F*ck that !

Fuck ! The way you use this word can reveal a lot about yourself or even other people !

It gives extra power to your statements : “I am fucking ugly, she is fucking adorable, that fucking boss,…!”

It can be used as a verb, a noun, an adjective and it can relate to any emotional expression : amazement : “What the fuck !”, frustration : “Fuck off !’, anger : “Fuck you !”, fear : “I am fucked !”, desire : “You look so fucking good !”, disappointment : “Oh Fuck man !”

It can wake you up and remind you that YOU ARE POWERFUL : “Fuck, I’m gonna do it !” and that other people’s opinions shouldn’t keep you from doing the things you want ! “I don’t give a fuck !”

Every time you use it, see it as a chance to change course or to be conscious of your thoughts and points of attraction !

“Fuck ! I am screwed” is a sign that you focus on a bad outcome ! Change this shit and tell yourself another story : “I am fucking awesome !”

Whenever you use the word, be aware of your feelings !  (As you should do with everything you say by the way !)

Whenever you experience negative emotions, you should be alarmed that there are within you conflicting thoughts or beliefs you should deal with !

Remind yourself that life is fucking beautiful !

Be more positive !

Fuck that !

Phuro! Be inspired!




Things to ponder…

When I was young, Pinky and the Brain was one of my favorite cartoons. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s about two mice : Brain, a gruf, intelligent mouse always plodding and planning to conquer the world – kind of an evil nutty professor – and Pinky, a tall clumsy mouse with a funny British accent.

And then there was that phrase of Brain that returned in every episode : “Pinky, are you pondering what I am pondering ?” Followed by Pinky saying something hilariously stupid !

Pondering…the word has a lot of synonyms ; overthinking, contemplating, reflecting on things, chewing on things… Coming out of a mouse’s mouth, it was adorable and cute but it hasn’t always an innocent meaning…

Pondering can become plotting when dark thoughts are involved, when evil is stirred into the mixture, adding fuel to the fire !  Once these thoughts have instigated us and the emotions are running riot in our bodies, it is difficult to control them, they are all sticking together like glue ! We can choose to hide them, we can choose to let go of them, or we can choose to give expression to them !


All this starts within, inside ourselves. First we leave this world behind while pondering… we wander ourselves into a slumber state, between being awake and dreaming, a place where we can effortlessly feel ourselves being anything…Then we turn outwards, to our waking state where we can start to give expression to that vision of ours…

Pondering is powerful. Pondering multiplied by passion becomes creative imagination ! When we feel inspired, there’s a fire instigated within and it desires to express itself through art, writing, music, being creative, healing,… It urges us to do something and starts our creative processes.

What kind of projects do you like to give birth to ? What kind of message do you want people to hear ? What kind of person do you want to be ? What will your legacy be ?

Are you pondering what am I pondering ?

Phuro! Be inspired!