Walking the Middle Way

“Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that. The void is all-inclusive, having no opposite – there is nothing which it excludes or opposes. It is a living void, because all forms come out of it and whoever realizes the void, is filled with life and power and the love of all beings.”

Bruce Lee

We often tend to swing from one extreme to the other…We take away power by force or we are victim of power mongers ourselves. We’re always in one big power game.

We swing from depths to heights, experience highs and lows, ups and downs, but we always shy away from the middle ! What happens in the middle ? Why are we so afraid of Nothingness ?

What happens when we don’t participate in drama anymore ?

What if we jumped off the roundabout that limits us to our lower states ? What if we stop continuously swinging back and forth from one extreme to the other : from fear to anger, from happy to sad…

We can escape this prison and go even beyond the happy and sad level and reach the space of non attachement to eighter good or bad, the state of oneness and bliss.

We can go beyond time, where in and out are melting together, past and future are blending, time just ceases and collapses into one narrow point.


Toroidal energy fields exist around everything.  People. Trees. Earth. Planets. The Sun. The Universe. Us.

Our electromagnetic body is also a toroid. All toroids have a black hole (negatively charged) at one end and a white hole (positively charged) at the other. Black holes suck in energy and white holes emit it.

The torus allows a vortex of energy to form which bends back along itself and re-enters itself. It ‘inside-outs’, continuously flowing back into itself. The energy of the torus is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself.

When the torus is in balance and the energy is flowing we are in a perfect state to clear ourselves of anything that is not corresponding to our highest self.

The zero point occurs at the junction of the white hole and the black hole, it’s a vacuum.  This void energises all living organisms. It neutralises harmful frequencies and increases our spiritual awareness, our sense of oneness.

We reach this point of singularity when we surrender to our higher selves, it happens quite naturally when the mind body connection is strong,  when our mind is quiet and peaceful and when loving understanding flows in our heart.

In this higher state we generate energy easily and we are able to create limitlessly.

The only thing that stops us from accessing our unlimited potential is the belief that we can’t access it. The only limitations are the ones we are imposing on ourselves.

Walking the middle way is walking through the narrow gate, cleared from attachements, it is clearly seeing and accessing the tools you already had from the start to navigate through this world, your world, your universe.

It is a indeed a moment of revelation when you understand that you can deliberately adjust your level of creation and create a whole new world !

Phuro! Be inspired!