What a Sikh wedding !

We were witness of an extraordinary event that took place on friday and saturday : the wedding of our neighbour’s son, Mr Singh.

We’ve always had a special relationship with our neighbours, I consider my son half adopted by them, not only measured by the time he has spent at their house, but equally because of the attention and affection he has been subject to his whole childhood.


My source of inspiration, Sri Haidakhan Babaji said we can only make progress in life by doing karma yoga, hard work in dedication to the Lord, that means service to humanity, service to you and me ! Not forgetting anyone close at home, it was obvious we would be Manjot’s protective shield on this special occasion !

The event started on friday evening with ring ceremony. In Punjabi tradition, it equals official engagement and it is celebrated with closest family and friends.


Saturday was an auspicious day, again with a lot of traditional ceremonies. One particular moment, during a speech of mr. Babaji, tears started rolling down my cheeks, I had no idea what happened, I only realised afterwards how energetic this moment was when I saw the picture that I took just a few moments before…


The sun was shining brightly and reflected all the energies surrounding our neighbour’s house. Our prayers for protection worked aswell, we even gave the groom wings on his way to the temple and his future bride ! Didi and Dada at his service !


On Barat, the bride and groom looked stunning in their traditional wedding clothes ! My eyes are still recovering from all the colorful outfits, the golden accessoires and the beauty of the couple itself. I still have difficulties adjusting to the dulness of everyday life.


I am grateful that we could be part of this wonderful feast and wish to express our gratitude to Mr Singh and family for sharing it with us all.

Thank you for donating the delicious bread and curries to Stef’s freego, the social project from our herbal therapist in Ghent ! He posted this picture on Facebook.


Gurmeet, You are surrounded by loving people and I sincerely believe that your husband will take excellent care of you for the rest of his life. Our circle of love and protection just got extented, you are included !


Phuro! Be inspired!









Expect the unexpected !


This weekend I again thought about my personal mantra : Release, Relax and Recreate, a method that I use to efficiently surf the incoming energy waves.

Saturday had already been a day of releasing, so sunday was relaxing time ! No need to put pressure on myself ! There was a family dinner planned in a restaurant, we took place in the garden and ordered our drinks. As usual water, white and red wine were brought to our table…

I was ready to enjoy a nice dinner in my family’s presence under the warmth of the sun. Suddenly I had flashbacks of my lessons in wine etiquette and I decided to put them into practise.

I’m not used to drink wine, I only drink it now and then, on occasion and usually one glass is sufficient to cover hours at the table.

My former boss tried to convert me to the wine drinkers club several times, but all to no avail. One of his first remarks during my lessons in wine etiquette was : “You are a beer drinker, I can tell that immediately !”

He looked me straight in the eyes. I thought he was preparing for some kind of eye staring contest or dual, then he moved his hands towards his glass, his fingertips gently touched the base of the stem, he kept staring at me while he put his glass to his mouth.

Apparently he was awaiting my move ! I tried to give him the same authorious look and confidently moved my hand towards my glass, then instinctively my hand enfolded the entire bowl of the glass as I lifted it towards my mouth !

“Gotcha”, my boss exclaimed !

I had to confess he was right, It dawned on me that this wasn’t an elegant and civilized manner to drink wine. But hey…we lived in different worlds ! Instantly there were flashbacks in my head of bbq’s amongst friends, soccer games and after parties, concerts and festivals. I had difficulties imagining the same scenarios at the golf club !

Back to the now, I decided to pour a small amount of red wine in my glass but then my eyes caught the label on the bottle, making me quickly forget again all forms of etiquette and rules !

Spirit had a funny way of giving me the next clue in my “recreation process” : On the South African Cabernet Sauvignon bottle was written : “Expect the unexpected” ! The name “ONVERWACHT”, means unexpected in my native language aswell. WACHT means to wait, to have patience…I was stunned !

The universe has its own ways to make something clear to us. I wonder what message you got this time….


Phuro! Be inspired!



Peek-a-boo !

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Children are amazed


Children cut off seriousness 



Children connect with others



Children embrace each moment 



Children play



Children are teachers of love



Children fully ACCEPT who they are !

Phuro! Be inspired!