Love is now(-)here !

“Open your heart and surrender to the peace of a quiet mind and to the eternal no-thing-ness at the core of your existence. Here then is where your Eternal Nature is to be experienced and where the unconditional Love of our Lord awaits. It is simply what you are when there is nothing in your way.” S. F. Pfister When a relationship ends our whole … Lees verder Love is now(-)here !

Don’t feed the monkeys !

We all have the mind of a monkey. You might imagine that each thought is a branch, and you, or at least the attention of your conscious mind, is indeed a monkey, swinging from thought-branch to thought-branch all day long. Buddha described the human mind as being filled with dozens of drunken monkeys, jumping around, chattering, all endlessly searching for our attention.  Fear for example … Lees verder Don’t feed the monkeys !