Lies, lies, lies,…

We are all made from the five elements; we are all of one spirit.
In all respects, we are one humanity, one human family !
Limitations arise from political beliefs and world leaders who
hold thinking to time, place and culture, thereby creating differences and separateness. 

The birthright of all mankind is to LOVE and to follow God.
Limitations arise from erroneous human beliefs.

Shri Babaji has appeared to illumine the minds and hearts of mankind, so that unity and harmony may be known by all.


We have been blindfolded for years. Culture and traditions are steering us in a certain direction, our rulers are hyponotizing us on a massive scale through media, music, movies,…We are forced to look at life through a limited view master, through the eyes of deceit, Luciferian eyes. Lies. Period.

You have forgotten your own light and have been spending ions of time in darkness and unconsciousness. You have been beaten or slowed down by dark forces – dark thoughts – and you have been enslaved by your emotional attachements ! They are “lurking in the dark” and are waiting to be triggered at various occasions.

Acknowledge that these dual forces are projections from your own inner state of consciousness, fighting unconsciously a battle within yourself. An illusionary battle of good and evil, played by the dark side, a persistent game, keeping you locked in, trapped !

Without free will, we wouldn’t have the freedom to give our unique expression to life. We are responsible whether we give life a positive or negative meaning and we are responsable for the direction we take.

What you perceive outside of yourself is the mirror that reminds you of what you have chosen to experience in this life. You can choose from a myriad of viewpoints.

Don’t let the outer world be your guide and don’t get talked into fear, hate, despair, limitations and lack. Don’t adopt the opinions of others as true and let them take control over you.

Deep inside you know your true nature, you know your state of love, light and freedom.


The “I” and “my” have put a veil over the hearts of people. People have become self-centred and selfish. How can there be peace when the mind is full of ego and selfishness? Who is big enough in this world now to sacrifice himself for universal service and love?

People have degenerated to the point that they are prepared to kill or harm others for their own selfish works or motives. All of you must try to destroy the corrupted law and establish true law in the world.

People are like puppets dancing for demonic leaders. We have to protect the people and lead them to progress. We must lose no courage.

We must live for humanity and die for humanity.



Set the intent to exclude all darkness from your mind from now on. Why ? Because with every thought that believes in darkness in any form, you are re-enforcing it. Don’t pull anymore drama into your life. Don’t attract more situations that confirm your fears.

Make a decision now. Do you want to go further down into the rabbit hole or do you wish to return to your true Divine Nature ?

In order to change your experience of this world, in order to reclaim your power as a creator god, you must learn to use your creative powers again.

Phuro! Be inspired!