When two become one

If you are already in a relationship with your soulmate or twin flame, what I am about to write will sound very familiar.

You are literally dealing with your other half, it’s a magical match made in heaven a long time ago !

When two become one

It creates a powerful unit when twins reunite. ‘One and one equals two’ isn’t the correct answer ! When these two are added the result is exponentially more ! What is bound in heaven isn’t added but multiplied, to the power of the 144,000 !

They carry the Divine blueprint of creation and remember their soul essence and power when they merge. Together they radiate a powerful energy, Love is amplified and unified as One.

“Love is the glue that holds this universe together.”

A powerful magnetic pull

They can be separate for long but they are destined to find each other. And when they do, they become inseparable, you can’t have one without the other…

They are drawn to each other like glue, there’s a constant magnetism between them. The further they are removed from each other, the more painful the separation feels. It’s like a rubber stretched to its limits : it creates a lot of tension !

Telepathic connection

Although apart, there is always a telepathic connection between them and they usually sense when there is something wrong with their twin or when the other needs assistance.

Both can have very vivid and prophetic dreams or even share or remember dreams about their past and future together.

A sensitive liaison

No need to lie about their whereabouts, they both sense when their partner isn’t truthful. These issues usually pass very quickly as there is no need to hide anything in this relationship. No need to put a mask on ! They both see through inauthenticity…




They are yin and yang, light and shadow, male and female, they are each other’s poles. They complement and complete one another. He is the light in her dark, she is the light in his dark.

This constant push-pull creates a tumultuous and complex relationship. They push each other’s buttons several times because of the mirroring between them. They usually have important shadow work to do ! There is a lot to be played out as they trigger each other’s fears and angers.

Together they can transmute an enormous amount of old energies which effect ripples through to the collective for the benefit of all.

“If your path is more difficult, it is because of your high calling.”

Challenges and tests

They can go through many challenges : their faith and strength can be tested to the maximum, they can experience hardship in various areas of their life.

When one finds him/herself experiencing a tough time or going through a particular transition, their twin is often there to support, guide or protect them. Whenever one of them falls in the trap of self-pity or blame, the other will sustain the Higher vision instead of instantly gratifying their partner’s emotions.

They can help one another rise above issues they normally wouldn’t be able to solve all by themselves.

They lift the other one up when they are down. When they are doubtful, they remind their partner of their divinity….It’s definitely Divine intervention !

Destined to meet

They might have met each other before or might have known each other in other lifetimes. They might unknowingly or unconsciously have already been close to each other !

They may live in each other’s neighbourhood for years, having any knowledge of each other’s existence or they may find their twin in another corner of the world !

They could have met by accident, in an unusual way, it was a coincidence !

Catalyst for growth

They both fulfill the role of teacher and student as they learn from each other, they help each other grow spiritually or assist in the awakening process of their partner.

They are benefitted by their bond : they need each other to sustain the higher vision they both share or need assistance from their partner to complete a particular mission.

They are each other’s catalyst for growth. Although they won’t immediately give you what you want, they will give you exactly what you need !

Attachment and non attachment

They don’t try to change one another. They can be free and bonded at the same time, the relationship doesn’t feel restrictive ! It feels safe and comforting but isn’t suffocating.


A Big Bang !

You all know what happens when two stars collide : there is a big explosion ! When God made its creation, male and female were separated and moved away from each other, but since the magnetism is still there, they feel incomplete and they long to unify and become one once again…

Once you’ve met your twin, your world will be shaken : There has been a sacred love explosion, a Big Bang !

No matter what sex means to you right now : a play, a power game, a love connection or just something physical… Keep in mind that it is a powerful exchange of energy and it can eighter be destructive or constructive depending on the intent both partners have during sexual intercourse.

Twin flames work towards balance in their relationship : sex isn’t the usual power game anymore, it is a sacred union. They feel their oneness ! They don’t feel guilty about their sexual appetite as this kind of passionate madness is normal in a twin relationship !


The mind minds

Pitfalls and booby traps usually come from the ego, it is again the mind that minds and causes to question the relationship. It can bring up all kinds of excuses why it shouldn’t be : the partner is too young or too old, it feels ‘too good to be true’ or ‘not meant to be’. The heart feelings are denied because of fears and resistance.

