Aarrr !

“No mate, I’m free forever. Free to sail the seas beyond the edges of the map, free from death itself.”   Captain Jack Sparrow The map is not the territory Every person has his own view (map) on reality. You don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as you are. All your… Lees meer Aarrr !

Seriously ?

One of the challenges of being highly sensitive is how to respond to injustice. Highly sensitive persons or empaths are extremely sensitive to negativity and they spot discrepancies and imbalances in people, groups and organisations like no other ! They are often surprised about the way things are going and they can’t really hide how they… Lees meer Seriously ?


When you believe in things that you don’t understand then you suffer. Superstition ain’t the way… Stevie Wonder   I once read a story about a family that seemed to be doomed. All the males in that particular family passed away before they turned 55 ! Imagine being a boy or a man in that family… Lees meer Superstitions