“Pharug”- You might have thought what this term is. Search for it, and I am of the opinion that you won’t get the answer. Its because it is me, who coined this word by joining two words- Pharma and Drugs. Read more : Pharug.

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You are the captain !

“A ship without rudder may wander aimlessly among perilous isles yet sink not to the bottom.”

Khalil Gibran

Life is like an adventure at sea, at times it seems you are just aimlessly bobbing around. Sometimes you seem to sail against the current and you barely move forward. Sometimes you have to deal with failures on board that cause a short circuit and that leave your ship temporarily ungovernable. Other times, violent waves are threatening to hit you ashore.

PHURO’s task is to help you remember that YOU are the captain of your ship, the man or woman at the helm .

A coach can often be a light in the surf, a support when life gets rough. We can shed a different light on your situation and warn you to steer in another direction when danger threatens. A coach wasn’t spared of stormy weathers eighter and can teach you how to be resilient ! Nothing can stop you from your leading the life you want ! Kindle the light within and discover your true powers !

“The problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Captain Jack Sparrow

The true cause of what happens to you or around you is to be find inside, within yourself. You look at yourself and the world with a certain perception, a belief about how things should be.

Did you leave the ship’s command to someone else who programmed it for a totally different course than the one intended for you?

Parents, teachers, friends and enemies have influenced your course or have encouraged you to change it. Now you are going against the natural flow, which costs you a lot of effort and energy ! Because of all these different layers of colored glass, your own visor got muddy and blurred. You assume that what others are thinking of you is true.


Are you sailing amidst a thick fog, not exactly knowing where you are going ?

All your thoughts and beliefs create a smokescreen around you. Limiting thoughts can ensure that you stay safe in the harbor. What you believe about yourself can stop you from sailing your own race. Because of the lies and illusions you believe in, you no longer notice the light in yourself.

Did the turbulent waters make your ship drift away ? Is it adrift somewhere, battered and battle-scarred?

Emotions are energy in motion and can be described as the GPS of the soul. Your feelings tell you when you are off course. Maybe you have already ignored all the signals your body was sending you and now the nervous breakdown, burnout or depression are knocking at your door. Your body will shout “stop” eventually if you don’t listen to it and  you’ll be obliged to stay ashore ! Ready for big maintenance…

Have you overloaded your ship with useless weight making it barely moving ?

Battle-scarred, battered and heavily loaded you try to continue your journey. The hold is full of useless things, fears and regrets of the past, stress or worries about the future … You don’t advance at all and you are obliged to return to the port to leave things behind, to unload stuff, and to let go for good…

Phuro helps you to recognize the still waters so you can easily manouver the ship without resistance.

Your body knows how to relax perfectly, your mind gets in the way! Your mental chatter, your constant negative self-talk keeps the door to your treasure locked. Because of all these monkeys in your mind, you can’t hear your real voice anymore and you completely forgot about the silence.

Phuro hands you a new lens through which you get a clear view of where you are and where you are going.

When you have recognized a pattern, when you have untangled a knot, released an emotion, you have freed yourself and you start lightning up ! Layer after layer, you can eliminate the doubts and fears in yourself and find out who you really are ! You have your lens back completely cleared !


We climb into the eyrie, where you have a complete view of what is happening around you. Everything is so peaceful and calm here… It makes you wonder : why haven’t I been here before ?

You can only climb high into the eagle’s nest if you drop all blinders and throw all useless weights overboard. In the eyrie you have a full view of 360 °, you get access to an endless array of possibilities. As you reach for the stars, you get support from higher regions. You feel the natural flow and you again experience the wind in the sails…

Are you ready to clean up and be a beacon of light ?

Phuro! Be inspired!

Perception is everything

It was again a headliner in our news yesterday : Several youngsters, age 14-25, are not feeling comfortable in their skin, more depressed teenagers…It sounds as if it is becoming a plague !

Children are drifting without direction, feeling lost or feeling drowned in a bunch of illusions…Our children are not broken, they don’t need to be fixed ! Their view is disturbed.

They have to put on new glasses and learn how to perceive their world differently. They have to put things back into perspective and broaden their view.

That means parents too. Children often mirror their parents’ behaviour. When you coach a child, you often need to re-educate the parents !

A lot of my coaching time in sports is spent on learning children how to cope with all distractions on and around the field. I can’t help but having the impression they need to defend themselves more and more against adult behaviour !

