Governed by…

When you hear the word “to govern”, many of you will instantly think about our rulers, our governments or the people who have authority over us, the leaders of this world.

You might think about several other people, groups or organisations having power over us : the bankers, our employers, even our teachers and parents.

Other words will possibly flash into your mind aswell : possession, dominion, submission,…

Maybe you ask yourself : who governs who ? How can we be completely free ? Is that even possible ?


We can add the words of our beloved Wayne Dyer to this William Penn’s quote : “These tyrants are often self imposed roadblocks of your lower self at work !”

Are we making decisions according to our animalistic and lower nature ? Are we making choises according to our emotional states ? You need to know that these two alone will build dangerous and unstable constructions !

When we keep our focus on resentment and retaliation or fear and anger, we will see it reflected back into our world. That’s why the ruling class likes to keep us trapped in fear and continues to hypnotize and brainwash us through media, politics, economics,…

External conditions can’t govern us, it’s our mental attitude that makes up all these restrictions preventing us from attaining long lasting happiness !

Power versus force

God gave us command to rule over the earth, the expectation was to do so in a way that reflected His character.

Instead of being submitted by all these man made doctrines, which are all a bunch of illusions we are forced to believe in, we have to reinstall our true power, the one that comes from within and that is available to all of us.

To put the real governor into his righteous place, we need to step a little higher and summon a more mighty power, the power of the heart, the place where the Christ resides !

Jesus said, “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). It is within this kingdom — the realm of our hearts — that Christ rules supreme over his people, guiding us, healing us and governing our lives and future.

David Wilkerson

Surrender to kindness and spontaneity, bend to joy and curiosity and add a little gentleness and genuiness to this magical blend.

Remain loving all the time and be passionate. Create a mysterious fabric, a woven grid of love.

Let love be the authority to which you bow and be true to its power in the eternal now !


Phuro! Be inspired!


Restore your energy

Restore your energy, bring in more light to heal your soul, feel more connected with the universe with this guided meditation !

You can choose any High Vibrational Being to assist you : Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Babaji, Krishna, Archangel Michael,…Let us use Quan Yin in this example, she is one of my favorites.

She is the Goddess of compassion and mercy, the one who hears the cries of all the people…

Access a high vibrational state through feelings of gratitude and forgiveness

Close your eyes and start breathing at a gentle pace.

Put your left hand on your abdomen and your right hand on your heart. Invite Quan Yin in. “Dear Quan Yin, I love you, I honor you, I appreciate you.”

If you have a special request, then state it now : “Please help me heal………..” “Please transform my relationship with………….” “Thank you !”

Ask forgiveness for all past errors and harm you have caused to other souls in this life and in other lifetimes. Also send forgiveness to all souls that have caused you wrong. Forgive yourself and others completely. Free them and yourself of all karmic debt !

Be free of  hate, resentment, judgement, be a vessel of gratitude and forgiveness !


Let your heart speak

Start breathing through your heart and feel the loving energy of Quan Yin enter your heart. Imagine her standing behind you, she is a big radiating presence, you start being engulfed in a white bright light, she is holding her hands above your head and she blesses you with beams of love and purifying energy !

You can imagine it as a stream of light or as a ball of light, growing bigger and brighter inside your body, lightening up all your chakras. There’s not a single spot in your body left unnoticed. Not a corner, not a single cell is left in the dark. Your body starts being completely illuminated from head to toe.

This picture has been energized by spiritual healer Ed Strachar. For Best Results, Breathe Deep and Slow, Still Your Mind and Feel Your Heart/Love. Expect Nothing You can find Ed Strachar on facebook or on

If you have difficulties projecting love from your heart, look at the picture above and follow the instructions below it. I’m sure it will help 🙂

Where your body is in pain you can send in more of this healing light, it can’t be depleted so use it to the maximum ! Speak to your cells. Speak to the organ in pain. Adress its spirit !

“Dear soul, mind and body of…..You are doing a good job, I know you can restore yourself to divine perfection ! Thank you !”

And let more healing energy from Quan Yin flow into your body.

Send all excessive and overflowing energy to the earth. Send all this love to other people in need of healing aswell.

Use this unlimited flow, this never ending amount of energy that is available in you and around you ! Cover the earth with blessings, through you and Quan Yin, right here, right now !

Thank Quan Yin for her Divine blessing at the end of this meditation.

You can give your body an auto suggestion with the help of NLP or sound healing at the end of the exercice so that whenever you are in need of an instant blessing, you have access to it within seconds.

This auto suggestion (through word, touch, action) can be given to your body (subconscious) as a reminder, it will work as a trigger to get you back in your natural loving state !


Phuro! Be inspired!