Thou shalt not pass

When you are about to enter a club at night, you make sure you don’t do anything that could piss off the bouncer, don’t you ? And once you’re in, you would behave, so you wouldn’t be thrown out immediately. Right ?

Are you in or out of your club of creation ? Because as the creator of your life, you decide who’s coming into your system, who you give entrance to or not ! You decide : You are the bouncer ! Who’s staying in your head uninvited ? Who’s running around making a lot of turmoil ? Who’s spoiling all the fun ? Who’s turning the positive vibe in a creepy atmosphere ? Who is triggering you for a fight ?

You are strong and able to protect yourself. Brush yourself off ! You can say no to the hooligans from your past ! You can skip the dance with the demons in your mind ! You can stop flirting with the devil and bounce all these nasty bitches off !

Let the kind ones, who say a gentle hello enter, let the loving ones in who give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Let the joyful ones in who will dance with you all night, barely remembering what time it is. Invite the ones in who are courageous at night and adventurous during the day. Invite the ones in that can wipe out any evil with their shining light, be there with the strong ones who gave up struggles and fights,  judgements and trials, who don’t have to hide or prove anything to anyone.

Remember you are the bouncer : you can get bounced off or you can bounce back. Be a balanced bouncer : set bounderies for yourself and choose wisely !

Phuro! Be inspired!