As within, so without !

What you put out is what you get back ! As within, so without, it is as simple as that. What you get back from the universe is nothing but a reflection of your inner world !

It means that you are an active player and participator in life whether you like it or not. It gives you a huge responsability in life !

Are there things going on in your life right now, things you would really want to get rid off ?

You can only be affected by something or someone if you agree with it. Only by your agreement (unconscious or conscious) you can attract and experience it in your life.

I will give you a personal example that will show you how important our regular and repetitive thoughts, words and emotions are. A while ago I was wondering why we – as a family unit – couldn’t manifest more money to do the things we really wanted.

The moment extra money came in, the car or the laundry machine broke down, making the repair a priority… Or the moment we saved enough money to do something special, the money got stolen or a bill came in for the same amount.

We were both desperate ! What was happening ? My partner said : “Why can’t it be easy ? I want us to have a normal family life. I don’t even ask for anything special or out of the ordinary, I just want us to be happy together…”



Then I replied : “I know how you are feeling, I feel exactely the same way darling, I hope our money issues don’t burden our relationship too much, all I care about is our love, money can be stolen from me !”

It dawned on me that the universe had given us exactely what we wanted, it simply affirmed all of our statements and said a big YES to it !

Money isn’t important, it can be stolen from me…”Aye aye sir!”, “Roger that”, the universe answered and the money got up in smoke…

This was the obstruction to our abundance, this was the king-pin to deal with !

You can create your paradise on earth, it is completely in your hands, it is completely up to you. Nothing else controls you. Nothing else can ! Nothing else has the power to !

The universe doesn’t say that you are wrong or right, you do ! The universe doesn’t say that you are good or bad, you do ! The universe doesn’t judge, you are the judge !

The universe always supports you in anything that you do and always gives you what you’re asking for.

As above, so below ! As within so without !


Phuro! Be inspired!



Leave the mirror & change your face

“Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror.”


If it is your desire to have what you want, to be abundant, you have to see yourself as a millionaire, you have to be one, not become one ! If we stay focused on “becoming” someone or something, we will keep ourselves trapped in the idea of abundance, health, change in the future… Pushing it away from ourselves, keeping it at a distance ! The desire is the start to develop our vision in further detail in our imagination, but we have to take the other step and internalize the feeling of being healthy or abundant, that means feeling healthy or abundant NOW.

Creation is infinite and finished. That means all possibilities exist in the here and now. You can’t create you reality, you select yourself what comes to you. You simply have to allign your state of being with the thing that you want. If it is richness you want, you have to erase all feelings of lack, of poverty out of your consciousness and focus on the richness in life now. Even if in your environment there is nothing that affirms your vision, hold on to it and hold on to the feeling !

Only state of being matters or better said : “only state of being materializes”. Therefor keep your thoughts and emotions vibrating high so you can easily access what you want ! You have to start imposing your vision on your current reality.

Neville Goddard said : “Change the concept of yourself, your state of being to start creating the version you wish to experience. You are always creating, consciously or unconsciously whether you like it or not. Missing the mark is you using your power unconsciously. This is the real sin in the world. Your desire becomes a fact when you are  assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, that means not only mentally thinking OF it, looking AT it, but thinking FROM it, feeling immerzed in it ! That means ignoring what you see in the outer world and be focused consciously on your ideal, on what you wish to experience. You have to allow it in your world and firmly believe it although nothing in your world supports you in it. You see things as you are, remember that !

Give yourself, give your imagination enough reasons why you deserve to have it and then own it, claim it to be yours. Start thinking about the things you would be doing and what feeling it would give you !


Let us reverse engineer the thing you want : let’s say you want to build a succesful business ! What is your vision ? How would your life be if you had all those things ? Could you envision yourself in that movie ? That would be awesome, would it ?

Now this is your vision, your dream. It’s good to know that this is your detailed vision of the future version of yourself, but if you stop here, your dream will always stay a dream ! Why ? Because it misses another necessary element ! You have to drop the desire entirely now and become what you want to be NOW ! How ? Believe that you already are the person that you want to be, that you already have the thing you desire. “Believing it” is to “be it” and “live it” ! Nail it firmly and claim it ! It is that simple !

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an imagined state and a “real” one. What we project on our imagination and feel as already happening in the now, starts attracting the things we want in life !

What are you projecting consciously or unconsciously on the movie of your mind, in what kind of state are you normally in during the day : in sleep mode or completely awake, conscious of your thoughts, emotions and actions ? Are you off track or in full attraction mode ?

Bring the feeling of accomplishment IN the now. Start visualizing how life would be AFTER the accomplishment of your dream. Bring the future version of yourself in the past !! Who did you meet, where did you go, what did you see yourself doing ? Which version of yourself did you give to the world ? See the accomplishment already in the past, meaning it is done ! Focus on events that took place after your big accomplishment. Do this every morning and every evening when you are still in a fuzzy mode, before completely waking up and starting your day or the moment you feel you are going to fall asleep.

Be sure to remind yourself of the desired state during the day. How do you do that ? See how you are feeling at the moment ! Are you still focused on your goal ? Focused on what brings you excitement, joy, happiness ? Happy because you feel energized, alive, you feel the richness in life and every one is going to remind you of that today, all day and for the rest of your life ! Or are there still rests of your old self lingering around, old stuff where you put your attention on ? Die to the old self, and build a complete new version, it is possible, anything is possible !

The power of imagination makes us infinite. Phuro! Be inspired!

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