Angels and butterflies

This summer I saw a peacock butterfly landing on one of my angel statues. I had the opportunity to take a picture of it.

This butterfly is very known and widely spread across Europe. It is quite spectacular with its eyes on it wings.

Peacock mimicry

In Central and South America and in the rainforest you can find owl butterflies also known for their huge eyespots, which resemble owl’s eyes.

They can be very large and prefer to fly at night when few predators are around. Their latin name refers to this, Caligo means darkness.

These butterflies have the ability to protect themselves, camouflaging themselves by mimicing an owl, so birds won’t be able to recognize them as a prey but see them as their enemy.

It seems there is a higher intelligence at work that keeps everything in this world balanced and protected…

Is there a higher power that – just as in nature – protects us when we are in danger ? Is the Divine keeping an eye on us too ?

If we would learn to turn to our true guides we could scare our enemies away. Our guides are always by our sides especially when we invoke them ! Divine intervention really exists !

Miracles can leave you wondering : “What has just happened ? How was I able to this ? How did I get this strength ?”

Assisted by the Divine you are able to project the darkness back to your agressors, holding a mirror in front of them. Your radiance can appear fearful to them.

Protected by the Divine, human angels can appear just in time of need, heaven sent ! “My savior appeared out of the blue…”

With our wings on, we are protected in darkness !

The Divine has many ways to communicate and to intervene, nothing is impossible !

Never consider it a coincidence. Just as it isn’t a coincidence that the moment I asked : “Who is with me today ?”, a peacock butterfly stranded on my way !

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Phuro! be inspired!