Energy vampirism & psychic attacks

They are prone to energy vampires because of their magnetic vibration. Be aware of those who literally can’t stand the light ! They will try to pull you down or pull you away from each other by spreading lies or by despising your relationship. Even close family members can be totally against the relationship.

People sense there is “something” about twin flames and have the tendency to oppose that which they can’t grasp or understand !

And if you would ask me how a twin relationship feels, my answer would be this :


Phuro! Be inspired!


Turn around

 “Imagine a rosebud with its petals closed over a glowing heart, filled with passionate feelings, but not yet showing itself in its full beauty, not until the blossom opens. It remains closed by doubt. How does self-doubt affect your life? Do you express your feelings openly, or do you hide, like the heart in the rosebud?”

Dan Millman

Our greatest talents might be living in our shadowside. In the things we don’t accept or don’t believe to be true. In the things we are fearful of, in the things that make us shy away…

Maybe it might be a talent that you have been hiding from others, afraid of openly showing, because people might laugh at you, judge you or point fingers at you… but it is still slumbering…

It might be something that looks so fearful that you are afraid to look at it ! Every time it crosses your mind it reminds you of past failure or hurt, or you get a feeling of : “It was never meant to be !” You say : “No, go away, leave me alone !” But it is still lurking…

We ignore these parts. We try to hide them so no one can see them and then it becomes fear, guilt, shame ! But the feelings keep growing…

“More light and light, more dark and dark our woes”

Romeo, Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare


I guess that Shakespeare was an HSP too ! In my darkest moments I have often wished I wasn’t born that sensitive, feeling everything that deeply. It made my life at times a roller coaster of many ups & downs. As an HSP you often have the impression that you are constantly chased by the dark, not capable of spreading your own light.

What you have to realize is that you came into this world with great intuitive powers, but “With great power comes great responsability” , isn’t ?

What bothers you most as highly sensitive person, can become your biggest asset, but you must “turn around” first to develop your super powers !

Turnaround from sympathy to empathy

Because of your sensitive nature you often absorb the energy of other people, you are an emotional sponge sucking in all their negative energy ! Shield yourself from all psychic attacks. Protect your energy ! Read more : Psychic protection

Ground yourself and do some physcial exercices to get rid of excessive energies.

Turnaround from ‘thinking from the head’ to ‘thinking from the heart’

Your greatest power lies in the wisdom of the heart, but the heart often speaks a language we have forgotten. Read more : Creative living

Your actions will be more productive when they match the intentions of the heart. That’s when your actions become transformative and have the power to instigate others positively !

Are you really thinking your own thoughts ? It is important to know which energy is yours. Whatever seems to cross your mind, be conscious of it and ask yourself : “Where did that come from ?” What is its source : Love or fear ?”  Focus on what matters !

Turnaround from weakness to strength

When you are around people, does “the presence” (the energy) make you go weak or make you go strong ?

Pauze a few seconds before you react. Imagine yourself being in the center of an eight, the infinity symbol. the left side of the eight is the stimulus, the right side is the response.

You are in the middle and you start circling love into the eight. Just let a bright light circulate into both circles from where you are standing, from this zero point.

This eight can be a quick reminder to build in a pauze before you speak and to not react from an unbalanced state, a negative emotional state such as fear, anger or frustration.

It is also a good visualization exercice when you want to send loving energy to a person or situation that needs healing or that is bothering you. Imagine yourself being in the right circle and the person that needs healing being in the left one. Each time you pass the middle, more healing light is brought into both circles !

Turnaround from self-criticism to self-love

Stop all self-criticism and judgment and start accepting yourself with all your flaws and imperfections ! Turn around statements such as :”I am not enough, I am not capable, I am not worth it” Love is the absence of judgment

Turnaround from ‘shying away’ to ‘opening up’

Open up ! Let go of all these doubts and fears, they only make you close your heart even further. You can only show your full beauty, when you put off your mask and give expression to your true feelings !

Share your feelings and ideas in an honest way and inspire others to do the same. Use your words to uplift people instead of breaking them down.

“Be like a rose, though it is silent, it speaks in the language of fragrance.”


“Turn around and I will show you something
Turn around and you will see
Life is a roundabout
A kind of LSD
Turn around, have faith in all the changes
Turn around and you will feel
No age of loneliness
You are a part of me”

Phuro! Be inspired!