I am that I am

Some say God doesn’t exist ! Their argument is that the world is a miserable place, a lot of people are suffering or in pain, there is still misery, poverty and war.

“If there were a God, he wouldn’t let all of this happen !”

Some doubt…They feel there is something more to life, but they can’t fully grasp it, they get easily distracted by what is happening around them. They lack faith, they are not confident enough. They only pray in time of need. As a cry for help.

“If there’s a God then please let him be merciful…”

We seem to have lost the way, we seem to have forgotten that we are our own judge and jury. Things got “out of hand” when we started judging ourselves and others, we started to see life as a competition, as a play with numbers…

To count or not to count

We give each other scores and grades, points and numbers ! We compare and compete and are gradually deducting ourselves, giving away points or losing them along the way.

“That’s a three overthere, pretending he’s reading a book and look you would barely notice it but there is a one, hidden behind a tree. A ten is proudly walking around, several numbers following his ass. And there you got a bunch of sevens, all clinging together,..”

What is your rating ? How do you rate yourself ? If you often feel invisible or excluded and you feel lonely, I’ll bet you are pulling the shortest straw ! And you tell yourself that…

You don’t count !

We were told that we were a good for nothing type ; we were told that we didn’t really matter or that we weren’t talented enough !

We feel victimized : “He has done that to me, “It’s not fair !” We seek revenge.

Each time we believe we can be invalidated or devaluated, each time we believe we are something less then who we truly are, we are giving our power away…

There’s no need to count numbers in divine mind


We are already completely loved and accepted by our creator. The gift of his love is our free will. We are able to chose who we want to be.

The meaning of the Hebrew name YHWH, God’s name is “the Self-existent,” “He who becometh,” or “the becoming one.”

 “The day we really believe it and are bold enough to walk in that Name, there will be peace in the world. If we turn on the outside to an external God, there will be war in the world. For you have denied me and when you deny the real God there is confusion and conflict in the world.”

Neville Goddard

We are disgracing our Name, each time something negative follows “I AM” . Negative statements deduct and contract. Everything positive that follows “I AM” is multiplied, expansive and constructive !

Who do you say I am ?


“I will be what I will be”

“I will become whatsoever I may become.”

No external force necessary.

The kingdom is within !


Phuro! Be inspired!







“Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul”


Words can heal, words can hurt !

They speak of beauty or speak of dirt.

They are used to uplift or to break down,

make you smile or make you frown !

Words can speak of enslavement or liberation,

of expansion or limitation.

They conceive what’s good or what’s bad,

leave you happy or sad.

You can create elegance and flair

or misery and despair !

Words can be smart,

words can hit hard !

You can utter words of confidence or confusion.

You can create a world of miracles

or a world of illusions !

Words can cast spells, spit venom and hate,

words can be blessings and an expression of faith !

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”,

will make you go weak or strong.

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”

you own !



Phuro! Be inspired!




“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

“The more you educate yourself the more you understand where things come from the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Jordan Maxwell

I AM, your awareness, is Lord and master, and besides your awareness there is neither Lord or Master. You are master of all that you ever will be aware of being.

I AM = unconditionned awareness of being = God = The Lord = creator or conceiver of every conditionned state of being = impersonal power of expression

Unconditionned formless awareness of being becomes conditionned by imagining itself to be something. In your formless awareness lies buried all that you  will ever conceive yourself to be.

By this law, first conceiving than becoming that conceived, all things evolve out of no-thing.

If you are dissatisfied with your present expression of life, you have to drop your current state of awareness of being to rise to that state of consciousness that you desire to express or possess.

There is no authority outside of yourself, all power lies within you !

Phuro! Be inspired!