“No one can trigger me, only I can do that.”

When you were born, you were born “clean”, with a clear slate. But then people began “steering and molding” you. You were learned what was appropriate and what was not, what was “bad” and what was “good”, they taught you how to behave ! The conditionning had begun.

Then people began putting all kinds of “spells and curses” upon you : “You are a good for nothing type !”, “You can’t do that you dummy, people will laugh at you !”, “Why can’t you behave ?” Even your girlfriend who says : “You’ll never find someone like me again, ever !”, without noticing it herself, is cursing you too !

And then once this curse is placed in your unconscious mind, and repeated with time, it gets a life of its own : it turns into a belief and you are completely unaware of its source ! You wonder why on earth things are not working out for you !

Eventually you become a good spell caster yourself, a black magician. You start blaming yourself, then you feel guilty, you become fearful and state all kind of things for yourself : I am not this, I have not that, I should not do this, I , I cannot do that, poor me !

Not knowing or not remembering who we truly are, we start searching for happiness outside of ourselves, we try to get it in acquiring all kinds of stuff, we look for love in our partner, we look for recognition at work, we try to control things or force our way in or out something. We are always giving our power away !

Is your life running on auto mode ? Are you only conscious of your environement ? Looking at life only through your five senses and then putting meaning on things ? Analysing situations, contemplating reasons why something has happened to you, judging others who you thought were wrong, critizing, putting names on things,…?

You have driven far off from source, unaware of your true self. That true self that is hidden under layers of beliefssystems, of different identities your ego mind has brought to life, in order to “properly” function in society.  As long as you don’t change your thinking, you are going to run around in a circle, biting your tail so to speak and repeating different scenarios in your life you didn’t want in it at all.

First step to self awareness is to be conscious of your thoughts, emotions and the words you are using.  This is the real cause of what you see in the outer world ! In order to change what is going on outside, you have to change the inside first and investigate what is holding you back. You always get what you believe is true !

Put yourself in calm state, shed all fears. You have to return to source, to the stillness within you, the only power that can restore everything to its divine perfection ! Empower yourself with positive words that make you feel good. Always have the intention to think good, feel good and do good ! Make it a habit of protecting your own energy so other people’s words and vibrations can’t trigger or hurt you. Have your bullshit radar on !

Let your mind, heart and soul be energyzed by the ether around you. Imagine yourself being in the high vibration of love, love pours out of your heart and like a hot lava stream the light shines into every cell of your body ! Let all your cells and organs be cleared, imagine divine love being transported by a roller coaster, flushing away all debris in your body, holding the perfect blueprint for each and every cell and organ ! Make it a fun and energyzing ride !

Phuro! Be inspired!