Celebrating a new earth

The first of may is celebrated in a lot of countries as “workers’ day” or “labour day”… Here it is a holiday aswell, and for me personally it is a very exceptional day because 14 years ago my son was born !

I can still see it in my mind as if it happened yesterday. The gyne was already present when I entered the hospital that saturday morning. And I wasn’t the only woman desiring to give birth that day, I believe 4 other women were in line and in labour aswell !

The gyne was on a mission ! Well he clearly spoke the words and claimed “I’m gonna get them all out today !” Being in labour, it wasn’t all as easy as I had imagened it ! After examining me the gyne again proclaimed : “you got yourself a stargazer !”

“Excuse me ? A what ?” “Your baby hasn’t turned properly lady, his head is facing upwards, he’s looking at the stars ! He will need some help getting out…”

“Please, just get him out as fast as you can !” My thought processes were on hold, my body became exhausted ! But one hour and a half before midnight, after a few push and pulls…Bingo ! My star was born !

The labour pains were quickly forgotten when I could hold my long expected baby in my arms. I felt truly blessed.


Blessed by Saint Germain, May 1st is also known as Saint Germain’s Ascension Day. Every year on this holy day, Saint Germain directs his Legions of Violet Fire Angels to bless the Earth with the Violet Flame for a 24-hour period.

It carries a profound message to all lightworkers aswell : Never give up ! Don’t quit what you came here to do ! Hold on and continue your divine mission. Keep moving !

Don’t be discouraged, don’t be impatient. The seeds have been planted and soon you will experience the birth of a new earth, you will reap the rewards of your work and efforts, all the labour pains preceding this birth will be forgotten. The result will sweep your tears away, your pain will vanish !

It isn’t always that easy to keep going amidst this chaos, but we need to PUSH through it. We need to process and transmute what arises to the surface. It has to be cleared out of our consciousness.

Keep transmuting and transforming this energy and soon you will not only see the new world but be a participator and a co-creator in it.

It is truly time to celebrate !

Phuro! Be inspired!


Saint Germain Violet fire invocation :

“I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love we invoke the most intensified frequencies of the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Violet Flame that Cosmic Law will allow.

Saint Germain and your Legions of Violet Fire Angels, we ask that you blaze, blaze, blaze this Violet Flame with the power and might of a thousand Suns in, through, and around every thought, feeling, word, action, memory, and belief that Humanity has ever expressed in any time frame or dimension, both known and unknown, that is reflecting anything less than Heaven on Earth.

Transmute this energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory back into its original perfection and seal it in an invincible forcefield of God’s Infinite Light.

We accept that this Activity of Light is being God Victoriously accomplished even as we Call. We also accept and KNOW that the Violet Flame is increasing daily and hourly, moment by moment, with every Breath we take until this Sweet Earth and ALL her Life have Ascended into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light on the New Earth.

And so it is! Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.”












Do you believe ?

Recently a friend’s 10-year-old saw the tattoos on my wrists and she started asking questions.

“Why do you have a cross tattooed on your arm ? Do you believe in Jesus ?”, she asked. I told her : “Yes I do”.

She looked surprised. “No one goes to church anymore”, she said. “Me neighter”, I confessed.

“Jesus didn’t say we had to follow a church or a religion”, I continued. “He was showing us the way how we could find God within ourselves. People worship his image instead of really listening to what he has to say. The cross became a symbol of death instead of faith and ressurection !

72 Babaji & Christ

Babaji and Jesus

Painting by Nayaswami Jyotish

She turned to my right arm this time. “And what is this ?”, she asked. This is the OM symbol”, I said. “It’s the vibration of the universe, the first sound ever made on earth, it is the sound of God.”

I pulled a 136,10 tuning fork out of my bag. “Close your eyes”, I asked. “C’mon, you can trust me”. I stroke the tuning fork on my knee and I held it close to her ear. She immediately opened her eyes when she heard the sound. She was in awe !

“You can use this OM fork when you meditate, it will get you easily in a calm and peaceful state.”

“You can also use it when you are chanting mantras. Mantras carry blessings. My favorite one is “Om Namah Shivaya”. It is a mantra given by Haidakhan Babaji to his devotees all around the world. He brought a message of truth, love, simplicity and service to mankind.”

“Just as Jesus did ?” the little girl asked.

“Yes exactly”, I said ! “They do have a lot in common. They are both avatars.”

She really got interested when she heard that word. “You mean kind of like Aang ?”

I nodded. “Avatars usually come to earth for a restricted period of time to guide people on the path of liberation and to show them their own divinity. They come to rekindle the fire in people’s hearts. Some are even amongst us right now, without our knowing. They are here, behind the scenes, ready to help us !”

