Inner peace can’t be bought canned or in a box.

Spirit can’t be sprayed as a perfume just when you want to be at your best.

There is no magic pill that can cure you of the pain of going against your grain.

How do you blow “animo” back in life then ?

You go beyond. Beyond the human eye.

You have to look beyond every illusion to see what is really going on.

You have to move beyond every judgement to understand what “being human” truly is.

Beyond all divisions of humanity that separate humans and keep them from unity.

Go beyond to become a whole human again.

Phuro! Be inspired!


Horses for your pleasure

Silence…I kill you !

Achmed, the dead terrorist (character Jeff Dunham)

I don’t care about fame. I don’t care if you know my name. I wouldn’t care if you would burn every picture that existed of me, I’m not even scared if you took away my name and completely would erase my identity.

It’s not about me after all. It’s about us sharing our truth, but society tries to silence us and threatens to kill our message. Our Achmed is society…

Society says : “stop touching me ! You are helping people transcend their current level of reality. We don’t want people to evolve that way, they could discover how brilliant and powerful they are !”

Society says : “stop touching our illusions, truth doesn’t have to be shared with others. People would notice and discover our plans to keep them all subjugated and to destroy humanity.”

‘Panem et Circenses’ Bread and games…

It is not only about the poisons in our food and our surroundings. What kind of messages are you being fed ? The ones you got used to. The ones they want you to see. The popular ones… Horses for your pleasure…How do you want to change if you keep digesting the same old information ?

`Divide et Impera’ Divide and conquer…

What seemed to be a free method of communication and a free sharing of information has been hijacked by all these algorithms and other attractor fields.

You are being misled on a massive scale and forced to look at what they are feeding you on a daily basis. We are running around in circles, chasing our tails and most of all : fighting each other…

If you would step off this merry-go-round and see the bigger picture you would immediately know what I am talking about !

“Many of us have taken on roles that are far removed from our hearts’ desires, and we have played these roles for so long that we have forgotten our core identities. The more you indulge a false construct of yourself, the farther removed from yourself you will become, and the more you will spin on that merry-go-round of negative patterns.”

Suna Senman, transformational coach & author

Quoted from this full beautiful blogpost :

Phuro! Be inspired!





A message for all of humanity

A universal message of Peace & Love, a wake up call for all !

Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’ and Haidakhan Babaji’s message of Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service

Let us all unite in Love !

Today humanity is in great danger and there exists no security of person or wealth. The problem is not of one nation but of the whole universe !
Unite in an organization to achieve power by gaining the goodwill of the majority of the people at present.
Unite in love to elevate yourselves. Each one of you must vow today to sacrifice everything to obtain oneness with yourself.
Be rid of attachment in your heart and be ready for the sake of righteousness to jump into the flames and water of life.
Be prepared to burn your very bones, if necessary, to secure the public good and righteousness!


The “I” and “my” have put a veil over the hearts of people. People have become self-centred and selfish. How can there be peace when the mind is full of ego and selfishness? Who is big enough in this world now to sacrifice himself for universal service and love?

People have degenerated to the point that they are prepared to kill or harm others for their own selfish works or motives. All of you must try to destroy the corrupted law and establish true law in the world.

Today mankind has greatly degenerated. People are like puppets dancing for demonic leaders. We have to protect the people and lead them to progress. We must lose no courage.

We must live for humanity and die for humanity.


Phuro! Be inspired!