Behind every great woman…

“Behind every great man, there is a great woman.”

Even if you are not married, or not currently in any romantic or intimate relationship, don’t think this message isn’t for you. Keep reading because…there are certainly other people who you can turn to for support, help, guidance when you need it.

What about a good friend to share your dreams with, a sister or brother to hold your ideal with, a parent or an uncle who comforts and calms you when you are struggling, a teacher or mentor who sees and believes your vision ?

“No man can fail if some one person sees him successful”

Don’t think you need a lot of supporters to get you on the path of success, happiness or recovery. One good supporting friend or relative is all you need.

When you become too emotionally attached to your affairs, when you come too close with them, fears and doubts can come creeping in. You start questionning yourself and your belief in your vision starts wavering.

The friend or “healer” sees cleary the success, prosperity or health and never wavers because he is not close to the situation. He is more able to see and hold on to your ideal.

Many great man owned their success to a wife, a sister or a friend who believed in him and held without wavering to the perfect design in mind. That is the true meaning of Jesus’ words :

“Where two or more gather in My Name, there I AM with them.”

Phuro! Be inspired!

Picture Murad Osmann