Here’s to Love !

Saturday morning I woke up very early, I decided to go through my reader and started reading several blogs. During one particular read, I couldn’t contain my tears anymore ! Not that it was such a sad story, on the contrary ! It was a story expressing hope, it was a letter from a soldier returning home soon to his family.

As an empath I am often drawn into these stories, often feeling very vividly what others go through as if I were present myself…But this time these were more than tears of compassion, It felt as a huge release of war related symptoms and syndroms.

Individually and collectively all these feelings and beliefs inherent to war are still present in our consciousness : division, seperation, loss of loved ones, sadness, insecurity, fear, anxiety, anger, hate and resentment, destruction and death…

There are still several active war zones worldwide. To this day millions are still threatened by the effects of war. Innocent people still die on a daily basis due to conflicts.

And even if your city isn’t bombarded, you are bombarded by bad news, you are daily informed where all these riots, fights, wars are happening on the globe. Even if you haven’t experienced war in your life or haven’t been involved in one up close, you were or are in some way still affected by it !

War is deeply ingrained in our memory, we still carry the fears of our ancestors with us, all these events are stored in our collective consciousness.

Maybe your grandfather passed down stories from WW2 directly to you, maybe the only thing you have is a picture of him because he didn’t make it alive…

Perhaps your brother or your friend is still overseas to fight, maybe you were seriously injured yourself and are now confronted with a war on a completely different level.

There’s this mess in your head and in addition numerous feelings you can’t cope with since your return. You are traumatized and unrecognisable to yourself, family and friends.

I still live in the city that was almost completely destroyed in WWI, I still live in the house in which basement my father and his family had to hide during WW2, It takes only a one hour drive to see the many graves of the fallen ones in Flanders Fields.


I’ve always loved poppies when I was young but when I grew up they lost part of their beauty and innocence, they reminded me more of the blood being shed and the atrocity war has brought us.

May the poppies not only be a symbol of remembrance of the death but may they represent the millions refusing to put their energy in thoughts of seperation, division and suppression.

May they be a symbol of hope and renewal, a symbol for people standing up together in love and peace, may they be a symbol for those who realised humanity is the balancing factor able to put an end to this continual dual swing of ours.

May the poppies be transformed to millions of lights and represent a species that isn’t in war anymore with itself, a species that can rise to the next level and restore the balance and peace that is truly needed.

Our fight is over ! Here’s to Love, here’s to Light !

I hope you enjoy the songs of Jasper Steverlinck, a Belgian Flemish singer/songwriter and guitarist from the band Arid. “Here”s to Love” and “That’s not how dreams are made” are two precious songs from his new album “Night Prayer”. (More info and link to social media :






Shatter the silence

A few years ago a woman told me her distressing story. It all happened when she was very young. She said that she took the boat to England with her father and her uncle. But it wasn’t just an overseas trip full of fun and pleasure; for the little girl it turned into a nightmare as she was raped by both her uncle and her father on board of that ship.

She was told that if she would cry or tell anyone “something” would happen to her or that she would simply be thrown overboard…


She had suppressed these horrific facts, she couldn’t even remember that the events took place…Until she experienced mental and physical problems in her twenties and she decided to go into regression therapy. There it all became clear what happened and what was really the cause of her problems.

A colleague of mine told me how she went to school one day when she was 12 and was molested by a group of youngster from her school. She made it to school, completely in tears and barely dressed…the woman is now in her fifties and could tell the story as if it happened yesterday…

A friend of mine told me how she fell of her bike one day while she was in the park with her mother…An older boy managed to get her out of view of her mother, told her he had some candies to comfort her so she followed him…well I don’t have to tell the result eighter…

And yes sadly enough me too, you can read my personal experience here !


I wish all these stories were just fictional ones, but sadly enough they aren’t and they still happen in real life all around the world…rape and murder of innocent children !

Luckily the metoo campaign worldwide brought some change or at least some attention to this deeply rooted problem of sexually harassing people, whether they are male or female !

But then there were these people complaining about all these things that the metoo campaign had taken away from them : no flower girls anymore at the end of a cycling competition, no babes surrounding the F1 cars anymore !

If you would have treated women respectfully and just celebrated their beauty as it should there wouldn’t be a problem. But you reaped what you sowed and now you have to face the consequences of regarding women as meat, exploiting their bodies just to satisfy your darkest desires…


Have you ever considered the consequences molestation has on people, especially children ? They face a life time struggle…

What those people lost due to abuse : they lost their trust in people, their belief in the good of men, they often lost their zest for life and are traumatized for life !

The next victim of abuse could be your daughter or your son, your sister or your brother…Just ask anyone you meet if they have been victim of abuse, you will be surprised of their answers….

Think about that the next time you are enjoying your porn !

Phuro! Be inspired!