She was a little dazzled now ! “So you have two avatar symbols on your body !”, she proclaimed !

“That’s one way of seeing it”, I answered. “For me they are just reminders to send forth blessings to mankind and to never forget who we are !”

Phuro! Be inspired!


“Your mouth can spit venom or it can mend a broken soul”


Words can heal, words can hurt !

They speak of beauty or speak of dirt.

They are used to uplift or to break down,

make you smile or make you frown !

Words can speak of enslavement or liberation,

of expansion or limitation.

They conceive what’s good or what’s bad,

leave you happy or sad.

You can create elegance and flair

or misery and despair !

Words can be smart,

words can hit hard !

You can utter words of confidence or confusion.

You can create a world of miracles

or a world of illusions !

Words can cast spells, spit venom and hate,

words can be blessings and an expression of faith !

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”,

will make you go weak or strong.

Whatever you put behind the words “I AM”

you own !



Phuro! Be inspired!




The Goddess of mercy

Quan Yin in Sanskrit means “she who hears the cries of the people”.

She has been worshipped as the Chinese Bodhisattva of compassion by many for thousands of years. A bodhisattva is any soul that has attained enlightenment but instead of being freed of the karmic cycles and becoming a Buddha, chooses to stay on earth in order to help all beings attain enlightenment.

It is said that as Quan Yin was about to enter heaven, she paused when she heard the cries of the people, her compassion was so great that she returned to earth to help them.

She is worshiped by Buddhists and Taoists in China, Korea, Japan and Tibet. The qualities that Quan Yin invokes, the feeling of compassion and unconditional love make her comparable to Mother Mary.

Receive Quan Yin’s blessings in three ways : 

Quan Yin Invocation 

Set up an altar with a picture or statue of Quan Yin, the Mandala of Compassion, and either a stick or cone of Lotus or Amber incense.
Bow 3 times to Quan Yin
Offer water to her which she will bless.
Invite Quan Yin to come to you and appear.
Bring the palms of your hands together in the prayer mudra
Recite the following:

“May the Peace of Quan Yin be upon this household

May the Light of Quan Yin be in my soul

May the Wisdom of Quan Yin be in my mind

May the Virtue and Purity of Quan Yin be among the members of my household

May the Health and Well-Being of Quan Yin be manifest throughout my body,

And radiate through the garments I wear.

May the Grace of Quan Yin be in my worship

May the Talents and Genius of Quan Yin be manifest through my senses

May the Peace of Quan Yin be upon me!”

Next recite this mantra ten times: “Na Mo Quan Yin Bodhisattva”.
Drink the water blessed by Quan Yin, this water now has healing powers.
Dedicate this practice to the benefit and enlightenment of all beings. Close your ritual.


Using Quan Yin’s healing mantra Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong (as received by Master Sha)

Sit up straight. Put your left palm over your Message Center, also known as the heart chakra, in the middle of your chest. Hold your right hand in the traditional prayer position, with fingers pointing upward.

Say hello :

Dear soul mind body of Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong,

I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.

Please heal              (make your requests).

Please transform my relationship with            (name a person or persons).

Dear all the people, animals, and nature that my ancestors and I have harmed in this life and past lives,

I sincerely ask for your forgiveness.

Please forgive my ancestors and me.

Dear anyone who has harmed me in this life and in my previous lives, I offer you my total forgiveness.

Dear Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong,

Please bless me.

I am very grateful. 

Thank you

Visualize rainbow light radiating in all of the souls you have called, as well as in your own soul, heart, mind, and body, from head to toe and skin to bone.

Chant repeatedly, silently or aloud: Weng Ma Ni Ba Ma Hong nonstop for three to five minutes. Chant from the bottom of your heart with sincere apologies for all of the mistakes that you and your ancestors have made to hurt or harm any soul.

After chanting for at least three minutes, close: Hao! Hao! Hao! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Using the mantra : Om Mani Padme Hum

The translation is “I bow to the jewel in the lotus.” Imagine that a beautiful lotus flower opens in your heart, with Kuan Yin at its center, as you recite the mantra. See Kuan Yin as the jewel in the lotus emanating a brilliant light !

Recite or chant Om Mani Padme Hum, slowly at first and then faster and faster. This creates a vibration that intensifies as you chant it.

You can use singing bowls, tuning forks or drums to enhance your experience. Mala beads can also be useful.

Practice this meditation while sitting or walking, in your home or outdoors in nature.

To close return to the silence, sit and breath calmly, slowly in and out for a few minutes.

Try this meditation for 20 minutes.


Phuro! Be inspired!