Release, relax and recreate !

As a way of dealing with residual old stuff and old programming, a way of coping with the incoming energies, all these transmissions and changes, I have created a new mantra : “Release, relax and recreate !”

Release daily

Have you ever tried to install a new program on your computer without removing the old one first ? Then you probably experienced some difficulties or you received an error message saying that another program was still running and blocking the download.

Before you put more positivity in yourself, you have to remove the old negative programs or they will interfere with eachother. Deprogram before reprogramming !

Explore your feelings when you feel bad and ask your body directly where these feelings came from, then consciously release them.

Letting go isn’t that difficult, it just needs your genuine intention to do so, you take a decision and you give the command that whatever is disturbing you leaves you instantly ! You have the authority to do so !


Relax daily

Your mind and body need to relax daily to be able to cope with these downloads at high speed.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, put your mind on inactive. Listen to your body when it asks for rest. Are you just staring at your screen, unable to write ? Do you feel like your head is about to explode because of all the information but you can’t seem to tie it all together ?

Stop whatever you are doing and engage in a calming activity. Return to the silence more often in meditation or other mindful activities ! You’ll be able to puzzle all the pieces together quite easily when you are operating from a relaxed and peaceful state !


Recreate daily

Bring refreshment to your soul : restore it with play and joy !

Do something that makes your soul happy : it might be something creative or something you used to do as a child, maybe you might want to visit a certain place where you find yourself perfectly at ease.

Choose an activity that gets you out of your mind, that makes you forget time !

Whatever suits your souls, nurtures your inner child, whatever reminds you of your dreams, whatever inspires you to do great things, go do that !



Release, relax and recreate and you will smoothly bring forth the good !

Phuro! Be inspired!




The knots in our heads

Knots form in the mind. Knots are “internal formations,” problems our minds circulate around in the absence of clear understanding. Thich Nhat Hahn talks about such knots in his book “Peace Is Every Step”.

“Our internal formations are always looking for ways to manifest as destructive images, feelings, thoughts, words or behavior.”
They need our full attention as soon as they manifest, while they are still weak, so that the work of transformation is easy.

“If we do not untie our knots when they form, they will grow tighter and stronger, and become strong magnets for other similar thoughts and feelings. Our conscious, reasoning mind knows that negative feelings such as anger, fear and regret are not wholly acceptable to ourselves or society, so it finds ways to repress them, to push them into remote areas of our consciousness in order to forget them.”

“We should guard our body and our mind very carefully, to prevent knots from taking root in us.”

So our subconscious hides these painful feelings and memories, and stores these as trapped emotions in our bodies, mostly at the location where the body is in pain. Letting go of these emotions is essential in restoring our well-being.

“When feelings and thoughts are tied up, they make up a belief. Untangle these knots, loosen up and you’ll find your relief.”



Dr. Bradley Nelson explains how trapped emotions work :

“Typically a trapped emotion is the size of an orange to the size of a cantaloupe and wherever it lodges in the body, it will distort the normal energy field of the body. When you distort the bodyʼs energy field, you are distorting the body itself. Because what is the body? Itʼs nothing but energy. Energy is what makes up the body.

Thatʼs why trapped emotions will cause pain, malfunction and discomfort, up to and including cancer, in my opinion. Trapped emotions will also tend to create mental and emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, panic attacks, phobias, and more.

If the emotion happens to be anger, the person will tend to be a more angry person than they otherwise would be. Why? Because literally part of their being is constantly vibrating at the rate of the emotion thatʼs trapped there. In other words, every emotion has a certain frequency or vibration, and when an emotion gets trapped in the body you will continue to feel that emotion.

In a case like this, if the emotion is anger and a situation arises where you could become angry, you will become angry much more readily than you otherwise would. Why? Because part of you is already vibrating at that frequency, part of you is already angry.

Thatʼs how trapped emotions work and thatʼs why itʼs so exciting to be able to find and release them. Thatʼs why so much of the time there is an immediate effect that takes place when we release a trapped emotion.

The body is allowed to return to its normal, healthy, undisturbed state and when this happens, amazing things take place !

The Emotion Code of Dr Nelson is a fast and easy way to detect and let go of these trapped emotions. When you let go of the emotional load accompanying the problem, you cut off the cord between you and the problem. When you clear your body of that weight, ease it off that pain, it is ready to be consciously recognized and released instead of being stored as dis-ease in your body. Your mind and body will be back at ease ! The step between dis-ease and ease is release !

You can find more information about Dr. Nelson on his website :


Phuro! Be inspired!




A mind at ease

You don’t have to investigate your thoughts in depth to fix your problems ! That would lead to too much overthinking, getting you quite fixed and spending too much time on the problem instead of the solution !

If you can catch how you are feeling about the problem and let go on the spot, the core belief will begin to fall apart on its own ! When you let go of the emotional load accompanying the problem, when you clear your body of that weight, ease it off that pain you cut off a cord between you and the problem.


Days after an emotional release you can have a remembrance of a situation, person or belief that was behind your pain and that you are now able to consciously deal with !

The stone is removed and the balloon can pop up to the surface. Ready to be consciously recognized and released instead of being stored as dis-ease in your body. Your mind will be back at ease !

Phuro! Be inspired!