Expect the unexpected !


This weekend I again thought about my personal mantra : Release, Relax and Recreate, a method that I use to efficiently surf the incoming energy waves.

Saturday had already been a day of releasing, so sunday was relaxing time ! No need to put pressure on myself ! There was a family dinner planned in a restaurant, we took place in the garden and ordered our drinks. As usual water, white and red wine were brought to our table…

I was ready to enjoy a nice dinner in my family’s presence under the warmth of the sun. Suddenly I had flashbacks of my lessons in wine etiquette and I decided to put them into practise.

I’m not used to drink wine, I only drink it now and then, on occasion and usually one glass is sufficient to cover hours at the table.

My former boss tried to convert me to the wine drinkers club several times, but all to no avail. One of his first remarks during my lessons in wine etiquette was : “You are a beer drinker, I can tell that immediately !”

He looked me straight in the eyes. I thought he was preparing for some kind of eye staring contest or dual, then he moved his hands towards his glass, his fingertips gently touched the base of the stem, he kept staring at me while he put his glass to his mouth.

Apparently he was awaiting my move ! I tried to give him the same authorious look and confidently moved my hand towards my glass, then instinctively my hand enfolded the entire bowl of the glass as I lifted it towards my mouth !

“Gotcha”, my boss exclaimed !

I had to confess he was right, It dawned on me that this wasn’t an elegant and civilized manner to drink wine. But hey…we lived in different worlds ! Instantly there were flashbacks in my head of bbq’s amongst friends, soccer games and after parties, concerts and festivals. I had difficulties imagining the same scenarios at the golf club !

Back to the now, I decided to pour a small amount of red wine in my glass but then my eyes caught the label on the bottle, making me quickly forget again all forms of etiquette and rules !

Spirit had a funny way of giving me the next clue in my “recreation process” : On the South African Cabernet Sauvignon bottle was written : “Expect the unexpected” ! The name “ONVERWACHT”, means unexpected in my native language aswell. WACHT means to wait, to have patience…I was stunned !

The universe has its own ways to make something clear to us. I wonder what message you got this time….


Phuro! Be inspired!




We often seek validation in others ! We want people to give us a little bit of their time and their attention. We want the “thumbs up” and the “likes”. We are flattered by words of appreciation.

I was always concerned about how my posts would appear to people, and honestly whether I was enough, authentic enough. That all changed when I started to be me, a genuine and truthful expression of myself ! Then I looked around and saw validation all around me !


Whenever doubts creep in but intuition says : “Do it anyway !”, you usually get an affirmation afterwards ! I frequently receive signs through television and music or moments of dèjà-vu…

Through random events the universe can send you a “big yes” or an expression of its love ! The universe responds to our genuine intention ! Synchronicity is the result of using your energy righteously and expansively.

I like ending my blog post with a music video, a song that stirs up an emotion within me, a song that can be suiting or uplifting ! Recently I came across a song that I believed I had never heard before allthough I know the artist very well, it was a perfect fit to my writings and the song itself hit me to the core of my being !

I clicked the publish button and it went into the ether ! I was still wearing my headphones as the song started again. Maybe I pushed the repeat button…To my surprise I didn’t hear the sound coming through my headphones, they were playing the song on television !

A while ago I saw a quiz on television, I had just finished a blog about death and I was doubting whether this would be a good read for people, the subject might not be easy digestable…

But all of a sudden the quizmaster of the show asked the following question : “What are people’s biggest remorses when they’re on the verge of death ? I started giving the answers immediately as they were still fresh in my mind after my blogpost…

The particpants on television were guessing but none of them had all the right answers ! I excitedly shouted : “See, you should have read my blog folks !” 🙂 The universe can sweep away your doubts rapidly.


When I go through my emails in the morning and I read a disturbing message or a cry for help from someone, it can leave me perplex or speechless for a few moments ! The first thoughts come in and I wonder “What do I need to say ? What do I need to do ?

We often have a panic reaction ourselves or we already have different doom scenarios in our head, that isn’t helpful for anyone at all !

But if you silence your mind and tune into your heart and you truly ask yourself : “What do I wish for this person right now ? What can I do right now to bring comfort, instantly ?”, you just might feel the “right” answer popping up in seconds !

Tell me that the universe isn’t answering our questions ! It may whisper or may not always use words, but it speaks !

Learn to listen !


Phuro! Be inspired!