Are you a sentinel ?

“Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. That statement, from science holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see.”


Neale Donald Walsch

From suffering and conditionned awareness to freedom and naked awareness.

When you quiet your mind you are more able to focus and direct your attention. The direction of your attention is a powerful tool to transform your life.

Your choice of attitude and focus not only affects your own experiences, it also affects the experiences and behaviors of others.

If you can quiet your mind, you become a sentinel, you get access to your inner gifts and your sixth sense and you’ll get a broader perspective in life, one not limited to the 5 senses.

It means you stop giving meaning to anything that happens, good or bad. It means you remain open and receptive to everything !

You just observe without preconceived ideas or judgements towards yourself and others. You finally get a clear view on reality !

With mindful practices and meditation you can learn to get beyond your mental noice and silence the monkeys in your mind. You can get in the zone quite easily when you start to control your breathing !

Flow is a balanced state where your actions aren’t disturbed by the preoccupations of your mind, it is a state in which time seems to have stopped and outer conditions don’t affect you at all.

It’s like you become immune to the mockery around, you can’t be ridiculized anymore or knocked out of your center !

You govern your inner world, you are the silent watchman at the gate ! You decide what comes into your world, trespassing is not aloud !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Silence is a savior

It was a normal Sunday morning when Richard and his son were heading off to football together…Richard was among those parents who liked to help out at the club where his son played, and he enjoyed running the line during his son’s matches.

But by the end of the day Richard was fighting for his life. The 41-year-old collapsed three hours after he was brutally attacked by a group of 17-year-olds from the opposing team. The following evening he died.

If we don’t control our emotions, they will control us. Making us unwittingly take actions we regret afterwards, making us react in a harmful way…

What would be the consequences if we let our anger and rage win ? Things can get out of hand rapidly…the unexpected can happen very suddenly…

What would happen once the damage has been done and there’s no turning back ? We would have to face the consequences !

When we feel triggered to react in a negative way, it is useful to build in a pause for a few moments and to focus on our breathing so we can get back to our senses.

Silence is the space between stimulus and response, between action and reaction.


Silence is a savior. A significant mindful tool that can save us from a life full of regrets. Silence can prevent us from saying something nasty… Silence can even prevent us from acting stupid and getting us into bigger trouble…

Silence is a comforter. Silence brings back calmness and peace in case of turbulence. Silence quiets our minds and stills are senses. In solitude we withdraw and turn back to ourselves. Silence is the place where we really touch our core.

Silence is the space in which we bend time. It is the most effective time to pray or affirm. It’s a powerful aid to bring wisdom and awareness to our spiritual eye.


Silence is a natural influencer, unable to be controlled by outside forces. Silence balances and counters all verbal and physical attacks. Silence helps us bounce back after a setback.

In silence, confidence is found. In silence our shadow is integrated and all the aspects of ourselves are reconciled.

Silence is the place of unlimited possibilities. In silence we reclaim our power, in silence we make ourselves whole again.


Phuro! Be inspired!

Breathe Motherf*cker !

“Power is within us all. Anything can be overcome by going within. Recognizing that is great, and great for all.”

Wim Hof

Whoever has done mindfulness, yoga, meditation or heart coherence exercices knows that instructors and teachers ask to focus on the breath to access that calm, peaceful state and to relax mind and body !

I personnaly use Heartmath’s Emwave pro at home, I already tested it with several adults and children and it works amazingly well. It uses different kinds of vizualisations combined with breathing exercices to achieve heartcoherence.

While I was searching for an article on the internet, I came across an interview with Wim Hof. He is an exceptional guy from the Netherlands. Wim, “the Iceman”, has 21 guiness book records on his name : the longest icebath, finishing a marathon barely clothed in freezing temperatures,…

Wim is often mentioned in mental coaching, he is the perfect example of what man is really capable of if he has the will to do it ! The core of his method is a breathing technique.

I was sitting on my couch, headphone on and I started to listen to this interview with Wim. Well he was actually guiding a man through a breathing exercice and I decided to give it a try too. I closed my eyes and it felt as if I was sitting there too, almost as if Wim was talking to me.

It was an amazing experience, because the results were almost the same as in this video ! While I am already skillful when it comes to heartcoherence, I had never really tried to hold my breath for that long !

I really love the way Wim explains the process you are going through. He tells you exactely what is happening in a direct and simple way.

His method is scientifically tested and validated and Wim is sharing this with everyone ! You can find his method on his youtube channel where you have access to a bunch of his teaching videos.

Just be sure that you follow his instructions carefully and that when you are doing the breathing exercice you are in a safe place at home, in bed or on a couch. Never do this while you are in bath or in your car ! You could feel too dizzy and lightheaded or even faint !

If you would like to be able to defy the cold temperatures, to boost your immune system, increase your performances and access your own healing powers, I really recommend that you give Wim’s method a try.

And isn’t winter the excellent time to test his method and have that personal experience ? I dare you to give it a try ! Don’t worry I am not going to spare myself from the challenge eighter !

Feel free to share your findings afterwards with words, pictures or videos !

This cold challenge could be a gold challenge !


Phuro! Be inspired!

Blijf in het NU

Bewust ademhalen : het is de snelste manier om ons terug te concentreren op het heden en om ons lichaam terug in een rustige staat van zijn te brengen. Er zijn een heleboel eenvoudige ademhalingstechnieken te vinden. Wie mindfulness kent, zal er wellicht al gedaan hebben. Zie o.a. De volledig bewuste ademhaling van Thich Nhat Hanh in het boek “Het wonder van Mindfulness”.

geweldlooscommunicerenAls we ons instellen op positieve gevoelens, ons focussen op ons hart en gevoelens van liefde, geluk, dankbaarheid en empathie voelen, zijn we meer in balans, er is sprake van hartcoherentie. In deze staat werken onze energiecentra perfect samen (geest, hart, lichaam). We spreken ook van in flow zijn, alles is in harmonie.

Met onze zintuigen nemen we de wereld waar. Wat we echter in onze realiteit zien, heeft geen controle over ons. We zien enkel een reflectie van wat we diep van binnen zijn. De omstandigheden of mensen veranderen rond ons heeft dus helemaal geen zin. Alles heeft zijn oorsprong in de geest van diegene die observeert ! Observeer jezelf en je omgeving totdat je inziet dat alles een intieme band heeft met de wereld in jezelf !

Waar gaat je aandacht naar toe ? Dingen in het verleden, of in de toekomst ? Ben je constant aan het piekeren of vitten ? Jouw gedachten zitten gevangen in de illusie van “tijd” door steeds het nu te beoordelen. Doordat je jouw geest in het verleden of de toekomst brengt, plaats je zelf condities op het huidige moment. Het ego kan moeilijk in het nu leven omdat het een gewoonte gemaakt heeft om te oordelen ! Het moment dat je het NU beoordeelt, leef je niet meer in het NU. Observeer het NU, observeer jezelf zonder te oordelen en alles valt op zijn plaats.





Probeer het maar zelf uit bij jouw volgende meditatie, wanneer je probeert je geest stil te krijgen, komen er toch steeds gedachten voorbij. Wanneer je deze bewust bekijkt, zal je opmerken dat deze nooit om het heden gaan… alleen wanneer je stil bent en luistert kan je horen wat vanuit je ziel komt !

Foto boek “Dier en Nu” Eckhart Tolle (original Guardians of Being)

Phuro! Be inspired!