lucky” or a “bad” situation.

No one has really power over us unless we believe they do ! No outside forces are needed to put us back where we belong : in the driver’s seat of our life !

Do not suffer from these superstitions. Be positively fearless ! Have faith and believe in yourself !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Me minus drama !

Although everyone is looking for happiness, the search is futile because what you are looking for exists already here now. You’ll be happy once you are living a life you don’t need to escape from !

What keeps you away from this ultimate freedom are your thoughts that you constantly project to past or future events, leaving you unhappy.

So you need distractions from life and as a way to cope with the sadness and pain you create all kind of diversions, but you are not really able to experience true happiness !


Maybe you had a fabulous weekend and had fun with friends, but soon that monday morning feeling kicked in and you were sucked back into misery and meaninglessness.

Life is painful for many people and many suffer from mental health issues ! They’re not feeling good in their skin, even youngsters are already exhausted from life or feeling too apathetic to participate in life !


Happiness to me is a state of being in the now, being fully present. Unbounded, non attached. It is ME MINUS DRAMA !

It is free from complaints and compliance to life’s situations that drag me in darkness and depression.

It is free from the pressure to perform and free from the pain of going against my grain so I don’t feel burned out or bored out anymore.

It is stripped off the belief that life is a struggle and a survival of the strongest !

It is consciously choosing how to react to life and interact with the people around me !


When something goes wrong, are you going in the same direction ? Are you participating in negativity, adding fuel to the fire ?

Are you rather passive or apathetic towards what happens around you ? You don’t care, that’s their problem, whatever,…!

Or do you decide to be the observer and be present, completely balanced and centered, being able to choose the way that is non judgmental and feels good to all ?



Phuro! Be inspired!