Reset !

Dear Satan,


Today I feel compelled to write you a good-bye.

Your ways didn’t work,

I put them to the test.

Know that on the day of the grand finale

I’ll perform at my best.


I can’t live in a world where I’m allowed

to sing “Im a child of the devil” out loud

but not to whisper quietly the words

“Jesus Christ”.


Don’t expect me to show you any hate,

fear or remorse.

I just want to tell you your days are over,

your illusions destroyed.


From now on I’ll be at your heels


with all the help I can get from heaven.


Here’s a secret, I pushed the reset.

This planet isn’t your trophy,

I’ll never comply.

We’ve all inherited the earth,

it’s not an exclusivity only you can buy.


Knock knock !

Who’s there ?

A world waking up,

your worst nightmare !



Phuro! Be inspired!