Visualisation is all about selecting the right mental images ! Using your imagination is very important in all creative processes !

You are about to do something that makes you fearful. Now you can tell your subconscious mind : “Don’t be afraid” or ou can make a mental picture of your fear and say “Don’t do that !”


The subconscious will only see the picture and completely forget about the “don’t” and “not”, because these words mean nothing to it !

Mental image of what you don’t want + positive words = Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + negative words : Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + positive words : High vibration, positive feeling, positive result !


Just turn things around and focus on the result : if it doesn’t feel good, change your vision until it does !

You must influence your subconscious with the right impressions ! YES, IMPRESS IT ! You must make mental pictures of what you want and REPEAT them diligently but with ease, effortlessly…


It’s about selecting your view, envisioning “who you want to be” or “what you want to do” and feel your way into it, untill it really feels that good and naturel that you are completely comfortable with the outcome !

So it is a matter of focus and attention and one of internalising and intention !

magic word

And if you have a friend who supports your vision, you are definitely lucky…

Phuro! Be inspired!


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Between breaths

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.” 

Book of Job (33: 15-16)

It’s 9 am and you are sitting at your desk in front of your computer. Are you ready for take off ? Ready to face all challenges ?

The course of your day might depend on how it actually started. Let us rewind for a moment. What were you thinking of before you arrived at your workplace, when you were driving in your car ?

When you were at home, were you arguing with your spouse at the breakfast table ? Were you rushing to get the kids ready for school, were you screaming and shouting or running around like a headless chicken ?

When you heard your alarm going off this morning and you pushed the snooze button, how were you feeling ? Were you anxious to get out of bed, thinking : “All that awaits is another shitty day in the office” ? Well, isn’t that enough stress to start your day with ?

Why don’t you take some time to balance yourself and take control over the course of your day ?

Two key moments of the day is the morning when you wake up, when you open your eyes and the moment before you go to sleep, when you shut your eyes.

The morning is used to determine your vision. While you are still in bed, start by focusing on your breath, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, exhale gently through your mouth. What do you exactly desire today ? Evoke a mental picture of your ideal day.

Keep breathing at a gentle pace and try to notice the pause beween your breaths, between filling and emptying your lungs.

If you increase this pause without forcing your breathing, your mind will become quieter, and a quiet mind means a powerful mind. You can access a natural state of higher consciousness.

Have you ever looked at a sunset, or a spectacular landscape and felt in awe ? Didn’t you say afterwards : “That moment just took my breath away” ? Didn’t your thinking cease aswell ?

The evening is intended to revise the day. Start to focus on your breath as you did in the morning. Rewind your day to see what has happened. This might be difficult in the beginning, but you’ll make progress very easily ! Once you’ve fully mastered this revision technique, you can put certain moments on hold.

Scenes for example that you would prefer to see differently, more enjoyable, you can start adjusting according to your preference !

Make sure you don’t cling on to fearful situations. Do not go to sleep constantly repeating all the bad stuff that has happened in your life. It’s important that you have a clear image of what you want and a positive feeling should accompany it. If you can’t imagine a positive outcome, you better focus on a positive statement or you can silently chant “OM” or repeat another mantra.

If you feel you are losing control during the day and troublesome emotions are bubbling up, use a breathing technique such as Freeze Frame® or Quick Coherence® developed by the HeartMath institute to bring you back into this balanced state. Always try to visualize a feel good situation, imagine yourself in your happy place just as Happy Gilmore did !

This vision and revision technique will help you “clean up” daily and you will consciously choose to steer your life in the direction you want.

It wil also help you build a pause between stimulus and response, before you react to the external stimuli around you.

Remember today is the first day of the rest of your life. Every day offers you a chance for renewal, every day is a gift !

Life loves you. Give that love back by putting it in yourself first and stop your negative self-talk, your oppressive, restrictive thoughts and focus on the good.


Brain cells create ideas.
Stress kills brain cells
Stress is not a good idea !

Phuro! Be inspired!




Cosmic ordering

“Every transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed”


Sometimes you feel stuck in your job, or you feel you have outgrown a relationship. Sometimes you ponder : “There must be more in life than this !” Other times you could scream out loud : “Life is not fair !”

Without challenges there wouldn’t be impulses for change. Without suffering, you wouldn’t start your journey to find out how you could achieve what you want. Desire is the catalyst for growth. Desire is your motivation to change your current reality !

What you desire already exists, it is already created, your job is to draw it to you, to prepare for it and to adjust yourself to it. As the universal law states : ‘Like attracts like. What you send out, you get back.’ This is how it works.

First of all root all opposite ideas out of your consciousness and water the seedlings YOU have chosen to grow, give these ones your undivided attention, all your love and care !

Don’t limit yourself. Nothing stands between your ideal self or your dream than your own fears and doubts. You already have everything to be successful, happy and healthy. We all have our natural inner resources available, we have just forgotten how to access them.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

Buckminster Fuller

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Your imagination is one of your most important tools in creating your desired reality. See it as an endless field of possibilities. Learn how to use this field !

