Electrified !

Music is a primal way of communication. It is a conversation everyone can get involved in, it’s a language everyone understands. It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t come with instructions or a manual. You can’t force your way into it…

It makes you forget time and it bypass your mind. It creates a show where your inner world comes alive, where you let your feelings speak and let them take the lead. It fulfills the need to express yourself and connect to a part of you that your mind doesn’t comprehend.

Once the rhythm has got you going, your body becomes an extension of inner arousel ! You are in a trance !

Music can be hot and cold combined, some songs send shivers down your spine. They instigate that fire within, like eels they move in this fluid of emotions, electrifying your natural habitat ! Aren’t some satisfying in a cold shower, others dangerous at meltdowns ?


Some create an energy that is alluring, vibes that are seductive. You surf these waves of sensuality to instigate others, you somehow hope it has the desired effect on them or that at least your message is answered and doesn’t get rejected and returned !

Seasoned with your preferred flavor, some homemade imagination, you hope it will lead you to the ultimate sensation !

Music is a magical potion for the masses, a healing recipe for the individual, we heal in coming together, we heal through celebrating our aliveness ! It is a forgotten power that can overwrite any trauma and create a different story.

Some melodies touch your heart and cause a groove in there, some strike a chord and leave you in awe. They catapult you in another dimension – timeless and immortal – the moment they take your breath away…

Phuro! Be inspired!

You were so fucking twisted, out off this world ! My kind of tease…You were my favorite companion during long rides, always putting things in higher gear ! Without any shame : my son carries your name…I am forever holding you in a giant cosmic hug Keith Flint…Rest in peace ! Thank you for setting my world on fire and electrifying me !