Sexual revolution

I guess you can call this blog “This is Belgium, part II”. Let us find out if our inhabitants are prudish or progressive when it comes to sex…


Can we shout “I love my vagina” openly in Belgium ? Yes we can and I am holding Goedele Liekens responsable for it ! Goedele Liekens won the Miss Belgium competition in 1986. She is a psychologist and sexologist and has written several books on sexual education. Her most famous one is “The vagina book”.

She was the first woman I remember using openly and publicly on television words such as erections and orgasms ! She then spread her legacy even further and became famous in the Netherlands and in Great Britain aswell, presenting “Sex in class” on channel 4.

I owe her my deepest respect ! As a United Nations Population Fund Goodwill Ambassador she faced African tribe members who still impose genital mutilation on women. Watching that on television, I felt scared in her place !

She definitely is a strong and passionate woman and she is often in for a joke aswell.

So when it comes to sex, you can ask a Belgian almost anything….we had a great teacher, we have our own sex guru !


A few days ago we were presented a new female journalist on television ! 59-year-old journalist Van Spilbeeck, decided to switch gender and had suddenly methamorphozed himself into a stunning woman. Boudewijn turned into Bo. She was the talk of the town for a few days !

He seemed a gentleman to me but I admit she really looks amazing as a woman. She seems happy and isn’t that what it’s all about ?

Ohh and we definetely lost all prudishness last year with a short TV series called “the Callboys”. You have to watch the trailer below !

Funny note to end this blog with : My son came home from school today. He started chuckling and said : “Mom, something funny happened at school this morning ! There was a mom at the schoolyard who became angry at someone, so she grabbed a blue dildo out of her bag and threw it at a girl’s head !”

I guess that Randy was her favorite 🙂 Yes, this is Belgium !

Phuro! Be inspired!


This is Belgium !

Mr. Trump called our capital “a hellhole”. He doesn’t have to apologize for what he said, maybe he was confused because our national soccer team is called ‘the Red Devils’. But I’m not here to talk about Belgian politics !

The only thing I can mention is that our prime minister reminds me of Mr. Potatohead, our minister responsable for healthcare looks like she has never heard of a diet before (allthough she is a doctor herself) and our minister of agriculture and nature said (and I will literally quote her here) : “The only function of a tree is to be cut.”

Enough said, let us skip this political crap 🙂

Of course everyone knows we are famous for our food : wafles, beer, french fries and chocolate ! We had some famous inventors aswell. Adolphe Sax for example who invented the saxophone. And did you know a Belgian man (Robert Cailliau) co-invented the internet ? Belgium connects people !

But that’s still not what I wanted to talk about today. I am proud to be Belgian because of our exquisite music scene ! New beat, techno, trance, acid,…Name it, we got it ! From “Bonzai” to “Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike”, we can offer you “the crème de la crème” !

It’s impossible to present them all here, but I have listed some of my favorites ! Are you ready ? Here we go !


Millionaire is my all time favorite ! The band has surprising songs, with many twists and turns. Their music often takes me to another dimension. I adore Tim ! I think he is a genius and he is definitely a muse to me !

I was on a low in life, questionning and doubting myself, when after 12 years of silence they were back with a brand new song. Their comeback made me joyful and reminded me I still was “on track”. Millionaire has always been there, not only in my music library but also in my heart !



Here is some authentic girl power ! Coely has definitely stolen the hearts of her fans with her soulful voice, her strong presence and adorable kindness. New in our music scene but winning award after award, Coely is about to conquer the world !

Coely’s DJ Tim happens to be a friend of ours, who regularly came to visit us at the time he was still going to college. He was already passionately involved in making music back then and we always knew he was destined to become famous one day ! He also performs solo under the name “Ephonk” !



People call him Belgian’s Jeff Buckely. He won a talent show on Studio Brussels and became rapidly known because of his breathtaking voice. His father is Egyptian, his mother is Belgian. His grandfather is a famous singer in Egypt aswell. Tamino has the ability to strike a core in people on a deep level ! I know for sure his song “Habibi” will leave you speechless or make you end up having goose bumps all over your body !


“Charlotte De Witte”

Formerly known under the artist name “Raving George” (she wanted to hide that she was a girl so that people wouldn’t have prejudices ) she later on decided to continue her DJ career under her own girl’s name Charlotte De Witte.

She uses a lot of great classics from the Belgian techno scene in her performances, allthough the song “You’re mine” together with the talented Max Colombie from Oscar and the wolf, might be her most famous one.


Do you have favorites from our Belgian music scene ? Let me know ! Maybe I feel inspired to write a part two to this blog !

Phuro! Be inspired!