Never say can’t

“If thoughts can corrupt language, language can also corrupt thoughts.”

George Orwell

Did all our misconceptions and limitations start with language ? Is language a method of manipulation ? Watch this inspiring video and decide for yourself !!!



“Our world is made deadly by leaders, propagated fears, and resulting choices made by hoodwinked people. From the English language we speak, and the words we use, such as referring to our great Creator as a ‘doG’ spelled backwards, to the toxic vaccines we consider good for our children, the myriad scams relay, and rely upon, one universal political scam. It is the greatest scam of all time. It is that ‘common folk’ remain unaware of their uncommon greatness. We are not simply human beings, but super-humans—eternal spirits having a physical experience. We are holy children of the Force behind universal creation. Convinced that we are far less, more vulnerable, and politically impotent, we have allowed, even invited, our leaders to enslave us.”

Dr. Len Horowitz, December, 2002, On “The Insight Hour”

Phuro! Be inspired!