Souls in distress

What if there were a book available to help you take the direction you truly desire in life or help you solve any kind of problem or life situation ?

What if there were a brilliant method to empower yourself and have a clear understanding of your inner nature ? Would you buy such a book or program ?

Maybe you did buy one of these thousands self-help books or online programs promising the end to all of your misery ! You were excited ! You read, took notes or highlighted certain phrases that were interesting. You even did the exercices that were recommended…

But after that promising start, you found out that your motivation was decreasing, you felt it wasn’t worth the try or you didn’t see the change you desired. You threw the book in a corner and picked up life as usual, until there was once again a new crisis or a new promising program online…


What if there’s a helpful tool, completely free of charge offering simple solutions to all life’s challenges ? What if you can access it anywhere, anytime, anyplace you want ? What if you were born with it and this system exists within you ?

It is your emotional system ! The gps to navigate through life, the tools to cure your soul in distress are your e-motions ! The tools through which you balance yourself are your emotions.

Some are immediately expressed or brought to the surface, others are burried or hidden deep within your unconscious. All painful or unprocessed emotions are stored in your body !

Whenever you experience negative emotions, you are holding on to negative thoughts. The mental or physical pain you are feeling is YOUR effort to sustain your negative beliefs and thoughts ! Thoughts are creative and have immense power. You should always be watchful for what you think and believe !

Shouldn’t I analyse my thoughts then instead of my emotional state ? It’s impossible to investigate all your thoughts as we humans have 50.000 or 70.000 thoughts a day and we are not conscious of them all ! How do you know which one is the cause of your problems ?


Whenever you FEEL bad, you are feeding yourself with untruths coming from your unconscious beliefs and thoughts and the words you are stating to yourself.

Are there negative feelings bubbling up ? Release these before they pile up in your mind and body, hiding who you really are underneath all that junk, causing un-ease or even dis-ease in your body.

Take a break for a few moments when you are feeling bad. Stop ! The only question you should ask yourself is : How am I feeling now ?

Feel where the un-ease is seated in your body and how it exactly feels ! Don’t think about the answer, just connect to your body and let your body speak !

Put your focus (mental imagery) on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Focus on things that feel good and keep your self-talk positive if you want to have a succesful result !

Start by being positive to yourself ! Only tune in to the good vibes ! Don’t let other people dictate how you feel ! Give off good vibrations and good things will follow !

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