The three fields of cultivation

In our body we have three important centers that can store and increase energy, in Taoism they are called the Dan Tien.

The lower Dan Tien (Jing)


The lower Dan Tien(Jing) is located two inches below the navel. All power which mobilizes the body originates from this energy center.

It allows us to develop and use Qi (middle Dan Tien) and Shen (upper Dan Tien). The other Dan Tiens cannot be felt until enough energy has been built in this lower Dan Tien.

In Taoism, martial art, Qi Gong, …the lower Dan Tien is also called the seat of Chi. It is responsable for fueling our body so that we stay vibrant, strong and healthy.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our strength, endurance and will power.


The Middle Dan Tien (Qi)


The middle Dan Tien or seat of the soul, lies in the chest area and corresponds with the heart. It is the area of our emotions and and the root of the ego’s sense of self and individuality. It is our connection between the heavenly realms (spirit) and the earth.

When we focus on this energy center during meditation we increase our capacity to express our feelings and to show compassion.


The Upper Dan Tien (Shen)


The upper Dan Tien lies in between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead and corresponds with the third eye or pineal gland.

It is the area of mental thinking, intuition and psychic activity and is related to spirit and consciousness.

When we focus on this energy center we develop our superior mental skills and our connection to spirit.


Alignement of the three Dan Tiens

Jing generates Qi. Qi transforms the food and feeds the Jing. An abundant Jing is the substratum of a strong and clear Shen.

A centered Shen extracts more efficiently the nutrients of the food and the energy of the air.

A focused Shen activates the Qi. When the mind is quiet and empty, the true Qi is under our conrol.

The mind is the owner of the energy and the energy is the owner of the blood. A centered Shen with high values doesn’t waist energy.

The mind influences on breathing. Calming the breathing, the spirit gets centered. An abundant Qi gives you a powerful consciousness.

“外三宝不漏 Wai San Bao Bu Lou: Close your external treasures, do not leak your jing qi shen.”

Dr Master Sha


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Journey of the soul

 “Everything has a soul, including everything in your body and every issue in your life. It carries a purpose and a message. If we can honor and benefit from the message, we can heal it and transform it. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.”

Master Sha

According to Tao teachings everyone & everything consists of soul, mind and body. The soul is not only the boss of mind and body, soul is the essence of who we are.

All illness begins as a message or blockage at the soul level. Then it moves to the mind and body levels, creating physical and other challenges. Karma, negative beliefs and other limiting messages are the cause of these blockages.

Tao teachings uses our four powers (soul power, mind power, body power, sound power) to remove blockages, release negative messages and energy, and to reinstall good health. It uses the power of the Tao and its divine frequency for clearing our karma by forgiveness of past issues and sending all souls involved much love and light.

Emotions : the GPS of the soul


Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions are the gps of the soul. When you feel un-ease, when you have a dis-ease, your soul is out of balance, you have fed it the wrong kind of information or messages. When you experience a negative emotion, you have chosen something that is not in alignement with your soul, so it will automatically weaken your mind/body/soul.

Letting go of our attachements is difficult for most of us. It demands a sincere and honest decision to surrender completely all these things that emotionally disturb us.

You have the power to balance your soul, to heal the self with positive messages and truthful information. Positive emotions are balancing emotions. Love can transform all life. Forgiveness clears past issues and brings peace. Feelings of compassion and gratitude send all souls involved much love and light. More light enlightens the soul !

“When you seek healing, place no thought on the illness (for you would not wish to multiply that), but love that which is well until it multiplies and overtakes that which was lacking in health.

This is the miracle of gratitude : it multiplies whatever you appreciate. This is why it is so important when giving, that you give with love. In that way, you multiply the gift. You can multiply and expand anything. 

With enough love, one thing becomes the many.”

Soul is our essence, it is who we truly are, but in order to grow, the soul is put through many challenges. The more we grow and learn how to release our negativity and clear our issues from the past, the more we are able to heal ourselves and to transform all issues in our life.

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