The time is now !

We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer? David Lynch (Monica Bellucci scene, Twin Peaks) I know it is a paradox to stay calm amidst the storm, but even though outer circumstances force you into a certain direction or there is seemingly chaos around you, it is often the ego’s last attempt to stay in control, trying to suck you back … Lees verder The time is now !

The fear of death

“The fear of death is born with man, though this is the only thing he knows is certain to happen to him. Attachment to material things make man cling to life.” On the verge of death people often feel regret and remorse. Regret for unspoken things, regret for the fears that they couldn’t face. Remorse for the harm that they have caused, remorse for all the … Lees verder The fear of death