What if we changed the game…

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Matthew 5 : 5

I believe you can measure the sanity of society by the way it treats its empaths, sensitives and starchildren. It is in a degenerative state now !

Many of these precious beings are targeted and have fallen prey to the ignorance of society, they are numbed down, drugged down. Silenced. Sentenced to a life long sleep for being who they truly are :

Teachers ! Healers ! Gamechangers ! Wayshowers !

When they come out of the shadow, we should realize that the world is deeply suffering !

When they rise and raise their voice, we should be alarmed ! It means we have driven far off course and that humanity is at stake !

They feel earth’s pain and try to restore the balance and turn things around for all !

When nature is in turmoil, when the earth roars and rumbles, she is shaking off human cruelty. She is spitting out the junk that we as human species have put into her !

She reflects our consciousness and is showing us what happens when man becomes a killer, a killer of his own.

Society thinks that these gamechangers are madmen and usually shuts them down. They don’t know what they are doing, they keep their saviors far at bay.


In a world where empaths rule and rejoice, we would ALL be thriving !

These beings strenghten the womb of creation and lead us through our birth pains ! They pull us out of despair and misery and show us what is possible for all !

Accolades to the bearers of truth ! They are exposing every atrocity and cruel deed ! They are lifting the veil of darkness that has put humanity to sleep !

Accolades to the children of the light, they are the rainbow we’ve been praying for !

Phuro! Be inspired!







Cats from space…



One day a big cat fell from the sky and landed on earth ! She had to hide, she was too tall, she could have had all humans hurt !

She had supernatural abilities of an order not that small ! But to morph herself into a little feline, she lost her ability to speak – once and for all !

She got herself adopted by a sweet girl and could live cosy and comfortably, but she had no choise, she had to find a way to return home safely….


It looked like days, but years went by ! She forgot what she really came here to do and she stopped asking why.

She just felt she could take naps anywhere and that she needed to withdraw from humans everywhere !

She was abruptly awoken one night and ran outside. She looked up to the sky and saw a bright blue light !


Nothing else but a few clouds, but then out of the blue, a very big cat came falling through !

The big cat was scared and put herself in defensive position but the little one didn’t fear, all of a sudden she had a flash back of her mission !

“I can’t believe I am speaking out loud, but I was once a bright star just like you before fading out ! I spent lifetimes on earth and I know human’s ways. It is too dense in here, I forgot how to operate !”


“There’s no need to fight, I now remember ! We only have to wake up the humans and tell them how to surrender !”

In order for humanity to escape duality, they both shared their wisdom and agreed to tell earth how to be finally freed.

If you happen to spot a blue lit crown at night then keep in mind, that she might be bestowing you with gifts of any kind !


Phuro! Be inspired!