Governed by…

When you hear the word “to govern”, many of you will instantly think about our rulers, our governments or the people who have authority over us, the leaders of this world. You might think about several other people, groups or organisations having power over us : the bankers, our employers, even our teachers and parents. Other words will possibly flash into your mind aswell : … Lees verder Governed by…

Let go, let God

“Growth is only letting go of the concepts of lack and limitation or, on the positive side, going within and seeing this unlimited being that we are and choosing to remain as such.” Lester Levenson A lot of people are anxious to let go of their attachements and suppressed emotions. They wonder what will be left of them once they have released these things. “Will … Lees verder Let go, let God

Through the eyes of God

” One day God granted me a wish and created this beautiful mosaic. I could see through infinity’s eyes and navigate the skies. One day I got an answer to my why. God turned me into a dragonfly.” We are all aspects of God, viewing life from many different perspectives. God is consciousness and splits itself into many different viewpoints or “I ams.” Each viewpoint is a part of … Lees verder Through the eyes of God

De weg kwijt ?

Wie kan er vandaag zeggen dat hij het leven leeft waarvan hij heeft gedroomd ? De meesten onder ons leven op automatische piloot, of worden geleefd. We komen in jobs terecht die ons totaal geen voldoening geven, onze passies bergen we ergens ver weg. Het gevolg kennen we : we voelen ons op een bepaald moment “leeg”, opgebrand, zonder energie. We zijn het spoor bijster, weten … Lees verder De weg kwijt ?