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The instrument of God #144,000

Can we change earth's vibration ? "The number 144,000 is very significant for shifting the planet. When 144,000 people are gathering together with the same intent, a new vibration is created that can change the vibration of the entire planet. If you could bring in the vibration of 144,000 people's consciousness you would shift. The… Lees verder The instrument of God #144,000

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The hijacking of humanity

We are not victims of our life but co-creators of our reality. Our focus or deliberate attention, combined with a strong feeling becomes our point of attraction. Unfortunately we live in a fear based society, where we see negativity all the time. We are being controlled, manipulated and brainwashed by our governments, media and several… Lees verder The hijacking of humanity

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Earth is evolving, are you ?

Has anyone of you already noticed that earth's resonance, the Schumann resonance, earth's magnetic field which naturally vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 hz has doubled the last few months ? Meaning earth is vibrating higher than normal ? Earth is evolving, people are waking up ! Are you aware of what it means ?… Lees verder Earth is evolving, are you ?