The realm

Something for your mind, your body and your soul

There have been a lot of fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field recently. Higher energy is entering our sphere, affecting our lives on a personal level and far beyond. Live data from the earth’s magnetic field and solar winds can be viewed here.

Whether willingly or unwillingly, we are all going through these changes. No need to hide ! We are all just processing this energy differently, according to our vibration and the level of consciousness from which we are currently operating.

We can feel completely knocked down and get several physical ailments in these periods. At times we are barely able to concentrate on every day life, or we look numb or are in trance, we even tend to mess up electrical devices…

These are symptoms of adjustments to a high vibration. A shift in energy. Each time a powerful wave comes in, there’s a huge soul mind body download accompanied with it !


In the waves of change we find our true direction

We are all human batteries, capable of storing huge amounts of energy, capable of taking in an unlimited flow of universal energy to use to our benefits. We can transform energy and we are even able to let excessive energy flow through us and distribute to the whole planet.

When we are out of alignment, spirit urges us to do a cleansing, a clearing of old (karmic) residual energy. These powerful magnetic waves let our deep emotional issues rise to the surface, all the negative emotions that got stuck and that are the cause of many pain, blockages and traumas of any kind.

What we haven’t processed properly needs to be healed and released. We need to let go of our judgements and attachments blocking our progress.


You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf !

All our experiences and outside appearances are the result of our personal perceptions and beliefs. We have created false personas who just cover up our soul essence !

We can all learn how to consciously take in energy and use it to restore our well being ! When we surrender to this uplifting energy all pressure surrounding our hearts starts to vanish.

The walls around our hearts are cracked and the light flows in again, soon destroying all the armor we have built around it. Our burdens are lifted !

Surf the waves and let this energy flow into you ! Ask guidance from a higher entity and let this Divine presence assist you in taking in as much energy as you need. You will feel truly blessed and full of loving and compassionate energy afterwards !

I was lucky to be in this high vibrational realm yesterday ! I felt I could light up a light bulb. When I went to sleep the heat coming off my body felt almost unbearable, the cold sheets were a welcome cool off.


When the light expands, I usually let the excessive energy flow into my partner by putting my hands on his heart chakra, he’s used to my energy and knows how it feels, so I repeated my ritual as usual.

He was apparently surprised by the treatment : “What did you just do to me ?” It was indeed a very profound and intense energy flow we both experienced.

To surf the waves properly you have to set your intentions diligently, there’s no need to resist or fight them… Just stay in a playful receptful mode and explore !

A childlike trust softens the adjustments and transitioning. Let go of all feelings of fear and shed that sense of insecurity. You are completely safe !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Earth is evolving, are you ?

Has anyone of you already noticed that earth’s resonance, the Schumann resonance, earth’s magnetic field which naturally vibrates at a frequency of 7.83 hz has doubled the last few months ? Meaning earth is vibrating higher than normal ?

Earth is evolving, people are waking up ! Are you aware of what it means ?

A lot of people are feeling time seems “messed up”, speeding up, several people told me personnaly. Several of us are feeling depressed, because everything is being pushed to the surface. The energy is asking to face it, transform it and evolve. And the only transformative power is in the renewal of your mind. This transformation starts with a desire to change !

It seems that there is a storm going on inside, but you can choose to not let it affect you and wake up !

There is but one God, one universe and it’s in all of us. Everyone you meet is God and shares the same consciousness as you ! It is the same energy expressed differently, at different kind of levels.


Foto Anja Warrot

If you are concentrated on your bodily you, (your expression of yourself in the world ) then you will feel seperated from the rest. You are just a reflection of consciousness expressing itself in a certain kind of way, by expressing a certain kind of version of the great I AM.

So you are the great I AM (GOD) and an expression of the great I AM (the son of God). You can seperate from the son of God by vibrating at a low level, having dark thoughts and thereby having no power whatsoever to create a happy reality !

You can choose to higher your vibration and think good feeling thoughts and access the Christ consciousness, by choosing what makes your heart sing, by choosing feelings of love, compassion, courage.

By changing the concept of yourself you are able to experience another version of the great I AM. That means from all possibilities you can choose what you want to experience for yourself. You are that powerful ! You just have to have the understanding of how it works. That means alligning spirit and body through the magnetising power of your heart, which is pure love !

Time is an illusion, it keeps you trapped in the past or in the future, never in the now, allthough now is the only time you have. Don’t bring the past into the present, the past has no power in the present or over the present. If you let it that power, you are trapped in a vicious matrix,  you will always feel a victim of life, of circumstances.

If you consciously put in your mind, in your imagination the concept of your desire and you can feel it as accomplished, then there is no other way that you have to experience that reality. It is law !


When you consciously choose the concept of yourself and your reality, and you choose to see the world through your christ consciousness the people in your world will become your partners, your helpers, messengers of God !

Everyone you meet can help you in understanding your inner world, your focus, your feelings on how things should be in your world.

The universe knows what makes your heart sing and it rejoices everytime you choose what makes you feel good and when you choose to higher your vibrations, it will follow you and shower you with blessings, but you have to let it be !

Rest in it. (Rest in the Lord, in your vision of the great I AM). Just put in the vibration of it, thinking from the thing you want, that means not looking at it from a distance, but pulling it consciously in your reality and vibrate it into being !

Phuro! Be inspired!