Transformation !

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

Romans 12 : 2


When we have eaten something toxic, our body automatically flushes out toxins, we don’t need to instruct it. When we are sick, our body knows how to heal itself. Every part of us – from organs to cells – is able to recreate itself automatically !

Inside every cell we are also able to hold memories, negative and positive ones. The physical body retains a memory of what the mind experiences. The mind or brain and nervous system retain a memory of what the body experiences.

If muscle memory wouldn’t exist, we would probably have to relearn fundamental basic skills every day such as riding a bicycle or how to kiss !

It stores the negative things aswell ; physical and psychological trauma we experienced during the course of our life. Dr. Deepak Chopra calls this the phantom memory within our cells (cellular memory).

Long after a trauma, deep within the brain, our subconscious mind remembers. The smells, the sounds, the tastes, the visuals surrounding the event are stored to form an emotional picture within the brain.

We can stimulate our body’s natural regenerative process. We can support our body by giving it the right commands. We can heal our body by holding the right intentions for it and visualising it healthy !

Our cells are reacting to everything that our mind says. If we think negative thoughts we harm our body and are affecting our immune system in a bad way, If we think positive thoughts that leave us feeling happy, we are nourishing our whole body-mind-soul system !


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We often seek validation in others ! We want people to give us a little bit of their time and their attention. We want the “thumbs up” and the “likes”. We are flattered by words of appreciation.

I was always concerned about how my posts would appear to people, and honestly whether I was enough, authentic enough. That all changed when I started to be me, a genuine and truthful expression of myself ! Then I looked around and saw validation all around me !


Whenever doubts creep in but intuition says : “Do it anyway !”, you usually get an affirmation afterwards ! I frequently receive signs through television and music or moments of dèjà-vu…

Through random events the universe can send you a “big yes” or an expression of its love ! The universe responds to our genuine intention ! Synchronicity is the result of using your energy righteously and expansively.

I like ending my blog post with a music video, a song that stirs up an emotion within me, a song that can be suiting or uplifting ! Recently I came across a song that I believed I had never heard before allthough I know the artist very well, it was a perfect fit to my writings and the song itself hit me to the core of my being !

I clicked the publish button and it went into the ether ! I was still wearing my headphones as the song started again. Maybe I pushed the repeat button…To my surprise I didn’t hear the sound coming through my headphones, they were playing the song on television !

A while ago I saw a quiz on television, I had just finished a blog about death and I was doubting whether this would be a good read for people, the subject might not be easy digestable…

But all of a sudden the quizmaster of the show asked the following question : “What are people’s biggest remorses when they’re on the verge of death ? I started giving the answers immediately as they were still fresh in my mind after my blogpost…

The particpants on television were guessing but none of them had all the right answers ! I excitedly shouted : “See, you should have read my blog folks !” 🙂 The universe can sweep away your doubts rapidly.


When I go through my emails in the morning and I read a disturbing message or a cry for help from someone, it can leave me perplex or speechless for a few moments ! The first thoughts come in and I wonder “What do I need to say ? What do I need to do ?

We often have a panic reaction ourselves or we already have different doom scenarios in our head, that isn’t helpful for anyone at all !

But if you silence your mind and tune into your heart and you truly ask yourself : “What do I wish for this person right now ? What can I do right now to bring comfort, instantly ?”, you just might feel the “right” answer popping up in seconds !

Tell me that the universe isn’t answering our questions ! It may whisper or may not always use words, but it speaks !

Learn to listen !


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Visualisation is all about selecting the right mental images ! Using your imagination is very important in all creative processes !

You are about to do something that makes you fearful. Now you can tell your subconscious mind : “Don’t be afraid” or ou can make a mental picture of your fear and say “Don’t do that !”


The subconscious will only see the picture and completely forget about the “don’t” and “not”, because these words mean nothing to it !

Mental image of what you don’t want + positive words = Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + negative words : Low vibration, negative feeling, no positive result !


Mental image of what you want + positive words : High vibration, positive feeling, positive result !


Just turn things around and focus on the result : if it doesn’t feel good, change your vision until it does !

You must influence your subconscious with the right impressions ! YES, IMPRESS IT ! You must make mental pictures of what you want and REPEAT them diligently but with ease, effortlessly…


It’s about selecting your view, envisioning “who you want to be” or “what you want to do” and feel your way into it, untill it really feels that good and naturel that you are completely comfortable with the outcome !

So it is a matter of focus and attention and one of internalising and intention !

magic word

And if you have a friend who supports your vision, you are definitely lucky…

Phuro! Be inspired!


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Dog whisperer or human whisperer ?

Who hasn’t watched a show of “The Dog whisperer” and sincerely asked himself “How is Cesar doing all that stuff with dogs ?” It looks so easy for him ! While it seems he is constantly working on trying to change the dog’s behaviour and to rehabilitate the animal, what he primarily does is reeducating the human parents showing how they can alter their state of being and become calm and balanced !

Cesar Millan explains :

Because humans are intellectual beings, we communicate mostly with words. This makes it easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking that dogs also communicate with spoken language.

“As humans, we experience time differently than dogs do. We’re constantly aware not only of the present, but of past and future. For many of us, that’s where feelings like shame, guilt or regret (past) and fear or anxiety (future) arise.”

Dogs, on the other paw, live only in the present ‘ in the moment. Living in the moment means dogs are only concerned with what’s happening to them right now, not what happened to them last week or what’s going to happen next Tuesday. It’s a very simple, instinctual way to live and it’s part of what keeps dogs connected to Nature.

We can vividly see this in dogs that have lost a limb, hearing or sight. They don’t lament or mourn the absent abilities or wonder where they went. They deal with the abilities they have right now and move on with life.

Cesar’s tips for human parents :

To achieve balance in our relationship with our dogs, we need to learn how to live more in the moment ourselves. For humans, there are a number of ways to do this.

Many find meditation and similar mindful practices very helpful, as they can quiet the past and future that distract us from the present. Physical exercise ‘ walking our dogs, jogging, yoga, dancing, whatever — can help too, because it brings us more in touch with our bodies and instincts. And one of the best ways to learn to live in the moment is to immerse ourselves to Nature, whether it’s a beach, park, or hiking trail. Leaving the busy and complicated human world for an hour or two can help us recapture the awareness of the moment.

“Dogs live in the moment. They don’t regret the past or worry about the future. If we can learn to appreciate and focus on what’s happening in the here and now, we’ll experience a richness of living that other members of the animal kingdom enjoy..”‘

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