Whatever you focus on…grows ! You connect energetically with the thing you put your attention on. Daydreaming alone won’t do the thing and won’t manifest your desires ! You are still missing some very important activating factors. You need enough energy to reach your goal. You need the right fuel !

Another reason why not everything you imagine becomes real, is because your desires  are not “in tune” or in sync with what you believe about them. The desire can open the door towards your dream, your negative opinion or what you believe is true, can close the door back again.

You as the architect of your own life, you can experience whatever you desire, the same as the architect can see the house he has modeled in his vision or in his imagination.

Don’t choose the hard way and immediately jump into action, don’t start “building” without a plan, it usually requires a lot of discipline, practise and willpower. A small problem could make your structure collapse and get you easily discouraged. If you have a plan (vision), you always have the possibility to adjust. If you would adopt your self-concept and belief systems first you would have a solid foundation to build upon.

Once the architect (you) has put his plan (vision) on paper, the house can be build. You will have to find the most skilled craftsmen to perform the job. The builders of your reality are your feelings ! Be aware that every time the builders deviate from the plan, the structure will be brought to falter, making it a dangerous and unsafe construction ! Emotions can eighter help or hinder you in building your structure.

They seem to happen to you or they seem to be the result of a particular situation, but they are completely controllable and under your command ! So don’t say too quickly : “That’s just the way I am, I can not help it, I can not change that.”

“I decided to be happy because it’s good for my health”



You switch or shift one thousand times from one thought and emotion to another on a daily basis without even being aware of it. Your state of being constantly changes. You feel good or bad, happy or sad, full of energy or completely apathic. What we don’t realize is that negative thoughts and emotions rip us off our strength !

Unexpressed, undesirable or painful emotions are burried in our subconsciousness. This is how we deal with them : in order to forget them we suppress them or pretend they do not exist.
What we do is similar to a pressure cooker. We put ourselves “under pressure”, we waste our energy and are anxiously trying to keep the lid closed ! But as long as we do not let go of these particular feelings they are stored in our subconscious.

Sometimes the pressure gets so huge that we are about to “explode” or we literally make ourselves sick. We have to release these emotions, before they pile up in our minds and bodies, hiding who we really are underneath all that junk.

Learn to use your feelings as a GPS. Are there negative feelings bubbling up ? You have deviated from the original route (you focus on what you do not want with negative emotions as a result) or there is a blockage on the road to your goal (you focus on what you want but there are thoughts and belief systems in the way, again with negative emotions as a result).

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you”



Every situation is neutral until you give meaning to it, be it positive or negative, according to your state of being, the vibration of your being. Only when you bring your frequency in line (in atonement) with what you really want, you will see it manifested in your world.

The universe only gives us back what we allow for ourselves. Don’t blame it for messing up your order. Why didn’t you manifest the thing you’ve been asking for ? Was it a plea from your side or a prayer for pity ? Was jealousy the driving force or was it hatred, doubt or fear ?

Before you throw your boomerang, quiet your mind and relax. What is it that you want ? Try to get a detailed image in mind. Once you have a clear vision or have written down your order, you have selected the desired reality.

Don’t throw your boomerang without being aware of the state of being (vibration of your thoughts and feelings) you’re in. Remind yourself to get in alignement first. Remember to tune in to the right frequency, the one that matches the desire of your heart. Throw your boomerang out confidently. Allow and accept it to come back to you with the material equivalent.

When you keep a positive focus you will be more attentive to all the possibilities life has to offer, more synchronous events will happen and you will be drawn to people and objects that bring you closer to your goal.

Surround yourself with people and objects that constantly remind you of your new reality. If you are single, and you would like to attract a loving partner, cover the table for two instead of one. This is how you give a strong signal to the universe that you are ready to receive your blessings. Small actions with the right intention give amazing results !

If no changes occur, do not become discouraged. It is important that you stay true to your vision, even if it is not visible yet in your world.

If you have just received a divine order, let us say a delicious cake with a sweet chocolate topping but the creamy filling turned out to be soar, know you have the power to choose again and to have a satisfactory taste in your mouth this time.

Choose wisely.

Phuro! Be inspired!

Behind every great woman…

“Behind every great man, there is a great woman.”

Even if you are not married, or not currently in any romantic or intimate relationship, don’t think this message isn’t for you. Keep reading because…there are certainly other people who you can turn to for support, help, guidance when you need it.

What about a good friend to share your dreams with, a sister or brother to hold your ideal with, a parent or an uncle who comforts and calms you when you are struggling, a teacher or mentor who sees and believes your vision ?

“No man can fail if some one person sees him successful”

Don’t think you need a lot of supporters to get you on the path of success, happiness or recovery. One good supporting friend or relative is all you need.

When you become too emotionally attached to your affairs, when you come too close with them, fears and doubts can come creeping in. You start questionning yourself and your belief in your vision starts wavering.

The friend or “healer” sees cleary the success, prosperity or health and never wavers because he is not close to the situation. He is more able to see and hold on to your ideal.

Many great man owned their success to a wife, a sister or a friend who believed in him and held without wavering to the perfect design in mind. That is the true meaning of Jesus’ words :

“Where two or more gather in My Name, there I AM with them.”

Phuro! Be inspired!

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