“Pharug”- You might have thought what this term is. Search for it, and I am of the opinion that you won’t get the answer. Its because it is me, who coined this word by joining two words- Pharma and Drugs. Read more : Pharug. Thank you Krafting Thoughts for another great blog contribution regarding mental health issues ! If you like to spread awareness for our cause, have … Lees verder Pharug

You are the captain !

“A ship without rudder may wander aimlessly among perilous isles yet sink not to the bottom.” Khalil Gibran Life is like an adventure at sea, at times it seems you are just aimlessly bobbing around. Sometimes you seem to sail against the current and you barely move forward. Sometimes you have to deal with failures on board that cause a short circuit and that leave your ship temporarily ungovernable. Other times, violent … Lees verder You are the captain !

Perception is everything

It was again a headliner in our news yesterday : Several youngsters, age 14-25, are not feeling comfortable in their skin, more depressed teenagers…It sounds as if it is becoming a plague ! Children are drifting without direction, feeling lost or feeling drowned in a bunch of illusions…Our children are not broken, they don’t need to be fixed ! Their view is disturbed. They have … Lees verder Perception is everything