Horrible bosses

Do you have to deal with a boss who is constantly grumpry, angry or frustrated ? Are you and your coworkers all affected by his mood (swings) ?

The king of bullies on the workfloor is that boss who spits his anger on everyone. Once he’s loaded, anyone can be his target. After the avalanche of poisonous words the receiver is usually left in shock !

Anxious to not mess things up, you all try to fly under the radar, you carefully choose your words, you try not to be offensive, you avoid being the firestarter at all costs !


At the end of the day you feel weakened. You are completeley worn out ! When you drive home you still think about the way he treated you…While you cook dinner, you boil inside, you still think about all the nasty remarks you were subject to. Being around these kind of people drains your energy !

Even though the anger might not be directly focused on you, the energy can still infect everyone negatively if you are not aware of it.

Especially when managers are frustrated about their affairs and are always complaining about how things are going. Business is never going well, it’s never the right time for a raise. There’s never a positive note. They are always grumpy !!!

After a while you start feeling weary. There’s not much left of your positive mood and without noticing it you arrive at complaining station yourself ! Anger, fear and frustration are very contagious emotions, they leave dark spots behind in our energy field.

Maybe you can’t control your boss’s actions or stop his anger, but you can control your reaction to his behaviour and stop the fire from spreading !


Don’t let negativity get under your skin ! Instead of taking everything personally and let the remarks hit you to the core of your being, think about what an excellent stand up comedian your boss is ! What a drama queen ! His outbursts tell more about him then they tell about you. Remember : No one can hurt you without your permission ! Brush yourself off after an attack !

Don’t dwell on it ! Stop your negative self talk and stop the fearful images in your mind. Refocus on the positive. Change your perspective. Put your imagination to work in a positive way ! Where you focus on, grows !


Don’t project on other people ! At the table one innocent remark from your spouse might be enough to get you in defensive mode. But this time you don’t remain silent. You are ready to respond viciously, you found a substitute for your boss and you are now easily triggered for the fight…

Before you realize it, you are the one acting bossy around everyone. The anger has spread out and has reached more people ! Be aware !

Don’t participate in anger ! Even though he is treating you unfairly, stay calm and balanced. More anger will only fuel up the fire ! Breathe calmly through the situation. Be the one acting righteously !


Loosen up while he’s losing it !

Phuro! Be inspired!