How often do we stress on the negative ? Are we feeding them that they have to focus on results ? “Don’t let me down son !” or “Don’t dissapoint me !” Or are we stimulating them with a “Surprise me”, or an “I know you can do this !”

I often hear parents shouting at their kids next to the field. They see their son not finishing a shot properly and they yell : “Jason, are you stupid or what ?”

You can immediately see the body language of that player altering, now he is completely out of the game (not focused), tensed (he uses more muscles then necessary) and he lost strength (the remark of his father “hit” him and made him go weak !)

Does shattered glass bring new opportunities or are they just broken windows attracting more bad luck ?

Can you see who hides beneath that brokenness ?  Or are you sticking your head in the sand, being blind to truth ?

Can you see who hides behind the mask ? Or are you just keeping up appearances aswell ?

The difference lies in how we perceive our children, how we treat them and what we “feed” them !


Phuro! Be inspired!


#Confide in me !

Raising awareness for mental health ! We can beat the monsters !

First of all I want to thank follower/friend/blogger Krafting Thoughts for helping me raise awareness for my cause ! Wow I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! I am looking forward to see your writings on this topic and will reblog them here !

The reason why I became a life and mental coach is because people always tell me their story, even strangers !

Some tell me their deepest secrets. I don’t even have to ask them these things, I seem to invite them unwittingly, unknowingly to open up their heart and to let their truth come out….

The other reason why I became a life and mental coach is because I want to encourage people to come out of their box mentality. We are always labeling ourselves and others and we are always identifying ourselves with our diseases.

We put children in a box at an early age. Diagnozed with ADHD and ADD, we give them drugs to “control their condition”.

Even kids who are HSP are considered dysfunctional and are hardly understood by their environment. I happen to be higly sensitive and my child inherited it aswell but we never saw it as a condition. It is just part of who we are !

I want to share our personal story today to prove that our boxes are imaginary boxes, in most cases, unnecessary kept alive by our ignorance, our resistance to truth and maybe our fear of alternative healing methods.

A big part of my mission lies in raising awareness for this, to speak up for our children and to offer them tools to empower themselves and make them resilient to life’s challenges without drugs !


When my son was 8 he was experiencing some problems at school. His teacher told me he often looked absent, he dreamed away instead of keeping up with the lessons, he even skipped whole exercices on his tests or left whole pages blank. When she confronted him with that, he didn’t know what to say.

One day when he slipped in dream mode in class again, the teacher confronted me. Wasn’t it about time I considered seeing a doctor and give him medication ?

I was surprised, I was even perplexed to hear this. I have never been fond of pharmaceuticals and I barely have them in the house. My doctor knows I am very hesitant towards them and I only take them in case of emergency !

A colleague of mine told me her horror story of her experiences with a daughter on ritalin, I was in contact with a pharmacist who had worked in a mental institution for years; this man, – now retired – warned me how addictive all these drugs are and how they are destructive to a little child’s brain. Not to mention the need to increase doses on a regular basis. I wasn’t considering this option at all !

I started some research on my own to find alternative methods to help my son. I kept him home from school one day and told his teacher I was going to see a psychologist, I drove to my natural health therapist instead and had my son tested.

He informed us we had to cut the sugars in his diet, also the hidden sugars in the food. He told us he was intolerant to wheat so we switched to spelt instead.

We reduced time spend on television and gaming. He wasn’t allowed any device in his room while he slept and we switched the wifi off at night.

We went to see an osteopathic physician, apparently he had a craniocerebral birth trauma, she even pointed it out to me so I could see for myself how “out of alignement” he was. She exclaimed : “No wonder he has difficulties concentrating !”

Other spine issues that block the cerebrospinal fluid can cause headaches and migraines. Children are often benefited with craniosacral therapy. You can find an interesting link here.

After two weeks the school contacted me, saying the teachers were happy I decided to give my son the proper medication. I left them perplexed when I told them he had never swallowed a pill !

Proudly I emailed them a whole essay, asking them to take all these tips in consideration to help other parents. It worked well, our osteopathic told me she had a boost of children in her practise…

If you like to spread awareness for my case, have a personal story to tell about your issues, or you have other useful tips or information for children and adults, please do share them while using the hashtag #confideinme in your blog or put a link to your blog in the comments.

Do not go back to black, paint beautiful colors instead !

Phuro! Be inspired!