Blue inspiration

When I was a child I thought there was a hidden room in my grandparents’ house. I imagined it so frequently that I was convinced the room really existed. Hidden for all but in plain sight for me !

I kept visiting this secret chamber because it felt magical to be there, it was a bright room with a large library and comfortable chairs that sucked me even further in a dream state. When I grew up I was deceived that it only took place in my imagination…


But years later I found myself in that secret room again. The remembrance of the dream, the rediscovery of the room made me feel joyful, but it also reminded me of the deception so I said to myself “Don’t be caught too much in your imagination again…”

Then it dawned on me that this dream was about the wisdom of the heart : my secret room represented the core of my being ! This hidden room was my sacred space and I now remembered how to enter it !


Our whole life we seem to be in search for something we have lost but this inner intelligence is always with us, ready to guide and to teach us. It has always been there, it is always here now ! We have only forgotten how to access it.

The very core of your being speaks to you but not often in a language you immediately understand. Although it is a personal conversation, you are not always able to interpret the messages. You can’t accept this inner wisdom ‘cause you can’t recognize it any more !


You can only tell by your own experience how this sacred space speaks to you. I can only tell that opening up to the power of the heart feels like returning home and stepping into a place of love and acceptance. A magical place full of ancient wisdom !

You can discard your true feelings as being an illusion your whole life but then you cut off the communication between you and this innate wisdom. The heart may whisper or may not always use words but it speaks. Learn to listen !

Phuro! Be inspired!



Electrified !

Music is a primal way of communication. It is a conversation everyone can get involved in, it’s a language everyone understands. It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t come with instructions or a manual. You can’t force your way into it…

It makes you forget time and it bypass your mind. It creates a show where your inner world comes alive, where you let your feelings speak and let them take the lead. It fulfills the need to express yourself and connect to a part of you that your mind doesn’t comprehend.

Once the rhythm has got you going, your body becomes an extension of inner arousel ! You are in a trance !

Music can be hot and cold combined, some songs send shivers down your spine. They instigate that fire within, like eels they move in this fluid of emotions, electrifying your natural habitat ! Aren’t some satisfying in a cold shower, others dangerous at meltdowns ?


Some create an energy that is alluring, vibes that are seductive. You surf these waves of sensuality to instigate others, you somehow hope it has the desired effect on them or that at least your message is answered and doesn’t get rejected and returned !

Seasoned with your preferred flavor, some homemade imagination, you hope it will lead you to the ultimate sensation !

Music is a magical potion for the masses, a healing recipe for the individual, we heal in coming together, we heal through celebrating our aliveness ! It is a forgotten power that can overwrite any trauma and create a different story.

Some melodies touch your heart and cause a groove in there, some strike a chord and leave you in awe. They catapult you in another dimension – timeless and immortal – the moment they take your breath away…

Phuro! Be inspired!

You were so fucking twisted, out off this world ! My kind of tease…You were my favorite companion during long rides, always putting things in higher gear ! Without any shame : my son carries your name…I am forever holding you in a giant cosmic hug Keith Flint…Rest in peace ! Thank you for setting my world on fire and electrifying me !





Generate love

“All of the love we generate…
The only thing that carries me on…
There’s nothing we need that it can’t create…”

According to the studies of Manfred Clynes, a former pianist, all over the world people from all walks of life express emotions in a similar way.

When we listen to music and have an emotional experience, our nervous system always responds in a characteristic way which is measurable with a sentograph.

When people hug and caress each other, or express anger or hate, each time these emotions follow predictable wave paths of pressure.


Amazingly the emotion associated with love is Golden Mean related ! If we’re hugging our loved one or express feelings of love, the maximum pressure in the hug is at exactly the Golden Mean ratio with respect to the total duration of the hug !

The higher harmonics in the Golden Fibonacci sequence are all based on the longest Phi wave, the carrier wave. Light in a straight line is energy, loving light bent around a focal point creates matter and it’s the universal consciousness that keeps the waves centered and self sustaining !

Love…There’s absolutely nothing that it can’t create !



Phuro! Be inspired!



Cats from space…



One day a big cat fell from the sky and landed on earth ! She had to hide, she was too tall, she could have had all humans hurt !

She had supernatural abilities of an order not that small ! But to morph herself into a little feline, she lost her ability to speak – once and for all !

She got herself adopted by a sweet girl and could live cosy and comfortably, but she had no choise, she had to find a way to return home safely….


It looked like days, but years went by ! She forgot what she really came here to do and she stopped asking why.

She just felt she could take naps anywhere and that she needed to withdraw from humans everywhere !

She was abruptly awoken one night and ran outside. She looked up to the sky and saw a bright blue light !


Nothing else but a few clouds, but then out of the blue, a very big cat came falling through !

The big cat was scared and put herself in defensive position but the little one didn’t fear, all of a sudden she had a flash back of her mission !

“I can’t believe I am speaking out loud, but I was once a bright star just like you before fading out ! I spent lifetimes on earth and I know human’s ways. It is too dense in here, I forgot how to operate !”


“There’s no need to fight, I now remember ! We only have to wake up the humans and tell them how to surrender !”

In order for humanity to escape duality, they both shared their wisdom and agreed to tell earth how to be finally freed.

If you happen to spot a blue lit crown at night then keep in mind, that she might be bestowing you with gifts of any kind !


Phuro! Be inspired!

The Blue Ray family !

I intend to live forever, or die trying.”

Groucho Marx

Do you sometimes feel like you have been walking this earth for ages…wondering when this will finally be over ? You want to return “home” and that things get back to “normal” !

Do you feel a stranger within your own family or amongst friends and do you feel more connected to children, animals and nature ?

Are you an empath ? An emotional sponge ? Are you able to feel everything to the core of your being ?

Are you sensitive to the energies around you ? Do you know stuff without knowing how you know them ? Are you an intuitive ?

Do you often feel worn out because of all the energies around ? Tired of all the negativity and exhausted from finding ways to transform it ?

Do you often feel the need to withdraw in silence and solitude, far away from the drama and noice of everyday life ?

Do you feel the need to express yourself one way or another ? Do you have an ability or talent you hide from others ?

Have you experienced difficulties expressing yourself to others because you are constantly trying to figure out how to make yourself understandable ?

And this might be a strange question : Did you ever wonder why you seem to leave a trail of destruction behind, everywhere you go…?

giphy (11)

Then welcome to the Blue Ray family !

Yes some of us might feel stuck in this dimension or feel that we were obliged to hide for too long !

Some might feel our actions have been useless so far, but we can’t diminish the important work we have done behind the scenes…

You have opened the path ! You are a trailblazer ! You carry the divine blueprint within you and you are impatiently waiting to restore it for all beings on earth !

We don’t have hidden agendas and egotistical needs. We just expose injustices and cruel deeds ! We are not able to spread lies ! We tell it like it is !

Allthough we do not literally blow up stuff, we come with this fire that makes all ugliness rise to the surface ! That’s the reason why archaic and patriarchal structures tremble in our presence…We just scare the shit out of them !

We are not afraid of death ; we accept it as an integral part of life…Live free or die trying !

If this might resonate with you then I have one thing to say : I know you are used to hide but I invite you to … come out, come out, wherever you are !


Phuro! Be inspired !

Video by Steve Nobel