Choose life !

You have no idea how many people tell me they feel lost lately. They don’t know who they are, they don’t what they want, they don’t know what to do anymore ! They have been knocked down in life too many times, they feel they are out of choices and are desperate !

Many are ashamed because they believe they failed to live according to society’s standards, they think something is fundamentally wrong with them. No wonder depression and burnout have taken on epidemical forms !

A lot of people are in need to confess their sins, to confide their darkest secrets to someone who understands, someone who doesn’t judge or blame them for being out of course.

Where you are in life depends a lot on the choices you have been making so far. Maybe you wonder how life would have looked like, if you had followed another path…

What if ? “What if I stayed in that relationship, what if I took that job offer back then,…?”

Know that each time you make a decision that goes against the natural flow of life, you are damaging yourself and you will eventually experience pain.

The further you remove yourself from your center, the more tension you will feel until the pressure gets unbearable and you eventually break and lose complete connection with your true self. You are “lost” !

Every time something leaves you feeling bad about yourself or leaves you in pain, you are just going against your grain. You are on a course that Spirit didn’t exactly had in mind for you !


Each day we are able to consciously choose between joy and suffering or ease and dis-ease. We eighter move towards self damage or towards self healing !

Are you driven by hate and fear ? Always playing it safe ? Are you still living according to other people’s expectations, forced in a certain direction, a direction that isn’t yours ?

What do you really want to experience in life ? Put your wonderful imagination to work in a positive way and focus on what makes your soul expand !

If today you decide to turn things around and take the first step…

Don’t sabotage yourself : Choose life over death !


Phuro! Be inspired!



What’s the pressure ?

Something is wrong with me ! I am going crazy ! My buttons are being pushed ! Why can’t I cope with life ? What is this pressure ?

You often ignore the first signs of unease or illness your body is sending you. For years you go on living your life on auto mode. In the meantime you get very creative in giving life to different identities so you are able to “operate” in this world, preferably with as less pain as possible !

From monday to friday you are person A, except the evenings at home, where you turn into person B, then from friday evening till monday morning you turn into person C…

In your weekend, in this limited amount of spare time, you try to recharge your batteries, but all you do is exhausting yourself even further ! And again you get busy with unimportant things : you go shopping for useless things and you party all night long ! On sunday you stay in bed, trying to digest your hangover !

Then monday morning a new repetitive cycle starts all over again; endlessly ! Untill one day, you simply feel it is enough, you simply can’t cope anymore ! There’s the nerveous break down or the severe illness, completely shutting off your human plant !

You find yourself depressed, burned out, stressed, exhausted, you have ADD or ADHD, high blood pressure,…you start putting names on your conditions, you are not only tagging your imaginary boxes, you start identifying with them !

Instead of finding out what causes the pain, you start taking pills to ease you off your pain. But all these drugs seem to do is to numb you down even further, forcing you to hide your pain, to throw away the key to this box and to hide it somewhere in your system,….never to be found again !

What if pain, any pain, mental or fysical is just a resistance to your natural self ? What if this pain just means you are out of course, out of alignement with your naturel self ?

Could it be that you are in pain because society is pushing you in some kind of direction without you being aware of it ? A direction that is not yours…

What if you feel deep down in your core, that the way the world goes isn’t that natural after all ?

What if you are sane in an insane world and you just keep blaming yourself for not being who you really are ?

As Laura sings : You will know in the end that this is fiction. It’s in your mind ! Live your life instead ! So tell me what’s the pressure ?

Phuro! Be inspired!